Debian DLA-484-1 : graphicsmagick security update (ImageTragick)


Several security vulnerabilities were discovered in graphicsmagick a tool to manipulate image files. GraphicsMagick is a fork of ImageMagick and also affected by vulnerabilities collectively known as ImageTragick, that are the consequence of lack of sanitization of untrusted input. An attacker with control on the image input could, with the privileges of the user running the application, execute code (CVE-2016-3714), make HTTP GET or FTP requests (CVE-2016-3718), or delete (CVE-2016-3715), move (CVE-2016-3716), or read (CVE-2016-3717) local files. To address these concerns the following changes have been made : 1. Remove automatic detection/execution of MVG based on file header or file extension. 2. Remove the ability to cause an input file to be deleted based on a filename specification. 3. Improve the safety of delegates.mgk by removing gnuplot support, removing manual page support, and by adding -dSAFER to all ghostscript invocations. 4. Sanity check the MVG image primitive filename argument to assure that 'magick:' prefix strings will not be interpreted. Please note that this patch will break intentional uses of magick prefix strings in MVG and so some MVG scripts may fail. We will search for a more flexible solution. In addition the following issues have been fixed : CVE-2015-8808 Assure that GIF decoder does not use unitialized data and cause an out-of-bound read. CVE-2016-2317 and CVE-2016-2318 Vulnerabilities that allow to read or write outside memory bounds (heap, stack) as well as some NULL pointer derreferences to cause a denial of service when parsing SVG files. For Debian 7 'Wheezy', these problems have been fixed in version 1.3.16-1.1+deb7u1. We recommend that you upgrade your graphicsmagick packages. NOTE: Tenable Network Security has extracted the preceding description block directly from the DLA security advisory. Tenable has attempted to automatically clean and format it as much as possible without introducing additional issues.