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HistoryMay 16, 2019 - 12:00 a.m.

Unbreakable Enterprise kernel security update







  • x86/mds: Add empty commit for CVE-2019-11091 (Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk) [Orabug: 29721848] {CVE-2019-11091}
  • x86/speculation/mds: Make mds_mitigation mutable after init (Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk) [Orabug: 29721835] {CVE-2018-12126} {CVE-2018-12130} {CVE-2018-12127}
  • xen: Fix x86 sched_clock() interface for xen (Juergen Gross) [Orabug: 29464437]
  • x86/xen/time: Output xen sched_clock time from 0 (Pavel Tatashin) [Orabug: 29464437]
  • repairing kmodstd to support cross compilation (Mark Nicholson) [Orabug: 29682406]
  • xfs: don’t overflow xattr listent buffer (Darrick J. Wong) [Orabug: 29697225]
  • x86/speculation: Support ‘mitigations=’ cmdline option (Josh Poimboeuf) [Orabug: 29526899] {CVE-2018-12126} {CVE-2018-12130} {CVE-2018-12127}
  • cpu/speculation: Add ‘mitigations=’ cmdline option (Josh Poimboeuf) [Orabug: 29526899] {CVE-2018-12126} {CVE-2018-12130} {CVE-2018-12127}
  • x86/speculation/mds: Print SMT vulnerable on MSBDS with mitigations off (Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk) [Orabug: 29526899] {CVE-2018-12126} {CVE-2018-12130} {CVE-2018-12127}
  • x86/speculation/mds: Fix comment (Boris Ostrovsky) [Orabug: 29526899] {CVE-2018-12126} {CVE-2018-12130} {CVE-2018-12127}
  • x86/speculation/mds: Add debugfs for controlling MDS (Kanth Ghatraju) [Orabug: 29526899] {CVE-2018-12126} {CVE-2018-12130} {CVE-2018-12127}
  • x86/speculation/mds: Add boot option to enable MDS protection only while in idle (Boris Ostrovsky) [Orabug: 29526899] {CVE-2018-12126} {CVE-2018-12130} {CVE-2018-12127}
  • x86/speculation/mds: Add SMT warning message (Josh Poimboeuf) [Orabug: 29526899] {CVE-2018-12126} {CVE-2018-12130} {CVE-2018-12127}
  • x86/speculation: Move arch_smt_update() call to after mitigation decisions (Josh Poimboeuf) [Orabug: 29526899] {CVE-2018-12126} {CVE-2018-12130} {CVE-2018-12127}
  • x86/speculation/mds: Add mds=full,nosmt cmdline option (Josh Poimboeuf) [Orabug: 29526899] {CVE-2018-12126} {CVE-2018-12130} {CVE-2018-12127}
  • Documentation: Add MDS vulnerability documentation (Thomas Gleixner) [Orabug: 29526899] {CVE-2018-12126} {CVE-2018-12130} {CVE-2018-12127}
  • Documentation: Move L1TF to separate directory (Thomas Gleixner) [Orabug: 29526899] {CVE-2018-12126} {CVE-2018-12130} {CVE-2018-12127}
  • x86/speculation/mds: Add mitigation mode VMWERV (Thomas Gleixner) [Orabug: 29526899] {CVE-2018-12126} {CVE-2018-12130} {CVE-2018-12127}
  • x86/speculation/mds: Add sysfs reporting for MDS (Thomas Gleixner) [Orabug: 29526899] {CVE-2018-12126} {CVE-2018-12130} {CVE-2018-12127}
  • x86/speculation/mds: Add mitigation control for MDS (Thomas Gleixner) [Orabug: 29526899] {CVE-2018-12126} {CVE-2018-12130} {CVE-2018-12127}
  • x86/speculation/mds: Conditionally clear CPU buffers on idle entry (Thomas Gleixner) [Orabug: 29526899] {CVE-2018-12126} {CVE-2018-12130} {CVE-2018-12127}
  • x86/kvm/vmx: Add MDS protection when L1D Flush is not active (Thomas Gleixner) [Orabug: 29526899] {CVE-2018-12126} {CVE-2018-12130} {CVE-2018-12127}
  • x86/speculation/mds: Clear CPU buffers on exit to user (Thomas Gleixner) [Orabug: 29526899] {CVE-2018-12126} {CVE-2018-12130} {CVE-2018-12127}
  • x86/speculation/mds: Add mds_clear_cpu_buffers() (Thomas Gleixner) [Orabug: 29526899] {CVE-2018-12126} {CVE-2018-12130} {CVE-2018-12127}
  • x86/kvm: Expose X86_FEATURE_MD_CLEAR to guests (Andi Kleen) [Orabug: 29526899] {CVE-2018-12126} {CVE-2018-12130} {CVE-2018-12127}
  • x86/speculation/mds: Add BUG_MSBDS_ONLY (Thomas Gleixner) [Orabug: 29526899] {CVE-2018-12126} {CVE-2018-12130} {CVE-2018-12127}
