Unbreakable Enterprise kernel security and bugfix update

ID ELSA-2013-2523
Type oraclelinux
Reporter Oracle
Modified 2013-05-09T00:00:00


[2.6.39-400.23.1] - Parallel mtrr init between cpus (Zhenzhong Duan) [Orabug: 16777774] - Merge tag 'v2.6.39-400.21.1.16748891' of git://ca-git.us.oracle.com/linux-uek-2.6.39-ofed into uek-2.6.39-400 (Maxim Uvarov) [Orabug: 16748891] - xen-blkfront: use a different scatterlist for each request (Roger Pau Monne) - Fix EN driver to work with newer FWs based on latest mlx4_core (Yuval Shaia) [Orabug: 16748891] [2.6.39-400.22.1] - block: default SCSI command filter does not accomodate commands overlap across device classes (Jamie Iles) [Orabug: 16387137] {CVE-2012-4542} - Merge tag 'v2.6.39-400.21.1#bug16684527' of git://ca-git.us.oracle.com/linux-joejin-public into uek-2.6.39-400_errata (Maxim Uvarov) [Orabug: 16684527] - KVM: x86: Convert MSR_KVM_SYSTEM_TIME to use gfn_to_hva_cache functions (CVE-2013-1797) (Andy Honig) [Orabug: 16711660] {CVE-2013-1797} - Bluetooth: Fix incorrect strncpy() in hidp_setup_hid() (Anderson Lizardo) [Orabug: 16711065] {CVE-2013-0349} - USB: io_ti: Fix NULL dereference in chase_port() (Wolfgang Frisch) [Orabug: 16425358] {CVE-2013-1774} - keys: fix race with concurrent install_user_keyrings() (David Howells) [Orabug: 16493354] {CVE-2013-1792} - KVM: Fix bounds checking in ioapic indirect register reads (CVE-2013-1798) (Andy Honig) [Orabug: 16710951] {CVE-2013-1798} - KVM: x86: fix for buffer overflow in handling of MSR_KVM_SYSTEM_TIME (CVE-2013-1796) (Andy Honig) [Orabug: 16710806] {CVE-2013-1796} - tmpfs: fix use-after-free of mempolicy object (Greg Thelen) [Orabug: 16515833] {CVE-2013-1767} - procfs: do not confuse jiffies with cputime64_t (Andreas Schwab) [Orabug: 16673925] - procfs: do not overflow get_{idle,iowait}_time for nohz (Michal Hocko) [Orabug: 16673925] - xen/evtchn: Handle VIRQ_TIMER before any other hardirq in event loop. (Keir Fraser) [Orabug: 16093126] - Fix device removal NULL pointer dereference (Joe Jin) [Orabug: 16684527] - put stricter guards on queue dead checks (James Bottomley) [Orabug: 16684527]