Non-transparent sharing of return predictor targets between contexts in some Intel(R) Processors may allow an authorized user to potentially enable information disclosure via local access.

Affected Software

CPE Name Name Version
intel:xeon_platinum_8253_firmware intel xeon platinum 8253 firmware -
intel:xeon_platinum_8256_firmware intel xeon platinum 8256 firmware -
intel:xeon_platinum_8260_firmware intel xeon platinum 8260 firmware -
intel:xeon_platinum_8260l_firmware intel xeon platinum 8260l firmware -
intel:xeon_platinum_8260m_firmware intel xeon platinum 8260m firmware -
intel:xeon_platinum_8260y_firmware intel xeon platinum 8260y firmware -
intel:xeon_platinum_8268_firmware intel xeon platinum 8268 firmware -
intel:xeon_platinum_8270_firmware intel xeon platinum 8270 firmware -
intel:xeon_platinum_8276_firmware intel xeon platinum 8276 firmware -
intel:xeon_platinum_8276l_firmware intel xeon platinum 8276l firmware -
intel:xeon_platinum_8276m_firmware intel xeon platinum 8276m firmware -
intel:xeon_platinum_8280_firmware intel xeon platinum 8280 firmware -
intel:xeon_platinum_8280l_firmware intel xeon platinum 8280l firmware -
intel:xeon_platinum_8280m_firmware intel xeon platinum 8280m firmware -
intel:xeon_platinum_9220_firmware intel xeon platinum 9220 firmware -
intel:xeon_platinum_9221_firmware intel xeon platinum 9221 firmware -
intel:xeon_platinum_9222_firmware intel xeon platinum 9222 firmware -
intel:xeon_platinum_9242_firmware intel xeon platinum 9242 firmware -
intel:xeon_platinum_9282_firmware intel xeon platinum 9282 firmware -
intel:xeon_gold_5215_firmware intel xeon gold 5215 firmware -
intel:xeon_gold_5215l_firmware intel xeon gold 5215l firmware -
intel:xeon_gold_5215m_firmware intel xeon gold 5215m firmware -
intel:xeon_gold_5217_firmware intel xeon gold 5217 firmware -
intel:xeon_gold_5218_firmware intel xeon gold 5218 firmware -
intel:xeon_gold_5218b_firmware intel xeon gold 5218b firmware -
intel:xeon_gold_5218n_firmware intel xeon gold 5218n firmware -
intel:xeon_gold_5218r_firmware intel xeon gold 5218r firmware -
intel:xeon_gold_5218t_firmware intel xeon gold 5218t firmware -
intel:xeon_gold_5220_firmware intel xeon gold 5220 firmware -
intel:xeon_gold_5220r_firmware intel xeon gold 5220r firmware -
intel:xeon_gold_5220s_firmware intel xeon gold 5220s firmware -
intel:xeon_gold_5220t_firmware intel xeon gold 5220t firmware -
intel:xeon_gold_5222_firmware intel xeon gold 5222 firmware -
intel:xeon_gold_6208u_firmware intel xeon gold 6208u firmware -
intel:xeon_gold_6209u_firmware intel xeon gold 6209u firmware -
intel:xeon_gold_6210u_firmware intel xeon gold 6210u firmware -
intel:xeon_gold_6212u_firmware intel xeon gold 6212u firmware -
intel:xeon_gold_6222v_firmware intel xeon gold 6222v firmware -
intel:xeon_gold_6226_firmware intel xeon gold 6226 firmware -
intel:xeon_gold_6226r_firmware intel xeon gold 6226r firmware -
intel:xeon_gold_6230_firmware intel xeon gold 6230 firmware -
intel:xeon_gold_6230n_firmware intel xeon gold 6230n firmware -
intel:xeon_gold_6230r_firmware intel xeon gold 6230r firmware -
intel:xeon_gold_6230t_firmware intel xeon gold 6230t firmware -
intel:xeon_gold_6234_firmware intel xeon gold 6234 firmware -
intel:xeon_gold_6238_firmware intel xeon gold 6238 firmware -
intel:xeon_gold_6238l_firmware intel xeon gold 6238l firmware -
intel:xeon_gold_6238m_firmware intel xeon gold 6238m firmware -
intel:xeon_gold_6238r_firmware intel xeon gold 6238r firmware -
intel:xeon_gold_6238t_firmware intel xeon gold 6238t firmware -
intel:xeon_gold_6240_firmware intel xeon gold 6240 firmware -
intel:xeon_gold_6240l_firmware intel xeon gold 6240l firmware -
intel:xeon_gold_6240m_firmware intel xeon gold 6240m firmware -
intel:xeon_gold_6240r_firmware intel xeon gold 6240r firmware -
