Security update for the Linux Kernel (important)


An update that solves 35 vulnerabilities and has 194 fixes is now available. Description: The openSUSE Leap 15.1 kernel was updated to receive various security and bugfixes. The following security bugs were fixed: - CVE-2019-14615: Insufficient control flow in certain data structures for some Intel(R) Processors with Intel(R) Processor Graphics may have allowed an unauthenticated user to potentially enable information disclosure via local access (bnc#1160195 bnc#1165881). - CVE-2019-14896: A heap-based buffer overflow vulnerability was found in the Marvell WiFi chip driver. A remote attacker could cause a denial of service (system crash) or, possibly execute arbitrary code, when the lbs_ibss_join_existing function is called after a STA connects to an AP (bnc#1157157). - CVE-2019-14897: A stack-based buffer overflow was found in the Marvell WiFi chip driver. An attacker is able to cause a denial of service (system crash) or, possibly execute arbitrary code, when a STA works in IBSS mode (allows connecting stations together without the use of an AP) and connects to another STA (bnc#1157155). - CVE-2019-16746: An issue was discovered in net/wireless/nl80211.c. It did not check the length of variable elements in a beacon head, leading to a buffer overflow (bnc#1152107). - CVE-2019-16994: In the Linux kernel before 5.0, a memory leak exists in sit_init_net() in net/ipv6/sit.c when register_netdev() fails to register sitn->fb_tunnel_dev, which may cause denial of service, aka CID-07f12b26e21a (bnc#1161523). - CVE-2019-18808: A memory leak in the ccp_run_sha_cmd() function in drivers/crypto/ccp/ccp-ops.c allowed attackers to cause a denial of service (memory consumption), aka CID-128c66429247 (bnc#1156259). - CVE-2019-19036: btrfs_root_node in fs/btrfs/ctree.c allowed a NULL pointer dereference because rcu_dereference(root->node) can be zero (bnc#1157692). - CVE-2019-19045: A memory leak in the mlx5_fpga_conn_create_cq() function in drivers/net/ethernet/mellanox/mlx5/core/fpga/conn.c allowed attackers to cause a denial of service (memory consumption) by triggering mlx5_vector2eqn() failures, aka CID-c8c2a057fdc7 (bnc#1161522). - CVE-2019-19051: A memory leak in the i2400m_op_rfkill_sw_toggle() function in drivers/net/wimax/i2400m/op-rfkill.c allowed attackers to cause a denial of service (memory consumption), aka CID-6f3ef5c25cc7 (bnc#1159024). - CVE-2019-19054: A memory leak in the cx23888_ir_probe() function in drivers/media/pci/cx23885/cx23888-ir.c allowed attackers to cause a denial of service (memory consumption) by triggering kfifo_alloc() failures, aka CID-a7b2df76b42b (bnc#1161518). - CVE-2019-19066: A memory leak in the bfad_im_get_stats() function in drivers/scsi/bfa/bfad_attr.c allowed attackers to cause a denial of service (memory consumption) by triggering bfa_port_get_stats() failures, aka CID-0e62395da2bd (bnc#1157303). - CVE-2019-19318: Mounting a crafted btrfs image twice can cause an rwsem_down_write_slowpath use-after-free because (in rwsem_can_spin_on_owner in kernel/locking/rwsem (bnc#1158026). - CVE-2019-19319: A setxattr operation, after a mount of a crafted ext4 image, can cause a slab-out-of-bounds write access because of an ext4_xattr_set_entry use-after-free in fs/ext4/xattr.c when a large old_size value is used in a memset call (bnc#1158021). - CVE-2019-19332: An out-of-bounds memory write issue was found in the way the Linux kernel's KVM hypervisor handled the 'KVM_GET_EMULATED_CPUID' ioctl(2) request to get CPUID features emulated by the KVM hypervisor. A user or process able to access the '/dev/kvm' device could use this flaw to crash the system, resulting in a denial of service (bnc#1158827). - CVE-2019-19338: There was an incomplete fix for Transaction Asynchronous Abort (TAA) (bnc#1158954). - CVE-2019-19447: Mounting a crafted ext4 filesystem image, performing some operations, and unmounting can lead to a use-after-free in ext4_put_super in fs/ext4/super.c, related to dump_orphan_list in fs/ext4/super.c (bnc#1158819). - CVE-2019-19526: There was a use-after-free bug that can be caused by a malicious USB device in the drivers/nfc/pn533/usb.c driver, aka CID-6af3aa57a098 (bnc#1158893). - CVE-2019-19527: There was a use-after-free bug that can be caused by a malicious USB device in the drivers/hid/usbhid/hiddev.c driver, aka CID-9c09b214f30e (bnc#1158900). - CVE-2019-19532: There were multiple out-of-bounds write bugs that can be caused by a malicious USB device in the Linux kernel HID drivers, aka CID-d9d4b1e46d95. This affects