Updated graphicsmagick packages fix security vulnerability


\- A read out-of-bound in the parsing of gif files using GraphicsMagick (CVE-2015-8808). \- Infinite loop caused by converting a circularly defined svg file (CVE-2016-5240). \- Fix another case of CVE-2016-2317 (heap buffer overflow) in the MVG rendering code (also impacts SVG). \- arithmetic exception converting a svg file (CVE-2016-5241) \- Arithmetic exception converting a svg file caused by a X%0 operation in magick/render.c (CVE-2016-2318) \- A shell exploit (CVE-2016-5118) was discovered associated with a filename syntax where file names starting with '|' are intepreted as shell commands executed via popen(). Insufficient sanitization in the SVG and MVG renderers allows such filenames to be passed through from potentially untrusted files. There might be other ways for untrusted inputs to produce such filenames. Due to this issue, support for the feature is removed entirely. The gnudl, octave, pdf2djvu, and photoqt packages have been rebuilt to use the updated GraphicsMagick++ library.

Affected Package

OS OS Version Package Name Package Version
Mageia 5 graphicsmagick 1.3.24-1.2
Mageia 5 gnudl 0.9.5-2.1
Mageia 5 octave 3.8.2-3.1
Mageia 5 pdf2djvu 0.7.17-4.1
Mageia 5 photoqt 1.0-4.1