intel:xeon_gold_6240y_firmware intel xeon gold 6240y firmware -
intel:xeon_gold_6242_firmware intel xeon gold 6242 firmware -
intel:xeon_gold_6242r_firmware intel xeon gold 6242r firmware -
intel:xeon_gold_6244_firmware intel xeon gold 6244 firmware -
intel:xeon_gold_6246_firmware intel xeon gold 6246 firmware -
intel:xeon_gold_6248_firmware intel xeon gold 6248 firmware -
intel:xeon_gold_6258r_firmware intel xeon gold 6258r firmware -
intel:xeon_gold_6250_firmware intel xeon gold 6250 firmware -
intel:xeon_gold_6250l_firmware intel xeon gold 6250l firmware -
intel:xeon_gold_6252_firmware intel xeon gold 6252 firmware -
intel:xeon_gold_6252n_firmware intel xeon gold 6252n firmware -
intel:xeon_gold_6254_firmware intel xeon gold 6254 firmware -
intel:xeon_gold_6256_firmware intel xeon gold 6256 firmware -
intel:xeon_gold_6262v_firmware intel xeon gold 6262v firmware -
intel:xeon_silver_4208_firmware intel xeon silver 4208 firmware -
intel:xeon_silver_4209t_firmware intel xeon silver 4209t firmware -
intel:xeon_silver_4210_firmware intel xeon silver 4210 firmware -
intel:xeon_silver_4210r_firmware intel xeon silver 4210r firmware -
intel:xeon_silver_4210t_firmware intel xeon silver 4210t firmware -
intel:xeon_silver_4214_firmware intel xeon silver 4214 firmware -
intel:xeon_silver_4214c_firmware intel xeon silver 4214c firmware -
intel:xeon_silver_4214r_firmware intel xeon silver 4214r firmware -
intel:xeon_silver_4214y_firmware intel xeon silver 4214y firmware -
intel:xeon_silver_4215_firmware intel xeon silver 4215 firmware -
intel:xeon_silver_4215r_firmware intel xeon silver 4215r firmware -
intel:xeon_silver_4216_firmware intel xeon silver 4216 firmware -
intel:xeon_bronze_3204_firmware intel xeon bronze 3204 firmware -
intel:xeon_bronze_3206r_firmware intel xeon bronze 3206r firmware -
intel:xeon_w-3275m_firmware intel xeon w-3275m firmware -
intel:xeon_w-3275_firmware intel xeon w-3275 firmware -
intel:xeon_w-3265m_firmware intel xeon w-3265m firmware -
intel:xeon_w-3265_firmware intel xeon w-3265 firmware -
intel:xeon_w-3245m_firmware intel xeon w-3245m firmware -
intel:xeon_w-3245_firmware intel xeon w-3245 firmware -
intel:xeon_w-3235_firmware intel xeon w-3235 firmware -
intel:xeon_w-3225_firmware intel xeon w-3225 firmware -
intel:xeon_w-3223_firmware intel xeon w-3223 firmware -
intel:xeon_w-2295_firmware intel xeon w-2295 firmware -
intel:xeon_w-2275_firmware intel xeon w-2275 firmware -
intel:xeon_w-2265_firmware intel xeon w-2265 firmware -
intel:xeon_w-2255_firmware intel xeon w-2255 firmware -
intel:xeon_w-2245_firmware intel xeon w-2245 firmware -
intel:xeon_w-2235_firmware intel xeon w-2235 firmware -
intel:xeon_w-2225_firmware intel xeon w-2225 firmware -
intel:xeon_w-2223_firmware intel xeon w-2223 firmware -
intel:core_i9-10940x_firmware intel core i9-10940x firmware -
intel:core_i9-10920x_firmware intel core i9-10920x firmware -
intel:core_i9-10900x_firmware intel core i9-10900x firmware -
intel:core_i9-9960x_firmware intel core i9-9960x firmware -
intel:core_i9-9940x_firmware intel core i9-9940x firmware -
intel:core_i9-9920x_firmware intel core i9-9920x firmware -
intel:core_i9-9900x_firmware intel core i9-9900x firmware -
intel:core_i9-9820x_firmware intel core i9-9820x firmware -
intel:core_i9-9800x_firmware intel core i9-9800x firmware -
intel:core_i9-7960x_firmware intel core i9-7960x firmware -
intel:core_i9-7940x_firmware intel core i9-7940x firmware -
intel:core_i9-7920x_firmware intel core i9-7920x firmware -
intel:core_i9-7900x_firmware intel core i9-7900x firmware -
intel:core_i7-7820x_firmware intel core i7-7820x firmware -
intel:core_i7-7800x_firmware intel core i7-7800x firmware -
intel:core_i7-7740x_firmware intel core i7-7740x firmware -
intel:core_i7-7640x_firmware intel core i7-7640x firmware -
intel:xeon_platinum_8380hl_firmware intel xeon platinum 8380hl firmware -