  • x86/speculation/mds: Add basic bug infrastructure for MDS (Andi Kleen) [Orabug: 29526899] {CVE-2018-12126} {CVE-2018-12130} {CVE-2018-12127} {CVE-2018-12126} {CVE-2018-12130} {CVE-2018-12127}
  • x86/speculation: Consolidate CPU whitelists (Thomas Gleixner) [Orabug: 29526899] {CVE-2018-12126} {CVE-2018-12130} {CVE-2018-12127}
  • x86/msr-index: Cleanup bit defines (Thomas Gleixner) [Orabug: 29526899] {CVE-2018-12126} {CVE-2018-12130} {CVE-2018-12127}
    file (Will Deacon) [Orabug: 29526899] {CVE-2018-12126} {CVE-2018-12130} {CVE-2018-12127}
  • x86/cpu: Sanitize FAM6_ATOM naming (Peter Zijlstra) [Orabug: 29526899] {CVE-2018-12126} {CVE-2018-12130} {CVE-2018-12127}
  • Documentation/l1tf: Fix small spelling typo (Salvatore Bonaccorso) [Orabug: 29526899] {CVE-2018-12126} {CVE-2018-12130} {CVE-2018-12127}
  • x86/speculation: Simplify the CPU bug detection logic (Dominik Brodowski) [Orabug: 29526899] {CVE-2018-12126} {CVE-2018-12130} {CVE-2018-12127}
  • tools include: Adopt linux/bits.h (Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo) [Orabug: 29526899] {CVE-2018-12126} {CVE-2018-12130} {CVE-2018-12127}
  • swiotlb: save io_tlb_used to local variable before leaving critical section (Dongli Zhang) [Orabug: 29637519]
  • swiotlb: dump used and total slots when swiotlb buffer is full (Dongli Zhang) [Orabug: 29637519]
  • bonding: ratelimit no-delay interface up messages (Shamir Rabinovitch) [Orabug: 29016284]
  • xen/netfront: don’t bug in case of too many frags (Juergen Gross) [Orabug: 29462653]
  • bnxt_en: Drop oversize TX packets to prevent errors. (Michael Chan) [Orabug: 29547792]
  • xen/netfront: tolerate frags with no data (Juergen Gross) [Orabug: 29632146]
  • net/mlx5: E-Switch, fix syndrome (0x678139) when turn on vepa (Huy Nguyen) [Orabug: 29455439]
  • net/mlx5: E-Switch, Fix access to invalid memory when toggling esw modes (Roi Dayan) [Orabug: 29455439]
  • net/mlx5: Avoid panic when setting vport mac, getting vport config (Tonghao Zhang) [Orabug: 29455439]
  • net/mlx5: Support ndo bridge_setlink and getlink (Huy Nguyen) [Orabug: 29455439]
  • net/mlx5: E-Switch, Add support for VEPA in legacy mode. (Huy Nguyen) [Orabug: 29455439]
  • net/mlx5: Split FDB fast path prio to multiple namespaces (Paul Blakey) [Orabug: 29455439]
  • net/mlx5: E-Switch, Remove unused argument when creating legacy FDB (Eli Cohen) [Orabug: 29455439]
  • net/mlx5: E-switch, Create a second level FDB flow table (Chris Mi) [Orabug: 29455439]
  • net/mlx5: Add cap bits for flow table destination in FDB table (Chris Mi) [Orabug: 29455439]
  • net/mlx5: E-Switch, Reorganize and rename fdb flow tables (Chris Mi) [Orabug: 29455439]
  • net/mlx5: Add destination e-switch owner (Shahar Klein) [Orabug: 29455439]
  • net/mlx5: Properly handle a vport destination when setting FTE (Shahar Klein) [Orabug: 29455439]
  • net/mlx5: E-Switch, Reload IB interface when switching devlink modes (Mark Bloch) [Orabug: 29455439]
  • net/mlx5: E-Switch, Optimize HW steering tables in switchdev mode (Mark Bloch) [Orabug: 29455439]
  • net/mlx5: E-Switch, Increase number of FTEs in FDB in switchdev mode (Mark Bloch) [Orabug: 29455439]
  • net/mlx5: Separate ingress/egress namespaces for each vport (Gal Pressman) [Orabug: 29455439]
  • net/mlx5: Fix ingress/egress naming mistake (Gal Pressman) [Orabug: 29455439]
  • net/mlx5: Initialize destination_flow struct to 0 (Rabie Loulou) [Orabug: 29455439]
  • USB: hso: Fix OOB memory access in hso_probe/hso_get_config_data (Hui Peng) [Orabug: 29613788] {CVE-2018-19985} {CVE-2018-19985}
  • mm: hwpoison: fix thp split handing in soft_offline_in_use_page() (zhongjiang) [Orabug: 29613794] {CVE-2019-10124}
  • x86/bugs, kvm: don’t miss SSBD when IBRS is in use. (Mihai Carabas) [Orabug: 29642112]