drivers/hid/hid-axff.c, drivers/hid/hid-dr.c, drivers/hid/hid-emsff.c, drivers/hid/hid-gaff.c, drivers/hid/hid-holtekff.c, drivers/hid/hid-lg2ff.c, drivers/hid/hid-lg3ff.c, drivers/hid/hid-lg4ff.c, drivers/hid/hid-lgff.c, drivers/hid/hid-logitech-hidpp.c, drivers/hid/hid-microsoft.c, drivers/hid/hid-sony.c, drivers/hid/hid-tmff.c, and drivers/hid/hid-zpff.c (bnc#1158824). - CVE-2019-19533: There was an info-leak bug that can be caused by a malicious USB device in the drivers/media/usb/ttusb-dec/ttusb_dec.c driver, aka CID-a10feaf8c464 (bnc#1158834). - CVE-2019-19535: There was an info-leak bug that can be caused by a malicious USB device in the drivers/net/can/usb/peak_usb/pcan_usb_fd.c driver, aka CID-30a8beeb3042 (bnc#1158903). - CVE-2019-19537: There was a race condition bug that can be caused by a malicious USB device in the USB character device driver layer, aka CID-303911cfc5b9. This affects drivers/usb/core/file.c (bnc#1158904). - CVE-2019-19767: The Linux kernel mishandled ext4_expand_extra_isize, as demonstrated by use-after-free errors in __ext4_expand_extra_isize and ext4_xattr_set_entry, related to fs/ext4/inode.c and fs/ext4/super.c, aka CID-4ea99936a163 (bnc#1159297). - CVE-2019-19927: Mounting a crafted f2fs filesystem image and performing some operations can lead to slab-out-of-bounds read access in ttm_put_pages in drivers/gpu/drm/ttm/ttm_page_alloc.c. This is related to the vmwgfx or ttm module (bnc#1160147). - CVE-2019-19965: There was a NULL pointer dereference in drivers/scsi/libsas/sas_discover.c because of mishandling of port disconnection during discovery, related to a PHY down race condition, aka CID-f70267f379b5 (bnc#1159911). - CVE-2019-19966: There was a use-after-free in cpia2_exit() in drivers/media/usb/cpia2/cpia2_v4l.c that will cause denial of service, aka CID-dea37a972655 (bnc#1159841). - CVE-2019-20054: There was a NULL pointer dereference in drop_sysctl_table() in fs/proc/proc_sysctl.c, related to put_links, aka CID-23da9588037e (bnc#1159910). - CVE-2019-20095: mwifiex_tm_cmd in drivers/net/wireless/marvell/mwifiex/cfg80211.c had some error-handling cases that did not free allocated hostcmd memory, aka CID-003b686ace82. This will cause a memory leak and denial of service (bnc#1159909). - CVE-2019-20096: There was a memory leak in __feat_register_sp() in net/dccp/feat.c, which may cause denial of service, aka CID-1d3ff0950e2b (bnc#1159908). - CVE-2020-2732: Fixed an issue affecting Intel CPUs where an L2 guest may trick the L0 hypervisor into accessing sensitive L1 resources (bsc#1163971). - CVE-2020-7053: There was a use-after-free (write) in the i915_ppgtt_close function in drivers/gpu/drm/i915/i915_gem_gtt.c, aka CID-7dc40713618c. This is related to i915_gem_context_destroy_ioctl in drivers/gpu/drm/i915/i915_gem_context.c (bnc#1160966). - CVE-2020-8428: fs/namei.c has a may_create_in_sticky use-after-free, which allowed local users to cause a denial of service (OOPS) or possibly obtain sensitive information from kernel memory, aka CID-d0cb50185ae9. One attack vector may be an open system call for a UNIX domain socket, if the socket is being moved to a new parent directory and its old parent directory is being removed (bnc#1162109). - CVE-2020-8648: There was a use-after-free vulnerability in the n_tty_receive_buf_common function in drivers/tty/n_tty.c (bnc#1162928). - CVE-2020-8992: ext4_protect_reserved_inode in fs/ext4/block_validity.c allowed attackers to cause a denial of service (soft lockup) via a crafted journal size (bnc#1164069). - CVE-2019-19523: There was a use-after-free bug that can be caused by a malicious USB device in the drivers/usb/misc/adutux.c driver, aka CID-44efc269db79 (bnc#1158823). The following non-security bugs were fixed: - smb3: print warning once if posix context returned on open (bsc#1144333). - 6pack,mkiss: fix possible deadlock (bsc#1051510). - ACPI / APEI: Do not wait to serialise with oops messages when panic()ing (bsc#1051510). - ACPI / APEI: Switch estatus pool to use vmalloc memory (bsc#1051510). - ACPI / LPSS: Ignore acpi_device_fix_up_power() return value (bsc#1051510). - ACPI / video: Add force_none quirk for Dell OptiPlex 9020M (bsc#1051510). - ACPI / watchdog: Fix init failure with overlapping register regions (bsc#1162557). - ACPI / watchdog: Set default timeout in probe (bsc#1162557). - ACPI: OSL: only free map once in osl.c (bsc#1051510). - ACPI: PM: Avoid attaching ACPI PM domain to certain devices (bsc#1051510). - ACPI: bus: Fix NULL pointer check in acpi_bus_get_private_data() (bsc#1051510). - ACPI: fix acpi_find_child_device() invocation in acpi_preset_companion() (bsc#1051510). - ACPI: sysfs: Change ACPI_MASKABLE_GPE_MAX to 0x100 (bsc#1051510). - ACPI: video: Do not export a non working backlight interface on MSI MS-7721 boards (bsc#1051510). - ACPI: watchdog: Allow disabling WDAT at boot (bsc#1162557). - ALSA: control: remove useless assignment in .info callback of PCM chmap element (git-fixes). - ALSA: dummy: Fix PCM format loop in proc output (bsc#1111666). - ALSA: echoaudio: simplify get_audio_levels (bsc#1051510). - ALSA: fireface: fix return value in error path of isochronous resources reservation (bsc#1051510). - ALSA: hda - Add docking station support for Lenovo Thinkpad T420s (git-fixes). - ALSA: hda - Apply sync-write workaround to old Intel platforms, too (bsc#1111666). - ALSA: hda - Downgrade error message for single-cmd fallback (git-fixes). - ALSA: hda - constify and cleanup static NodeID tables (bsc#1111666). - ALSA: hda - fixup for the bass speaker on Lenovo Carbon X1 7th gen (git-fixes). - ALSA: hda/analog - Minor optimization for SPDIF mux connections (git-fixes). - ALSA: hda/ca0132 - Avoid endless loop (git-fixes). - ALSA: hda/ca0132 - Fix work handling in delayed HP detection (git-fixes). - ALSA: hda/ca0132 - Keep power on during processing DSP response (git-fixes). - ALSA: hda/hdmi - Add new pci ids for AMD GPU display audio (git-fixes). - ALSA: hda/hdmi - Clean up Intel platform-specific fixup checks (bsc#1111666). - ALSA: hda/hdmi - Fix duplicate unref of pci_dev (bsc#1051510). - ALSA: hda/hdmi - add retry logic to parse_intel_hdmi() (git-fixes). - ALSA: hda/hdmi - fix atpx_present when CLASS is not VGA (bsc#1051510). - ALSA: hda/hdmi - fix vgaswitcheroo detection for AMD (git-fixes). - ALSA: hda/realtek - Add Bass Speaker and fixed dac for bass speaker (bsc#1111666). - ALSA: hda/realtek - Add Headset Mic supported for HP cPC (bsc#1111666). - ALSA: hda/realtek - Add headset Mic no shutup for ALC283 (bsc#1051510). - ALSA: hda/realtek - Add new codec supported for ALCS1200A (bsc#1111666). - ALSA: hda/realtek - Add quirk for the bass speaker on Lenovo Yoga X1 7th gen (bsc#1111666). - ALSA: hda/realtek - Apply mic mute LED quirk for Dell E7xx laptops, too (bsc#1111666). - ALSA: hda/realtek - Dell headphone has noise on unmute for ALC236 (git-fixes). - ALSA: hda/realtek - Enable the bass speaker of ASUS UX431FLC (bsc#1111666). - ALSA: hda/realtek - Fix inverted bass GPIO pin on Acer 8951G (git-fixes). - ALSA: hda/realtek - Fix silent output on MSI-GL73 (git-fixes). - ALSA: hda/realtek - Fixed one of HP ALC671 platform Headset Mic supported (bsc#1111666). - ALSA: hda/realtek - Line-out jack does not work on a Dell AIO (bsc#1051510). - ALSA: hda/realtek - More constifications (bsc#1111666). - ALSA: hda/realtek - Set EAPD control to default for ALC222 (bsc#1111666). - ALSA: hda: Add Clevo W65_67SB the power_save blacklist (git-fixes). - ALSA: hda: Add JasperLake PCI ID and codec vid (bsc#1111666). - ALSA: hda: Clear RIRB status before reading WP (bsc#1111666). - ALSA: hda: Constify snd_kcontrol_new items (bsc#1111666). - ALSA: hda: Constify snd_pci_quirk tables (bsc#1111666). - ALSA: hda: More constifications (bsc#1111666). - ALSA: hda: Reset stream if DMA RUN bit not cleared (bsc#1111666). - ALSA: hda: Use scnprintf() for printing texts for sysfs/procfs (git-fixes). - ALSA: hda: constify copied structure (bsc#1111666). - ALSA: hda: correct kernel-doc parameter descriptions (bsc#1111666). - ALSA: hda: hdmi - add Tigerlake support (bsc#1111666). - ALSA: hda: hdmi - fix pin setup on Tigerlake (bsc#1111666). - ALSA: hda: patch_hdmi: remove warnings with empty body (bsc#1111666). - ALSA: hda: patch_realtek: fix empty macro usage in if block (bsc#1111666). - ALSA: ice1724: Fix sleep-in-atomic in Infrasonic Quartet support code (bsc#1051510). - ALSA: oxfw: fix return value in error path of isochronous resources reservation (bsc#1051510). - ALSA: pcm: Avoid possible info leaks from PCM stream buffers (git-fixes). - ALSA: pcm: oss: Avoid potential buffer overflows (git-fixes). - ALSA: seq: Avoid concurrent access to queue flags (git-fixes). - ALSA: seq: Fix concurrent access to queue current tick/time (git-fixes). - ALSA: seq: Fix racy access for queue timer in proc read (bsc#1051510). - ALSA: sh: Fix compile warning wrt const (git-fixes). - ALSA: sh: Fix unused variable warnings (bsc#1111666). - ALSA: usb-audio: Apply sample rate quirk for Audioengine D1 (git-fixes). - ALSA: usb-audio: Apply the sample rate quirk for Bose Companion 5 (bsc#1111666). - ALSA: usb-audio: Fix endianess in descriptor validation (bsc#1111666). - ALSA: usb-audio: fix set_format altsetting sanity check (bsc#1051510). - ALSA: usb-audio: fix sync-ep altsetting sanity check (bsc#1051510). - ASoC: Jack: Fix NULL pointer