intel:xeon_platinum_8380h_firmware intel xeon platinum 8380h firmware -
intel:xeon_platinum_8376hl_firmware intel xeon platinum 8376hl firmware -
intel:xeon_platinum_8376h_firmware intel xeon platinum 8376h firmware -
intel:xeon_platinum_8360hl_firmware intel xeon platinum 8360hl firmware -
intel:xeon_platinum_8360h_firmware intel xeon platinum 8360h firmware -
intel:xeon_platinum_8356h_firmware intel xeon platinum 8356h firmware -
intel:xeon_platinum_8354h_firmware intel xeon platinum 8354h firmware -
intel:xeon_platinum_8353h_firmware intel xeon platinum 8353h firmware -
intel:xeon_gold_6348h_firmware intel xeon gold 6348h firmware -
intel:xeon_gold_6330h_firmware intel xeon gold 6330h firmware -
intel:xeon_gold_6328hl_firmware intel xeon gold 6328hl firmware -
intel:xeon_gold_6328h_firmware intel xeon gold 6328h firmware -
intel:xeon_gold_5320h_firmware intel xeon gold 5320h firmware -
intel:xeon_gold_5318h_firmware intel xeon gold 5318h firmware -
intel:xeon_platinum_8300_firmware intel xeon platinum 8300 firmware -
intel:xeon_gold_6300_firmware intel xeon gold 6300 firmware -
intel:xeon_gold_5300_firmware intel xeon gold 5300 firmware -
intel:xeon_silver_4300_firmware intel xeon silver 4300 firmware -
intel:xeon_d-1513n_firmware intel xeon d-1513n firmware -
intel:xeon_d-1518_firmware intel xeon d-1518 firmware -
intel:xeon_d-1520_firmware intel xeon d-1520 firmware -
intel:xeon_d-1521_firmware intel xeon d-1521 firmware -
intel:xeon_d-1523n_firmware intel xeon d-1523n firmware -
intel:xeon_d-1524n_firmware intel xeon d-1524n firmware -
intel:xeon_d-1527_firmware intel xeon d-1527 firmware -
intel:xeon_d-1528_firmware intel xeon d-1528 firmware -
intel:xeon_d-1529_firmware intel xeon d-1529 firmware -
intel:xeon_d-1531_firmware intel xeon d-1531 firmware -
intel:xeon_d-1533n_firmware intel xeon d-1533n firmware -
intel:xeon_d-1537_firmware intel xeon d-1537 firmware -
intel:xeon_d-1539_firmware intel xeon d-1539 firmware -
intel:xeon_d-1540_firmware intel xeon d-1540 firmware -
intel:xeon_d-1541_firmware intel xeon d-1541 firmware -
intel:xeon_d-1543n_firmware intel xeon d-1543n firmware -
intel:xeon_d-1548_firmware intel xeon d-1548 firmware -
intel:xeon_d-1553n_firmware intel xeon d-1553n firmware -
intel:xeon_d-1557_firmware intel xeon d-1557 firmware -
intel:xeon_d-1559_firmware intel xeon d-1559 firmware -
intel:xeon_d-1563n_firmware intel xeon d-1563n firmware -
intel:xeon_d-1564n_firmware intel xeon d-1564n firmware -
intel:xeon_d-1567_firmware intel xeon d-1567 firmware -
intel:xeon_d-1571_firmware intel xeon d-1571 firmware -
intel:xeon_d-1573n_firmware intel xeon d-1573n firmware -
intel:xeon_d-1577_firmware intel xeon d-1577 firmware -
intel:xeon_d-1581_firmware intel xeon d-1581 firmware -
intel:xeon_d-1587_firmware intel xeon d-1587 firmware -
intel:xeon_d-1602_firmware intel xeon d-1602 firmware -
intel:xeon_d-1612_firmware intel xeon d-1612 firmware -
intel:xeon_d-1622_firmware intel xeon d-1622 firmware -
intel:xeon_d-1623n_firmware intel xeon d-1623n firmware -
intel:xeon_d-1627_firmware intel xeon d-1627 firmware -
intel:xeon_d-1632_firmware intel xeon d-1632 firmware -
intel:xeon_d-1633n_firmware intel xeon d-1633n firmware -
intel:xeon_d-1637_firmware intel xeon d-1637 firmware -
intel:xeon_d-1649n_firmware intel xeon d-1649n firmware -
intel:xeon_d-1653n_firmware intel xeon d-1653n firmware -
intel:xeon_d-1702_firmware intel xeon d-1702 firmware -
intel:xeon_d-1712tr_firmware intel xeon d-1712tr firmware -
intel:xeon_d-1713nt_firmware intel xeon d-1713nt firmware -
intel:xeon_d-1713nte_firmware intel xeon d-1713nte firmware -
intel:xeon_d-1714_firmware intel xeon d-1714 firmware -
intel:xeon_d-1715ter_firmware intel xeon d-1715ter firmware -
intel:xeon_d-1718t_firmware intel xeon d-1718t firmware -
