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Rogue backends can cause DoS of guests via high frequency events T[his CNA
information record relates to multiple CVEs; the text explains which
aspects/vulnerabilities correspond to which CVE.] Xen offers the ability to
run PV backends in regular unprivileged guests, typically referred to as
“driver domains”. Running PV backends in driver domains has one primary
security advantage: if a driver domain gets compromised, it doesn’t have
the privileges to take over the system. However, a malicious driver domain
could try to attack other guests via sending events at a high frequency
leading to a Denial of Service in the guest due to trying to service
interrupts for elongated amounts of time. There are three affected
backends: * blkfront patch 1, CVE-2021-28711 * netfront patch 2,
CVE-2021-28712 * hvc_xen (console) patch 3, CVE-2021-28713


Author Note
rodrigo-zaiden linux-aws in 4.4 kernels (trusty and xenial) won’t include fixes for this CVE as these kernels may have xen/blkfront specific changes and the backport is too risky.
ubuntu20.04noarchlinux< 5.4.0-105.119UNKNOWN
ubuntu21.10noarchlinux< 5.13.0-37.42UNKNOWN
ubuntu18.04noarchlinux< 4.15.0-169.177UNKNOWN
ubuntu16.04noarchlinux< 4.4.0-239.273) Available with Ubuntu Pro or Ubuntu Pro (Infra-onlyUNKNOWN
ubuntu20.04noarchlinux-aws< 5.4.0-1069.73UNKNOWN
ubuntu18.04noarchlinux-aws< 4.15.0-1121.129UNKNOWN
ubuntu21.10noarchlinux-aws< 5.13.0-1019.21UNKNOWN
ubuntu20.04noarchlinux-aws-5.13< 5.13.0-1019.21~20.04.1UNKNOWN
ubuntu18.04noarchlinux-aws-5.4< 5.4.0-1069.73~18.04.1UNKNOWN
ubuntu16.04noarchlinux-aws-hwe< 4.15.0-1120.128~16.04.1) Available with Ubuntu Pro or Ubuntu Pro (Infra-onlyUNKNOWN
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