A insufficiently protected credentials vulnerability in fixed in curl 7.83.0 might leak authentication or cookie header data on HTTP redirects to the same host but another port number.

Affected Software

CPE Name Name Version
curl 7.19.2-r0
curl 7.19.2-r1
curl 7.19.4-r0
curl 7.19.5-r0
curl 7.19.6-r0
curl 7.19.7-r0
curl 7.19.7-r1
curl 7.20.1-r0
curl 7.20.1-r1
curl 7.21.0-r0
curl 7.21.1-r0
curl 7.21.2-r0
curl 7.21.3-r0
curl 7.21.3-r1
curl 7.21.4-r0
curl 7.21.4-r1
curl 7.21.5-r0
curl 7.21.5-r1
curl 7.21.6-r0
curl 7.21.7-r0
curl 7.21.7-r1
curl 7.21.7-r2
curl 7.22.0-r0
curl 7.23.1-r0
curl 7.24.0-r0
curl 7.25.0-r0
curl 7.26.0-r0
curl 7.27.0-r0
curl 7.27.0-r1
curl 7.28.0-r0
curl 7.28.1-r0
curl 7.29.0-r0
curl 7.30.0-r0
curl 7.31.0-r0
curl 7.32.0-r0
curl 7.33.0-r0
curl 7.33.0-r1
curl 7.34.0-r0
curl 7.34.0-r1
curl 7.35.0-r0
curl 7.36.0-r0
curl 7.37.0-r0
curl 7.37.1-r0
curl 7.38.0-r0
curl 7.39.0-r0
curl 7.40.0-r0
curl 7.41.0-r0
curl 7.42.0-r0
curl 7.42.1-r0
curl 7.42.1-r1
curl 7.43.0-r0
curl 7.44.0-r0
curl 7.45.0-r0
curl 7.45.0-r1
curl 7.46.0-r0
curl 7.46.0-r1
curl 7.46.0-r2
curl 7.47.0-r0
curl 7.47.1-r0
curl 7.48.0-r0
curl 7.49.0-r0
curl 7.49.1-r0
curl 7.50.0-r0
curl 7.50.1-r0
curl 7.50.2-r0
curl 7.50.3-r0
curl 7.50.3-r1
curl 7.51.0-r0
curl 7.51.0-r1
curl 7.52.0-r0
curl 7.52.1-r0
curl 7.52.1-r1
curl 7.53.0-r0
curl 7.53.1-r0
curl 7.53.1-r1
curl 7.53.1-r2
curl 7.53.1-r3
curl 7.54.0-r0
curl 7.54.1-r0
curl 7.55.0-r0
curl 7.55.1-r0
curl 7.56.0-r0
curl 7.56.1-r0
curl 7.56.1-r1
curl 7.57.0-r0
curl 7.58.0-r0
curl 7.58.0-r1
curl 7.58.0-r2
curl 7.59.0-r0
curl 7.59.0-r1
curl 7.60.0-r0
curl 7.60.0-r1
curl 7.61.0-r0
curl 7.61.1-r0
curl 7.62.0-r0
curl 7.62.0-r1
curl 7.62.0-r2
curl 7.63.0-r0
curl 7.64.0-r0
curl 7.64.0-r1
curl 7.64.1-r0
curl 7.64.1-r1
curl 7.64.1-r2
curl 7.64.1-r3
curl 7.65.0-r0
curl 7.65.1-r0
curl 7.65.3-r0
curl 7.66.0-r0
curl 7.67.0-r0
curl 7.68.0-r0
curl 7.69.0-r0
curl 7.69.0-r1
curl 7.69.1-r0
curl 7.70.0-r0
curl 7.70.0-r1
curl 7.70.0-r2
curl 7.71.0-r0
curl 7.71.0-r1
curl 7.71.1-r0
curl 7.72.0-r0
curl 7.73.0-r0
curl 7.74.0-r0
curl 7.75.0-r0
curl 7.76.0-r0
curl 7.76.1-r0
curl 7.77.0-r0
curl 7.77.0-r1
curl 7.78.0-r0
curl 7.78.0-r1
curl 7.78.0-r2
curl 7.79.0-r0
curl 7.79.1-r0
curl 7.80.0-r0
curl 7.81.0-r0
curl 7.81.0-r1
curl 7.82.0-r0
curl 7.82.0-r1