intel:xeon_d-1722ne_firmware intel xeon d-1722ne firmware -
intel:xeon_d-1726_firmware intel xeon d-1726 firmware -
intel:xeon_d-1732te_firmware intel xeon d-1732te firmware -
intel:xeon_d-1733nt_firmware intel xeon d-1733nt firmware -
intel:xeon_d-1734nt_firmware intel xeon d-1734nt firmware -
intel:xeon_d-1735tr_firmware intel xeon d-1735tr firmware -
intel:xeon_d-1736_firmware intel xeon d-1736 firmware -
intel:xeon_d-1736nt_firmware intel xeon d-1736nt firmware -
intel:xeon_d-1739_firmware intel xeon d-1739 firmware -
intel:xeon_d-1746ter_firmware intel xeon d-1746ter firmware -
intel:xeon_d-1747nte_firmware intel xeon d-1747nte firmware -
intel:xeon_d-1748te_firmware intel xeon d-1748te firmware -
intel:xeon_d-1749nt_firmware intel xeon d-1749nt firmware -
intel:xeon_d-2123it_firmware intel xeon d-2123it firmware -
intel:xeon_d-2141i_firmware intel xeon d-2141i firmware -
intel:xeon_d-2142it_firmware intel xeon d-2142it firmware -
intel:xeon_d-2143it_firmware intel xeon d-2143it firmware -
intel:xeon_d-2145nt_firmware intel xeon d-2145nt firmware -
intel:xeon_d-2146nt_firmware intel xeon d-2146nt firmware -
intel:xeon_d-2161i_firmware intel xeon d-2161i firmware -
intel:xeon_d-2163it_firmware intel xeon d-2163it firmware -
intel:xeon_d-2166nt_firmware intel xeon d-2166nt firmware -
intel:xeon_d-2173it_firmware intel xeon d-2173it firmware -
intel:xeon_d-2177nt_firmware intel xeon d-2177nt firmware -
intel:xeon_d-2183it_firmware intel xeon d-2183it firmware -
intel:xeon_d-2187nt_firmware intel xeon d-2187nt firmware -
intel:xeon_d-2191_firmware intel xeon d-2191 firmware -
intel:xeon_d-2712t_firmware intel xeon d-2712t firmware -
intel:xeon_d-2733nt_firmware intel xeon d-2733nt firmware -
intel:xeon_d-2738_firmware intel xeon d-2738 firmware -
intel:xeon_d-2745nx_firmware intel xeon d-2745nx firmware -
intel:xeon_d-2752nte_firmware intel xeon d-2752nte firmware -
intel:xeon_d-2752ter_firmware intel xeon d-2752ter firmware -
intel:xeon_d-2753nt_firmware intel xeon d-2753nt firmware -
intel:xeon_d-2757nx_firmware intel xeon d-2757nx firmware -
intel:xeon_d-2766nt_firmware intel xeon d-2766nt firmware -
intel:xeon_d-2775te_firmware intel xeon d-2775te firmware -
intel:xeon_d-2776nt_firmware intel xeon d-2776nt firmware -
intel:xeon_d-2777nx_firmware intel xeon d-2777nx firmware -
intel:xeon_d-2779_firmware intel xeon d-2779 firmware -
intel:xeon_d-2786nte_firmware intel xeon d-2786nte firmware -
intel:xeon_d-2795nt_firmware intel xeon d-2795nt firmware -
intel:xeon_d-2796nt_firmware intel xeon d-2796nt firmware -
intel:xeon_d-2796te_firmware intel xeon d-2796te firmware -
intel:xeon_d-2798nt_firmware intel xeon d-2798nt firmware -
intel:xeon_d-2798nx_firmware intel xeon d-2798nx firmware -
intel:xeon_d-2799_firmware intel xeon d-2799 firmware -
intel:core_i7-1060g7_firmware intel core i7-1060g7 firmware -
intel:core_i7-1065g7_firmware intel core i7-1065g7 firmware -
intel:core_i5-1030g4_firmware intel core i5-1030g4 firmware -
intel:core_i5-1030g7_firmware intel core i5-1030g7 firmware -
intel:core_i5-1035g1_firmware intel core i5-1035g1 firmware -
intel:core_i5-1035g4_firmware intel core i5-1035g4 firmware -
intel:core_i5-1035g7_firmware intel core i5-1035g7 firmware -
intel:core_i3-1000g1_firmware intel core i3-1000g1 firmware -
intel:core_i3-1000g4_firmware intel core i3-1000g4 firmware -
intel:core_i3-1005g1_firmware intel core i3-1005g1 firmware -
intel:core_i3-l13g4_firmware intel core i3-l13g4 firmware -
intel:core_i5-l16g7_firmware intel core i5-l16g7 firmware -
intel:core_i7-1185g7_firmware intel core i7-1185g7 firmware -
intel:core_i7-1165g7_firmware intel core i7-1165g7 firmware -
intel:core_i7-1185gre_firmware intel core i7-1185gre firmware -
intel:core_i7-1185g7e_firmware intel core i7-1185g7e firmware -
