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API key

An application programming interface (API) key is a unique identifier used to perform API calls. It authenticates users and their licenses, which means that you need to generate API keys for each license you intend to use — free, trial, basic, pro, advanced, etc.

It takes just a few minutes to register a free account and get your first Vulners API key. The guide below demonstrates how to do that.

1) Register your account:



2) Log in after registration and go to the API KEYS tab:

log in after registration

3) Choose a name for the generated API key, select the scope (e.g., errata) and license type. Optionally, you may restrict access to your API key by IP — simply indicate the specific IPv4 addresses to grant access to:


Select a scope from the list below:

  • webhook — to authorize notification webhook
  • scan — to use in a Linux agent
  • api — to authorize any API calls
  • errata — to authorize Vulners Centos Errata
  • reports — to generate Linux scanner reports

4) Press SAVE and that's all. Easy, isn't it? Your API key is ready to use!

api key

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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