Kernel security update: Virtuozzo ReadyKernel patch 85.0 for Virtuozzo 7.0 and Virtuozzo Infrastructure Platform 3.0

ID VZA-2019-064
Type virtuozzo
Reporter Virtuozzo
Modified 2019-08-13T00:00:00


The cumulative Virtuozzo ReadyKernel patch was updated with security and stability fixes. The patch applies to the kernels 3.10.0-957.12.2.vz7.96.21 (Virtuozzo 7.0.11 and Virtuozzo Infrastructure Platform 3.0). Vulnerability id: CVE-2018-16871 nfs: NULL pointer dereference due to an anomalized NFS message sequence. An attacker, who is able to mount an exported NFS filesystem, is able to trigger a null pointer dereference by using an invalid NFS sequence. This can panic the machine and deny access to the NFS server. Any outstanding disk writes to the NFS server will be lost.