intel:core_i7-1180g7_firmware intel core i7-1180g7 firmware -
intel:core_i7-1160g7_firmware intel core i7-1160g7 firmware -
intel:core_i5-1145g7_firmware intel core i5-1145g7 firmware -
intel:core_i5-1145gre_firmware intel core i5-1145gre firmware -
intel:core_i5-1145g7e_firmware intel core i5-1145g7e firmware -
intel:core_i5-1140g7_firmware intel core i5-1140g7 firmware -
intel:core_i5-1130g7_firmware intel core i5-1130g7 firmware -
intel:core_i3-1125g4_firmware intel core i3-1125g4 firmware -
intel:core_i3-1115gre_firmware intel core i3-1115gre firmware -
intel:core_i3-1115g4e_firmware intel core i3-1115g4e firmware -
intel:core_i3-1120g4_firmware intel core i3-1120g4 firmware -
intel:core_i3-1110g4_firmware intel core i3-1110g4 firmware -
intel:celeron_6305_firmware intel celeron 6305 firmware -
intel:celeron_6305e_firmware intel celeron 6305e firmware -
intel:core_i7-1195g7_firmware intel core i7-1195g7 firmware -
intel:core_i5-1155g7_firmware intel core i5-1155g7 firmware -
intel:core_i5-1135g7_firmware intel core i5-1135g7 firmware -
intel:core_i3-1115g4_firmware intel core i3-1115g4 firmware -
intel:core_i7-11390h_firmware intel core i7-11390h firmware -
intel:core_i5-11320h_firmware intel core i5-11320h firmware -
intel:pentium_gold_7505_firmware intel pentium gold 7505 firmware -
intel:xeon_w-11955m_firmware intel xeon w-11955m firmware -
intel:xeon_w-11855m_firmware intel xeon w-11855m firmware -
intel:core_i9-11980hk_firmware intel core i9-11980hk firmware -
intel:core_i9-11950h_firmware intel core i9-11950h firmware -
intel:core_i9-11900h_firmware intel core i9-11900h firmware -
intel:core_i7-11850h_firmware intel core i7-11850h firmware -
intel:core_i7-11800h_firmware intel core i7-11800h firmware -
intel:core_i5-11500h_firmware intel core i5-11500h firmware -
intel:core_i5-11400h_firmware intel core i5-11400h firmware -
intel:core_i5-11260h_firmware intel core i5-11260h firmware -
intel:core_i7-11375h_firmware intel core i7-11375h firmware -
intel:core_i7-11370h_firmware intel core i7-11370h firmware -
intel:core_i5-11300h_firmware intel core i5-11300h firmware -
intel:core_i7-11850he_firmware intel core i7-11850he firmware -
intel:core_i3-11100he_firmware intel core i3-11100he firmware -
intel:celeron_6600he_firmware intel celeron 6600he firmware -
intel:core_i7-8565u_firmware intel core i7-8565u firmware -
intel:core_i7-8665u_firmware intel core i7-8665u firmware -
intel:core_i5-8365u_firmware intel core i5-8365u firmware -
intel:core_i5-8265u_firmware intel core i5-8265u firmware -
intel:core_i3-10100te_firmware intel core i3-10100te firmware -
intel:core_i3-10110u_firmware intel core i3-10110u firmware -
intel:core_i5-10210u_firmware intel core i5-10210u firmware -
intel:core_i5-10400h_firmware intel core i5-10400h firmware -
intel:core_i7-10510u_firmware intel core i7-10510u firmware -
intel:core_i7-10610u_firmware intel core i7-10610u firmware -
intel:pentium_gold_g6405u_firmware intel pentium gold g6405u firmware -
intel:celeron_g5205u_firmware intel celeron g5205u firmware -
intel:celeron_g5305u_firmware intel celeron g5305u firmware -
intel:celeron_5305u_firmware intel celeron 5305u firmware -
intel:core_i7-10510y_firmware intel core i7-10510y firmware -
intel:core_i5-10310y_firmware intel core i5-10310y firmware -
intel:core_i5-10210y_firmware intel core i5-10210y firmware -
intel:core_i5-10110y_firmware intel core i5-10110y firmware -
intel:core_i7-8500y_firmware intel core i7-8500y firmware -
intel:core_i5-8310y_firmware intel core i5-8310y firmware -
intel:core_i5-8210y_firmware intel core i5-8210y firmware -
intel:core_i5-8200y_firmware intel core i5-8200y firmware -
intel:core_m3-8100y_firmware intel core m3-8100y firmware -
intel:core_i9-12900k_firmware intel core i9-12900k firmware -
intel:core_i9-12900kf_firmware intel core i9-12900kf firmware -
