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Vulners agent

Vulners agent for Windows is an open source solution, which provides vulnerability assessment Windows-based systems. The agent performs scans with minimum execution commands and, as a result, achieves extremely fast scanning speed. You will need the Python 3 to install the agent.

The agent gathers information about your operating system, its version, and any installed packages and patches. This information is then sent to Vulners API to find out which software is vulnerable. You can check how it works in manual mode to evaluate the results.

Vulners Audit IP Summary

Downloading the Agent

Download the latest release of the Vulners Agent for Windows here.

Installation Wizard

Execute the VulnersAgentInstaller_v2.2.x.msi file and proceed with the installation wizard's guidance.

API Key Generation

To register the agent, generate your API key for API interactions by following these steps. The process involves:

  1. Logging in to Vulners and navigating to your personal area.
  2. Accessing the API KEYS tab and selecting the "scan" scope to generate a new key.
  3. Clicking SAVE to obtain your API key, which will resemble:


During the installation wizard, enter this key for agent configuration. If necessary, you can also specify an alternate Vulners host or proxy address and adjust agent identification parameters, such as IP address and FQDN.


After configuring the settings, proceed through the wizard to complete the installation. The scanning process will begin automatically after installation.

Silent Installation

For unattended installations, use the following command-line arguments::

  • APIKEY (required)
  • HOST
  • IP
  • FQDN
  • MAC

Example command for a silent installation:

VulnersAgentInstaller_v2.2.x.msi /quiet APIKEY="YourAPIKeyHere"

Configuration and Management

After installation, the agent is managed through a scheduled task that can be adjusted using the Windows Task Scheduler to modify the scan frequency. The agent's configuration file and logs are stored in the Program Data folder, providing easy access for review or adjustments.

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