dereference in snd_soc_jack_report (bsc#1051510). - ASoC: au8540: use 64-bit arithmetic instead of 32-bit (bsc#1051510). - ASoC: compress: fix unsigned integer overflow check (bsc#1051510). - ASoC: cs4349: Use PM ops 'cs4349_runtime_pm' (bsc#1051510). - ASoC: msm8916-wcd-analog: Fix selected events for MIC BIAS External1 (bsc#1051510). - ASoC: samsung: i2s: Fix prescaler setting for the secondary DAI (bsc#1111666). - ASoC: sun8i-codec: Fix setting DAI data format (git-fixes). - ASoC: wm8962: fix lambda value (git-fixes). - Bluetooth: Fix race condition in hci_release_sock() (bsc#1051510). - Bluetooth: hci_bcm: Handle specific unknown packets after firmware loading (bsc#1051510). - btrfs: add missing extents release on file extent cluster relocation error (bsc#1159483). - btrfs: avoid fallback to transaction commit during fsync of files with holes (bsc#1159569). - btrfs: fix block group remaining RO forever after error during device replace (bsc#1160442). - btrfs: fix btrfs_write_inode vs delayed iput deadlock (bsc#1154243). - btrfs: fix infinite loop during fsync after rename operations (bsc#1163383). - btrfs: fix infinite loop during nocow writeback due to race (bsc#1160804). - btrfs: fix missing data checksums after replaying a log tree (bsc#1161931). - btrfs: fix negative subv_writers counter and data space leak after buffered write (bsc#1160802). - btrfs: fix race between adding and putting tree mod seq elements and nodes (bsc#1163384). - btrfs: fix removal logic of the tree mod log that leads to use-after-free issues (bsc#1160803). - btrfs: fix selftests failure due to uninitialized i_mode in test inodes (Fix for dependency of bsc#1157692). - btrfs: make tree checker detect checksum items with overlapping ranges (bsc#1161931). - btrfs: send, skip backreference walking for extents with many references (bsc#1162139). - CDC-NCM: handle incomplete transfer of MTU (networking-stable-19_11_10). - CIFS: Add support for setting owner info, dos attributes, and create time (bsc#1144333). - CIFS: Close cached root handle only if it had a lease (bsc#1144333). - CIFS: Close open handle after interrupted close (bsc#1144333). - CIFS: Do not miss cancelled OPEN responses (bsc#1144333). - CIFS: Fix NULL pointer dereference in mid callback (bsc#1144333). - CIFS: Fix NULL-pointer dereference in smb2_push_mandatory_locks (bsc#1144333). - CIFS: Fix task struct use-after-free on reconnect (bsc#1144333). - CIFS: Properly process SMB3 lease breaks (bsc#1144333). - CIFS: Respect O_SYNC and O_DIRECT flags during reconnect (bsc#1144333). - CIFS: Return directly after a failed build_path_from_dentry() in cifs_do_create() (bsc#1144333). - CIFS: Use common error handling code in smb2_ioctl_query_info() (bsc#1144333). - CIFS: Use memdup_user() rather than duplicating its implementation (bsc#1144333). - CIFS: fix a white space issue in cifs_get_inode_info() (bsc#1144333). - CIFS: refactor cifs_get_inode_info() (bsc#1144333). - CIFS: remove set but not used variables 'cinode' and 'netfid' (bsc#1144333). - Cover up kABI breakage due to DH key verification (bsc#1155331). - Delete patches which cause regression (bsc#1165527 ltc#184149). - Documentation: Document arm64 kpti control (bsc#1162623). - Enable CONFIG_BLK_DEV_SR_VENDOR (boo#1164632). - Fix the locking in dcache_readdir() and friends (bsc#1123328). - HID: doc: fix wrong data structure reference for UHID_OUTPUT (bsc#1051510). - HID: hiddev: Fix race in in hiddev_disconnect() (git-fixes). - HID: hidraw, uhid: Always report EPOLLOUT (bsc#1051510). - HID: hidraw: Fix returning EPOLLOUT from hidraw_poll (bsc#1051510). - HID: intel-ish-hid: fixes incorrect error handling (bsc#1051510). - HID: uhid: Fix returning EPOLLOUT from uhid_char_poll (bsc#1051510). - IB/hfi1: Close window for pq and request coliding (bsc#1060463 ). - IB/hfi1: Do not cancel unused work item (bsc#1114685 ). - IB/mlx5: Fix steering rule of drop and count (bsc#1103991 ). - IB/mlx5: Remove dead code (bsc#1103991). - Input: aiptek - fix endpoint sanity check (bsc#1051510). - Input: cyttsp4_core - fix use after free bug (bsc#1051510). - Input: goodix - add upside-down quirk for Teclast X89 tablet (bsc#1051510). - Input: gtco - fix endpoint sanity check (bsc#1051510). - Input: keyspan-remote - fix control-message timeouts (bsc#1051510). - Input: pegasus_notetaker - fix endpoint sanity check (bsc#1051510). - Input: pm8xxx-vib - fix handling of separate enable register (bsc#1051510). - Input: rmi_f54 - read from FIFO in 32 byte blocks (bsc#1051510). - Input: sun4i-ts - add a check for devm_thermal_zone_of_sensor_register (bsc#1051510). - Input: sur40 - fix interface sanity checks (bsc#1051510). - Input: synaptics - switch another X1 Carbon 6 to RMI/SMbus (bsc#1051510). - Input: synaptics-rmi4 - do not increment rmiaddr for SMBus transfers (bsc#1051510). - Input: synaptics-rmi4 - simplify data read in rmi_f54_work (bsc#1051510). - KVM: Clean up __kvm_gfn_to_hva_cache_init() and its callers (bsc#1133021). - KVM: PPC: Book3S HV: Uninit vCPU if vcore creation fails (bsc#1061840). - KVM: PPC: Book3S PR: Fix -Werror=return-type build failure (bsc#1061840). - KVM: PPC: Book3S PR: Free shared page if mmu initialization fails (bsc#1061840). - KVM: SVM: Override default MMIO mask if memory encryption is enabled (bsc#1162618). - KVM: arm64: Store vcpu on the stack during __guest_enter() (bsc#1133021). - KVM: fix spectrev1 gadgets (bsc#1164705). - KVM: s390: Do not leak kernel stack data in the KVM_S390_INTERRUPT ioctl (git-fixes). - KVM: s390: ENOTSUPP -> EOPNOTSUPP fixups (bsc#1133021). - KVM: s390: Test for bad access register and size at the start of S390_MEM_OP (git-fixes). - KVM: s390: do not clobber registers during guest reset/store status (bsc#1133021). - KVM: x86: Protect DR-based index computations from Spectre-v1/L1TF attacks (bsc#1164734). - KVM: x86: Protect MSR-based index computations from Spectre-v1/L1TF attacks in x86.c (bsc#1164733). - KVM: x86: Protect MSR-based index computations in fixed_msr_to_seg_unit() from Spectre-v1/L1TF attacks (bsc#1164731). - KVM: x86: Protect MSR-based index computations in pmu.h from Spectre-v1/L1TF attacks (bsc#1164732). - KVM: x86: Protect ioapic_read_indirect() from Spectre-v1/L1TF attacks (bsc#1164728). - KVM: x86: Protect ioapic_write_indirect() from Spectre-v1/L1TF attacks (bsc#1164729). - KVM: x86: Protect kvm_hv_msr_[get|set]_crash_data() from Spectre-v1/L1TF attacks (bsc#1164712). - KVM: x86: Protect kvm_lapic_reg_write() from Spectre-v1/L1TF attacks (bsc#1164730). - KVM: x86: Protect pmu_intel.c from Spectre-v1/L1TF attacks (bsc#1164735). - KVM: x86: Protect x86_decode_insn from Spectre-v1/L1TF attacks (bsc#1164705). - KVM: x86: Refactor picdev_write() to prevent Spectre-v1/L1TF attacks (bsc#1164727). - KVM: x86: Remove a spurious export of a static function (bsc#1158954). - NFC: fdp: fix incorrect free object (networking-stable-19_11_10). - NFC: pn533: fix bulk-message timeout (bsc#1051510). - NFC: pn544: Adjust indentation in pn544_hci_check_presence (git-fixes). - NFC: st21nfca: fix double free (networking-stable-19_11_10). - PCI/IOV: Fix memory leak in pci_iov_add_virtfn() (git-fixes). - PCI/MSI: Return -ENOSPC from pci_alloc_irq_vectors_affinity() (bsc#1051510). - PCI/switchtec: Fix vep_vector_number ioread width (bsc#1051510). - PCI: Add DMA alias quirk for Intel VCA NTB (bsc#1051510). - PCI: Do not disable bridge BARs when assigning bus resources (bsc#1051510). - PCI: pciehp: Avoid returning prematurely from sysfs requests (git-fixes). - PCI: rpaphp: Add drc-info support for hotplug slot registration (bsc#1157480 ltc#181028). - PCI: rpaphp: Annotate and correctly byte swap DRC properties (bsc#1157480 ltc#181028). - PCI: rpaphp: Avoid a sometimes-uninitialized warning (bsc#1157480 ltc#181028). - PCI: rpaphp: Correctly match ibm, my-drc-index to drc-name when using drc-info (bsc#1157480 ltc#181028). - PCI: rpaphp: Do not rely on firmware feature to imply drc-info support (bsc#1157480 ltc#181028). - PCI: rpaphp: Fix up pointer to first drc-info entry (bsc#1157480 ltc#181028). - PM / AVS: SmartReflex: NULL check before some freeing functions is not needed (bsc#1051510). - PM / Domains: Deal with multiple states but no governor in genpd (bsc#1051510). - RDMA/bnxt_re: Avoid freeing MR resources if dereg fails (bsc#1050244). - RDMA/bnxt_re: Enable SRIOV VF support on Broadcom's 57500 adapter series (bsc#1154916). - RDMA/bnxt_re: Fix chip number validation Broadcom's Gen P5 series (bsc#1157895). - RDMA/bnxt_re: Fix missing le16_to_cpu (bsc#1157895). - RDMA/cma: Fix unbalanced cm_id reference count during address resolve (bsc#1103992). - RDMA/hfi1: Fix memory leak in _dev_comp_vect_mappings_create (bsc#1114685). - RDMA/hns: Bugfix for qpc/cqc timer configuration (bsc#1104427 bsc#1126206). - RDMA/hns: Correct the value of srq_desc_size (bsc#1104427 ). - RDMA/hns: Fix to support 64K page for srq (bsc#1104427 ). - RDMA/hns: Prevent memory leaks of eq->buf_list (bsc#1104427 ). - RDMA/uverbs: Verify MR access flags (bsc#1103992). - crypto/dh: Adjust for change of DH_KPP_SECRET_MIN_SIZE in 35f7d5225ffcbf1b759f641aec1735e3a89b1914 - crypto/dh: Remove the fips=1 check in dh.c dh.c is not fips-specific and should perform the same regardless of this setting. - Revert "HID: add NOGET quirk for Eaton Ellipse