intel:core_i7-12700k_firmware intel core i7-12700k firmware -
intel:core_i7-12700kf_firmware intel core i7-12700kf firmware -
intel:core_i5-12600k_firmware intel core i5-12600k firmware -
intel:core_i5-12600kf_firmware intel core i5-12600kf firmware -
intel:core_i9-12900_firmware intel core i9-12900 firmware -
intel:core_i9-12900f_firmware intel core i9-12900f firmware -
intel:core_i7-12700_firmware intel core i7-12700 firmware -
intel:core_i7-12700f_firmware intel core i7-12700f firmware -
intel:core_i5-12400_firmware intel core i5-12400 firmware -
intel:core_i5-12400f_firmware intel core i5-12400f firmware -
intel:core_i9-12900t_firmware intel core i9-12900t firmware -
intel:core_i7-12700t_firmware intel core i7-12700t firmware -
intel:core_i5-12600_firmware intel core i5-12600 firmware -
intel:core_i5-12500_firmware intel core i5-12500 firmware -
intel:core_i3-12300_firmware intel core i3-12300 firmware -
intel:core_i3-12100_firmware intel core i3-12100 firmware -
intel:core_i3-12100f_firmware intel core i3-12100f firmware -
intel:core_i5-12600t_firmware intel core i5-12600t firmware -
intel:core_i5-12500t_firmware intel core i5-12500t firmware -
intel:core_i5-12400t_firmware intel core i5-12400t firmware -
intel:core_i3-12300t_firmware intel core i3-12300t firmware -
intel:core_i3-12100t_firmware intel core i3-12100t firmware -
intel:pentium_gold_g7400_firmware intel pentium gold g7400 firmware -
intel:pentium_gold_g7400t_firmware intel pentium gold g7400t firmware -
intel:celeron_g6900_firmware intel celeron g6900 firmware -
intel:celeron_g6900t_firmware intel celeron g6900t firmware -
intel:core_i9-12900h_firmware intel core i9-12900h firmware -
intel:core_i9-12900hk_firmware intel core i9-12900hk firmware -
intel:core_i7-12800h_firmware intel core i7-12800h firmware -
intel:core_i7-12700h_firmware intel core i7-12700h firmware -
intel:core_i7-12650h_firmware intel core i7-12650h firmware -
intel:core_i5-12600h_firmware intel core i5-12600h firmware -
intel:core_i5-12500h_firmware intel core i5-12500h firmware -
intel:core_i5-12450h_firmware intel core i5-12450h firmware -
intel:core_i7-1280p_firmware intel core i7-1280p firmware -
intel:core_i7-1270p_firmware intel core i7-1270p firmware -
intel:core_i7-1260p_firmware intel core i7-1260p firmware -
intel:core_i5-1250p_firmware intel core i5-1250p firmware -
intel:core_i5-1240p_firmware intel core i5-1240p firmware -
intel:core_i3-1220p_firmware intel core i3-1220p firmware -
intel:core_i7-1265u_firmware intel core i7-1265u firmware -
intel:core_i7-1260u_firmware intel core i7-1260u firmware -
intel:core_i7-1255u_firmware intel core i7-1255u firmware -
intel:core_i7-1250u_firmware intel core i7-1250u firmware -
intel:core_i5-1245u_firmware intel core i5-1245u firmware -
intel:core_i5-1240u_firmware intel core i5-1240u firmware -
intel:core_i5-1235u_firmware intel core i5-1235u firmware -
intel:core_i5-1230u_firmware intel core i5-1230u firmware -
intel:core_i3-1215u_firmware intel core i3-1215u firmware -
intel:core_i3-1210u_firmware intel core i3-1210u firmware -
intel:pentium_gold_8505_firmware intel pentium gold 8505 firmware -
intel:pentium_gold_8500_firmware intel pentium gold 8500 firmware -
intel:celeron_7305_firmware intel celeron 7305 firmware -
intel:celeron_7300_firmware intel celeron 7300 firmware -
intel:core_i9-9900k_firmware intel core i9-9900k firmware -
intel:core_i9-9900kf_firmware intel core i9-9900kf firmware -
intel:core_i7-9700k_firmware intel core i7-9700k firmware -
intel:core_i7-9700kf_firmware intel core i7-9700kf firmware -
intel:core_i5-9600k_firmware intel core i5-9600k firmware -
intel:core_i5-9600kf_firmware intel core i5-9600kf firmware -
intel:core_i5-9400_firmware intel core i5-9400 firmware -
intel:core_i5-9400f_firmware intel core i5-9400f firmware -
