Security update for xen (important)

ID OPENSUSE-SU-2015:0226-1
Type suse
Reporter Suse
Modified 2015-02-06T11:05:09


The virtualization software XEN was updated to version 4.3.3 and also to fix bugs and security issues.

Security issues fixed: CVE-2015-0361: XSA-116: xen: xen crash due to use after free on hvm guest teardown

CVE-2014-9065, CVE-2014-9066: XSA-114: xen: p2m lock starvation

CVE-2014-9030: XSA-113: Guest effectable page reference leak in MMU_MACHPHYS_UPDATE handling

CVE-2014-8867: XSA-112: xen: Insufficient bounding of "REP MOVS" to MMIO emulated inside the hypervisor

CVE-2014-8866: XSA-111: xen: Excessive checking in compatibility mode hypercall argument translation

CVE-2014-8595: XSA-110: xen: Missing privilege level checks in x86 emulation of far branches

CVE-2014-8594: XSA-109: xen: Insufficient restrictions on certain MMU update hypercalls

CVE-2013-3495: XSA-59: xen: Intel VT-d Interrupt Remapping engines can be evaded by native NMI interrupts

CVE-2014-5146, CVE-2014-5149: xen: XSA-97 Long latency virtual-mmu operations are not preemptible

Bugs fixed: - bnc#903357 - Corrupted save/restore test leaves orphaned data in xenstore

  • bnc#903359 - Temporary migration name is not cleaned up after migration

  • bnc#903850 - VUL-0: Xen: guest user mode triggerable VM exits not handled by hypervisor

  • bnc#866902 - L3: Xen save/restore of HVM guests cuts off disk and networking

  • bnc#901317 - L3: increase limit domUloader to 32MB

  • bnc#882089 - Windows 2012 R2 fails to boot up with greater than 60 vcpus

  • bsc#900292 - xl: change default dump directory

  • Update to Xen 4.3.3