MAX UPS" (git-fixes). - Revert "Input: synaptics-rmi4 - do not increment rmiaddr for SMBus transfers" (bsc#1051510). - Revert "ath10k: fix DMA related firmware crashes on multiple devices" (git-fixes). - Revert "locking/pvqspinlock: Do not wait if vCPU is preempted" (bsc#1050549). - Revert "mmc: sdhci: Fix incorrect switch to HS mode" (bsc#1051510). - Revert patches.suse/samples-bpf-add-a-test-for-bpf_override_return.patch (bsc#1159500) - SMB3: Backup intent flag missing from some more ops (bsc#1144333). - SMB3: Fix crash in SMB2_open_init due to uninitialized field in compounding path (bsc#1144333). - SMB3: Fix persistent handles reconnect (bsc#1144333). - SUNRPC: Fix svcauth_gss_proxy_init() (bsc#1103992). - Staging: iio: adt7316: Fix i2c data reading, set the data field (bsc#1051510). - USB: EHCI: Do not return -EPIPE when hub is disconnected (git-fixes). - USB: adutux: fix interface sanity check (bsc#1051510). - USB: atm: ueagle-atm: add missing endpoint check (bsc#1051510). - USB: core: add endpoint-blacklist quirk (git-fixes). - USB: core: fix check for duplicate endpoints (git-fixes). - USB: documentation: flags on usb-storage versus UAS (bsc#1051510). - USB: idmouse: fix interface sanity checks (bsc#1051510). - USB: quirks: blacklist duplicate ep on Sound Devices USBPre2 (git-fixes). - USB: serial: ch341: handle unbound port at reset_resume (bsc#1051510). - USB: serial: ftdi_sio: add device IDs for U-Blox C099-F9P (bsc#1051510). - USB: serial: io_edgeport: add missing active-port sanity check (bsc#1051510). - USB: serial: io_edgeport: fix epic endpoint lookup (bsc#1051510). - USB: serial: io_edgeport: handle unbound ports on URB completion (bsc#1051510). - USB: serial: io_edgeport: use irqsave() in USB's complete callback (bsc#1051510). - USB: serial: ir-usb: add missing endpoint sanity check (bsc#1051510). - USB: serial: ir-usb: fix IrLAP framing (bsc#1051510). - USB: serial: ir-usb: fix link-speed handling (bsc#1051510). - USB: serial: keyspan: handle unbound ports (bsc#1051510). - USB: serial: opticon: fix control-message timeouts (bsc#1051510). - USB: serial: option: Add support for Quectel RM500Q (bsc#1051510). - USB: serial: option: add Telit ME910G1 0x110a composition (git-fixes). - USB: serial: option: add ZLP support for 0x1bc7/0x9010 (git-fixes). - USB: serial: option: add support for Quectel RM500Q in QDL mode (git-fixes). - USB: serial: quatech2: handle unbound ports (bsc#1051510). - USB: serial: simple: Add Motorola Solutions TETRA MTP3xxx and MTP85xx (bsc#1051510). - USB: serial: suppress driver bind attributes (bsc#1051510). - USB: uas: heed CAPACITY_HEURISTICS (bsc#1051510). - USB: uas: honor flag to avoid CAPACITY16 (bsc#1051510). - Update patches.suse/powerpc-xive-Implement-get_irqchip_state-method-for-.patch (bsc#1085030). - af_packet: set defaule value for tmo (bsc#1051510). - apparmor: fix unsigned len comparison with less than zero (git-fixes). - ar5523: check NULL before memcpy() in ar5523_cmd() (bsc#1051510). - arm64: Revert support for execute-only user mappings (bsc#1160218). - ata: ahci: Add shutdown to freeze hardware resources of ahci (bsc#1164388). - ath10k: Correct the DMA direction for management tx buffers (bsc#1111666). - ath10k: fix fw crash by moving chip reset after napi disabled (bsc#1051510). - ath10k: pci: Fix comment on ath10k_pci_dump_memory_sram (bsc#1111666). - ath10k: pci: Only dump ATH10K_MEM_REGION_TYPE_IOREG when safe (bsc#1111666). - ath6kl: Fix off by one error in scan completion (bsc#1051510). - ath9k: fix storage endpoint lookup (git-fixes). - atl1e: checking the status of atl1e_write_phy_reg (bsc#1051510). - audit: Allow auditd to set pid to 0 to end auditing (bsc#1158094). - batman-adv: Fix DAT candidate selection on little endian systems (bsc#1051510). - bcache: Fix an error code in bch_dump_read() (bsc#1163762). - bcache: Revert "bcache: shrink btree node cache after bch_btree_check()" (bsc#1163762, bsc#1112504). - bcache: add code comment bch_keylist_pop() and bch_keylist_pop_front() (bsc#1163762). - bcache: add code comments for state->pool in __btree_sort() (bsc#1163762). - bcache: add code comments in bch_btree_leaf_dirty() (bsc#1163762). - bcache: add cond_resched() in __bch_cache_cmp() (bsc#1163762). - bcache: add idle_max_writeback_rate sysfs interface (bsc#1163762). - bcache: add more accurate error messages in read_super() (bsc#1163762). - bcache: add readahead cache policy options via sysfs interface (bsc#1163762). - bcache: at least try to shrink 1 node in bch_mca_scan() (bsc#1163762). - bcache: avoid unnecessary btree nodes flushing in btree_flush_write() (bsc#1163762). - bcache: check return