intel:core_i9-9980hk_firmware intel core i9-9980hk firmware -
intel:core_i9-9880h_firmware intel core i9-9880h firmware -
intel:core_i7-9850h_firmware intel core i7-9850h firmware -
intel:core_i7-9750hf_firmware intel core i7-9750hf firmware -
intel:core_i5-9400h_firmware intel core i5-9400h firmware -
intel:core_i5-9300h_firmware intel core i5-9300h firmware -
intel:xeon_e-2288g_firmware intel xeon e-2288g firmware -
intel:xeon_e-2286m_firmware intel xeon e-2286m firmware -
intel:xeon_e-2278gel_firmware intel xeon e-2278gel firmware -
intel:xeon_e-2278ge_firmware intel xeon e-2278ge firmware -
intel:xeon_e-2278g_firmware intel xeon e-2278g firmware -
intel:core_i9-10980hk_firmware intel core i9-10980hk firmware -
intel:core_i9-10885h_firmware intel core i9-10885h firmware -
intel:core_i7-10875h_firmware intel core i7-10875h firmware -
intel:core_i7-10850h_firmware intel core i7-10850h firmware -
intel:core_i7-10870h_firmware intel core i7-10870h firmware -
intel:core_i7-10750h_firmware intel core i7-10750h firmware -
intel:core_i5-10300h_firmware intel core i5-10300h firmware -
intel:core_i5-10200h_firmware intel core i5-10200h firmware -
intel:xeon_w-10885m_firmware intel xeon w-10885m firmware -
intel:xeon_w-10855m_firmware intel xeon w-10855m firmware -
intel:core_i5-10600_firmware intel core i5-10600 firmware -
intel:core_i5-10600t_firmware intel core i5-10600t firmware -
intel:core_i5-10505_firmware intel core i5-10505 firmware -
intel:core_i5-10500_firmware intel core i5-10500 firmware -
intel:core_i5-10500t_firmware intel core i5-10500t firmware -
intel:core_i5-10400_firmware intel core i5-10400 firmware -
intel:core_i5-10400f_firmware intel core i5-10400f firmware -
intel:core_i5-10400t_firmware intel core i5-10400t firmware -
intel:core_i3-10320_firmware intel core i3-10320 firmware -
intel:core_i3-10300_firmware intel core i3-10300 firmware -
intel:core_i3-10300t_firmware intel core i3-10300t firmware -
intel:core_i3-10100_firmware intel core i3-10100 firmware -
intel:core_i3-10100t_firmware intel core i3-10100t firmware -
intel:core_i3-10100f_firmware intel core i3-10100f firmware -
intel:core_i3-10325_firmware intel core i3-10325 firmware -
intel:core_i3-10305_firmware intel core i3-10305 firmware -
intel:core_i3-10305t_firmware intel core i3-10305t firmware -
intel:core_i3-10105_firmware intel core i3-10105 firmware -
intel:core_i3-10105f_firmware intel core i3-10105f firmware -
intel:core_i3-10105t_firmware intel core i3-10105t firmware -
intel:pentium_gold_g6600_firmware intel pentium gold g6600 firmware -
intel:pentium_gold_g6500_firmware intel pentium gold g6500 firmware -
intel:pentium_gold_g6500t_firmware intel pentium gold g6500t firmware -
intel:pentium_gold_g6400_firmware intel pentium gold g6400 firmware -
intel:pentium_gold_g6400t_firmware intel pentium gold g6400t firmware -
intel:pentium_gold_g6605_firmware intel pentium gold g6605 firmware -
intel:pentium_gold_g6505_firmware intel pentium gold g6505 firmware -
intel:pentium_gold_g6505t_firmware intel pentium gold g6505t firmware -
intel:pentium_gold_g6405_firmware intel pentium gold g6405 firmware -
intel:pentium_gold_g6405t_firmware intel pentium gold g6405t firmware -
intel:celeron_g5920_firmware intel celeron g5920 firmware -
intel:celeron_g5900_firmware intel celeron g5900 firmware -
intel:celeron_g5900t_firmware intel celeron g5900t firmware -
intel:celeron_g5925_firmware intel celeron g5925 firmware -
intel:celeron_g5905_firmware intel celeron g5905 firmware -
intel:celeron_g5905t_firmware intel celeron g5905t firmware -
intel:xeon_w-1250_firmware intel xeon w-1250 firmware -
intel:core_i9-10900k_firmware intel core i9-10900k firmware -
intel:core_i9-10900kf_firmware intel core i9-10900kf firmware -
intel:core_i9-10900_firmware intel core i9-10900 firmware -
