Security update for Xen (important)

ID SUSE-SU-2015:0613-1
Type suse
Reporter Suse
Modified 2015-03-27T10:04:56


The XEN hypervisor received updates to fix various security issues and bugs.

The following security issues were fixed: - CVE-2015-2151: XSA-123: A hypervisor memory corruption due to x86 emulator flaw. - CVE-2015-2045: XSA-122: Information leak through version information hypercall. - CVE-2015-2044: XSA-121: Information leak via internal x86 system device emulation. - CVE-2015-2152: XSA-119: HVM qemu was unexpectedly enabling emulated VGA graphics backends. - CVE-2014-3615: Information leakage when guest sets high graphics resolution. - CVE-2015-0361: XSA-116: A xen crash due to use after free on hvm guest teardown. - CVE-2014-9065, CVE-2014-9066: XSA-114: xen: p2m lock starvation.

Also the following bugs were fixed: - bnc#919098 - XEN blktap device intermittently fails to connect - bnc#882089 - Windows 2012 R2 fails to boot up with greater than 60 vcpus - bnc#903680 - Problems with detecting free loop devices on Xen guest startup - bnc#861318 - xentop reports "Found interface vif101.0 but domain 101 does not exist." - Update seabios to rel- which is the correct version for Xen 4.4 - Enhancement to virsh/libvirtd "send-key" command The xen side small fix. (FATE#317240) - bnc#901488 - Intel ixgbe driver assigns rx/tx queues per core resulting in irq problems on servers with a large amount of CPU cores - bnc#910254 - SLES11 SP3 Xen VT-d igb NIC doesn't work - Add domain_migrate_constraints_set API to Xend's http interface (FATE#317239) - Restore missing fixes from block-dmmd script - bnc#904255 - XEN boot hangs in early boot on UEFI system - bsc#912011 - high ping latency after upgrade to latest SLES11SP3 on xen Dom0 - Fix missing banner by restoring the figlet program.