value of prio_read() (bsc#1163762). - bcache: deleted code comments for dead code in bch_data_insert_keys() (bsc#1163762). - bcache: do not export symbols (bsc#1163762). - bcache: explicity type cast in bset_bkey_last() (bsc#1163762). - bcache: fix a lost wake-up problem caused by mca_cannibalize_lock (bsc#1163762). - bcache: fix deadlock in bcache_allocator (bsc#1163762). - bcache: fix incorrect data type usage in btree_flush_write() (bsc#1163762). - bcache: fix memory corruption in bch_cache_accounting_clear() (bsc#1163762). - bcache: fix static checker warning in bcache_device_free() (bsc#1163762). - bcache: ignore pending signals when creating gc and allocator thread (bsc#1163762, bsc#1112504). - bcache: print written and keys in trace_bcache_btree_write (bsc#1163762). - bcache: reap c->btree_cache_freeable from the tail in bch_mca_scan() (bsc#1163762). - bcache: reap from tail of c->btree_cache in bch_mca_scan() (bsc#1163762). - bcache: remove macro nr_to_fifo_front() (bsc#1163762). - bcache: remove member accessed from struct btree (bsc#1163762). - bcache: remove the extra cflags for request.o (bsc#1163762). - bcma: remove set but not used variable 'sizel' (git-fixes). - blk-mq: avoid sysfs buffer overflow with too many CPU cores (bsc#1159377). - blk-mq: avoid sysfs buffer overflow with too many CPU cores (bsc#1163840). - blk-mq: make sure that line break can be printed (bsc#1159377). - blk-mq: make sure that line break can be printed (bsc#1164098). - bnxt: apply computed clamp value for coalece parameter (bsc#1104745). - bnxt_en: Fix MSIX request logic for RDMA driver (bsc#1104745 ). - bnxt_en: Fix NTUPLE firmware command failures (bsc#1104745 ). - bnxt_en: Fix TC queue mapping (networking-stable-20_02_05). - bnxt_en: Improve device shutdown method (bsc#1104745 ). - bnxt_en: Issue PCIe FLR in kdump kernel to cleanup pending DMAs (bsc#1134090 jsc#SLE-5954). - bnxt_en: Return error if FW returns more data than dump length (bsc#1104745). - bonding: fix active-backup transition after link failure (git-fixes). - bonding: fix potential NULL deref in bond_update_slave_arr (bsc#1051510). - bonding: fix slave stuck in BOND_LINK_FAIL state (networking-stable-19_11_10). - bonding: fix state transition issue in link monitoring (networking-stable-19_11_10). - bonding: fix unexpected IFF_BONDING bit unset (bsc#1051510). - bpf, offload: Replace bitwise AND by logical AND in bpf_prog_offload_info_fill (bsc#1109837). - bpf, offload: Unlock on error in bpf_offload_dev_create() (bsc#1109837). - bpf/sockmap: Read psock ingress_msg before sk_receive_queue (bsc#1083647). - bpf/stackmap: Fix deadlock with rq_lock in bpf_get_stack() (bsc#1083647). - bpf: Fix incorrect verifier simulation of ARSH under ALU32 (bsc#1083647). - bpf: Make use of probe_user_write in probe write helper (bsc#1083647). - bpf: Reject indirect var_off stack access in raw mode (bsc#1160618). - bpf: Reject indirect var_off stack access in unpriv mode (bco#1160618). - bpf: Sanity check max value for var_off stack access (bco#1160618). - bpf: Support variable offset stack access from helpers (bco#1160618). - bpf: add self-check logic to liveness analysis (bsc#1160618). - bpf: add verifier stats and log_level bit 2 (bsc#1160618). - bpf: improve stacksafe state comparison (bco#1160618). - bpf: improve verification speed by droping states (bsc#1160618). - bpf: improve verification speed by not remarking live_read (bsc#1160618). - bpf: improve verifier branch analysis (bsc#1160618). - bpf: increase complexity limit and maximum program size (bsc#1160618). - bpf: increase verifier log limit (bsc#1160618). - bpf: skmsg, fix potential psock NULL pointer dereference (bsc#1109837). - bpf: speed up stacksafe check (bco#1160618). - bpf: verifier: teach the verifier to reason about the BPF_JSET instruction (bco#1160618). - brcmfmac: Fix memory leak in brcmf_p2p_create_p2pdev() (bsc#1111666). - brcmfmac: Fix memory leak in brcmf_usbdev_qinit (git-fixes). - brcmfmac: Fix use after free in brcmf_sdio_readframes() (git-fixes). - brcmfmac: fix interface sanity check (git-fixes). - brcmfmac: sdio: Fix OOB interrupt initialization on brcm43362 (bsc#1111666). - brcmfmac: set F2 watermark to 256 for 4373 (bsc#1111666). - brcmfmac: set SDIO F1 MesBusyCtrl for CYW4373 (bsc#1111666). - btrfs: Ensure we trim ranges across block group boundary (bsc#1151910). - btrfs: Move btrfs_check_chunk_valid() to tree-check.