intel:core_i9-10900t_firmware intel core i9-10900t firmware -
intel:core_i9-10900f_firmware intel core i9-10900f firmware -
intel:core_i9-10850k_firmware intel core i9-10850k firmware -
intel:core_i7-10700k_firmware intel core i7-10700k firmware -
intel:core_i7-10700kf_firmware intel core i7-10700kf firmware -
intel:core_i7-10700_firmware intel core i7-10700 firmware -
intel:core_i7-10700t_firmware intel core i7-10700t firmware -
intel:core_i7-10700f_firmware intel core i7-10700f firmware -
intel:core_i5-10600k_firmware intel core i5-10600k firmware -
intel:core_i5-10600kf_firmware intel core i5-10600kf firmware -
intel:xeon_w-1290p_firmware intel xeon w-1290p firmware -
intel:xeon_w-1290_firmware intel xeon w-1290 firmware -
intel:xeon_w-1290t_firmware intel xeon w-1290t firmware -
intel:xeon_w-1270p_firmware intel xeon w-1270p firmware -
intel:xeon_w-1270_firmware intel xeon w-1270 firmware -
intel:xeon_w-1250p_firmware intel xeon w-1250p firmware -
intel:core_i5-10500te_firmware intel core i5-10500te firmware -
intel:core_i7-10700e_firmware intel core i7-10700e firmware -
intel:core_i7-10700te_firmware intel core i7-10700te firmware -
intel:core_i7-10710u_firmware intel core i7-10710u firmware -
intel:core_i7-10810u_firmware intel core i7-10810u firmware -
intel:core_i9-10850h_firmware intel core i9-10850h firmware -
intel:core_i9-10900e_firmware intel core i9-10900e firmware -
intel:core_i9-10900te_firmware intel core i9-10900te firmware -
intel:xeon_w-10855_firmware intel xeon w-10855 firmware -
intel:xeon_w-1290e_firmware intel xeon w-1290e firmware -
intel:xeon_w-1290te_firmware intel xeon w-1290te firmware -
intel:core_i9-11900k_firmware intel core i9-11900k firmware -
intel:core_i9-11900kf_firmware intel core i9-11900kf firmware -
intel:core_i9-11900_firmware intel core i9-11900 firmware -
intel:core_i9-11900t_firmware intel core i9-11900t firmware -
intel:core_i9-11900f_firmware intel core i9-11900f firmware -
intel:core_i7-11700k_firmware intel core i7-11700k firmware -
intel:core_i7-11700kf_firmware intel core i7-11700kf firmware -
intel:core_i7-11700_firmware intel core i7-11700 firmware -
intel:core_i7-11700t_firmware intel core i7-11700t firmware -
intel:core_i7-11700f_firmware intel core i7-11700f firmware -
intel:core_i5-11600k_firmware intel core i5-11600k firmware -
intel:core_i5-11600kf_firmware intel core i5-11600kf firmware -
intel:core_i5-11600_firmware intel core i5-11600 firmware -
intel:core_i5-11600t_firmware intel core i5-11600t firmware -
intel:core_i5-11500_firmware intel core i5-11500 firmware -
intel:core_i5-11500t_firmware intel core i5-11500t firmware -
intel:core_i5-11400_firmware intel core i5-11400 firmware -
intel:core_i5-11400f_firmware intel core i5-11400f firmware -
intel:core_i5-11400t_firmware intel core i5-11400t firmware -
intel:xeon_e-2388g_firmware intel xeon e-2388g firmware -
intel:xeon_e-2378g_firmware intel xeon e-2378g firmware -
intel:xeon_e-2378_firmware intel xeon e-2378 firmware -
intel:xeon_e-2386g_firmware intel xeon e-2386g firmware -
intel:xeon_e-2356g_firmware intel xeon e-2356g firmware -
intel:xeon_e-2336_firmware intel xeon e-2336 firmware -
intel:xeon_e-2374g_firmware intel xeon e-2374g firmware -
intel:xeon_e-2334_firmware intel xeon e-2334 firmware -
intel:xeon_e-2324g_firmware intel xeon e-2324g firmware -
intel:xeon_e-2314_firmware intel xeon e-2314 firmware -
intel:xeon_w-1390p_firmware intel xeon w-1390p firmware -
intel:xeon_w-1390_firmware intel xeon w-1390 firmware -
intel:xeon_w-1390t_firmware intel xeon w-1390t firmware -
intel:xeon_w-1370p_firmware intel xeon w-1370p firmware -
intel:xeon_w-1370_firmware intel xeon w-1370 firmware -
intel:xeon_w-1350p_firmware intel xeon w-1350p firmware -
intel:xeon_w-1350_firmware intel xeon w-1350 firmware -
debian:debian_linux debian debian linux 10.0