[ch] and export it (dependency for bsc#1157692). - btrfs: abort transaction after failed inode updates in create_subvol (bsc#1161936). - btrfs: dev-replace: remove warning for unknown return codes when finished (dependency for bsc#1162067). - btrfs: do not call synchronize_srcu() in inode_tree_del (bsc#1161934). - btrfs: do not double lock the subvol_sem for rename exchange (bsc#1162943). - btrfs: fix integer overflow in calc_reclaim_items_nr (bsc#1160433). - btrfs: handle ENOENT in btrfs_uuid_tree_iterate (bsc#1161937). - btrfs: harden agaist duplicate fsid on scanned devices (bsc#1134973). - btrfs: inode: Verify inode mode to avoid NULL pointer dereference (dependency for bsc#1157692). - btrfs: record all roots for rename exchange on a subvol (bsc#1161933). - btrfs: relocation: fix reloc_root lifespan and access (bsc#1159588). - btrfs: scrub: Require mandatory block group RO for dev-replace (bsc#1162067). - btrfs: simplify inode locking for RWF_NOWAIT (git-fixes). - btrfs: skip log replay on orphaned roots (bsc#1161935). - btrfs: tree-checker: Check chunk item at tree block read time (dependency for bsc#1157692). - btrfs: tree-checker: Check level for leaves and nodes (dependency for bsc#1157692). - btrfs: tree-checker: Enhance chunk checker to validate chunk profile (dependency for bsc#1157692). - btrfs: tree-checker: Fix wrong check on max devid (fixes for dependency of bsc#1157692). - btrfs: tree-checker: Make btrfs_check_chunk_valid() return EUCLEAN instead of EIO (dependency for bsc#1157692). - btrfs: tree-checker: Make chunk item checker messages more readable (dependency for bsc#1157692). - btrfs: tree-checker: Verify dev item (dependency for bsc#1157692). - btrfs: tree-checker: Verify inode item (dependency for bsc#1157692). - btrfs: tree-checker: get fs_info from eb in block_group_err (dependency for bsc#1157692). - btrfs: tree-checker: get fs_info from eb in check_block_group_item (dependency for bsc#1157692). - btrfs: tree-checker: get fs_info from eb in check_csum_item (dependency for bsc#1157692). - btrfs: tree-checker: get fs_info from eb in check_dev_item (dependency for bsc#1157692). - btrfs: tree-checker: get fs_info from eb in check_dir_item (dependency for bsc#1157692). - btrfs: tree-checker: get fs_info from eb in check_extent_data_item (dependency for bsc#1157692). - btrfs: tree-checker: get fs_info from eb in check_inode_item (dependency for bsc#1157692). - btrfs: tree-checker: get fs_info from eb in check_leaf_item (dependency for bsc#1157692). - btrfs: tree-checker: get fs_info from eb in dev_item_err (dependency for bsc#1157692). - btrfs: tree-checker: get fs_info from eb in dir_item_err (dependency for bsc#1157692). - btrfs: tree-checker: get fs_info from eb in file_extent_err (dependency for bsc#1157692). - btrfs: tree-checker: get fs_info from eb in check_leaf (dependency for bsc#1157692). - btrfs: tree-checker: get fs_info from eb in chunk_err (dependency for bsc#1157692). - btrfs: tree-checker: get fs_info from eb in generic_err (dependency for bsc#1157692). - btrfs: volumes: Use more straightforward way to calculate map length (bsc#1151910). - can, slip: Protect tty->disc_data in write_wakeup and close with RCU (bsc#1051510). - can: c_can: D_CAN: c_can_chip_config(): perform a sofware reset on open (bsc#1051510). - can: can_dropped_invalid_skb(): ensure an initialized headroom in outgoing CAN sk_buffs (bsc#1051510). - can: gs_usb: gs_usb_probe(): use descriptors of current altsetting (bsc#1051510). - can: mscan: mscan_rx_poll(): fix rx path lockup when returning from polling to irq mode (bsc#1051510). - can: peak_usb: report bus recovery as well (bsc#1051510). - can: rx-offload: can_rx_offload_irq_offload_fifo(): continue on error (bsc#1051510). - can: rx-offload: can_rx_offload_irq_offload_timestamp(): continue on error (bsc#1051510). - can: rx-offload: can_rx_offload_offload_one(): increment rx_fifo_errors on queue overflow or OOM (bsc#1051510). - can: rx-offload: can_rx_offload_offload_one(): use ERR_PTR() to propagate error value in case of errors (bsc#1051510). - can: slcan: Fix use-after-free Read in slcan_open (bsc#1051510). - cdrom: respect device capabilities during opening action (boo#1164632). - cfg80211/mac80211: make ieee80211_send_layer2_update a public function (bsc#1051510). - cfg80211: check for set_wiphy_params (bsc#1051510). - cfg80211: fix deadlocks in autodisconnect work (bsc#1111666). - cfg80211: fix memory leak in cfg80211_cqm_rssi_update (bsc#1111666). - cfg80211: fix page refcount issue in A-MSDU decap (bsc#1051510). - cgroup: pids: use atomic64_t for pids->limit (bsc#1161514). - chardev: Avoid potential use-after-free in 'chrdev_open()' (bsc#1163849). - cifs: Add tracepoints for errors on flush or fsync (bsc#1144333). - cifs: Adjust indentation in smb2_open_file (bsc#1144333). - cifs: Avoid doing network I/O while holding cache lock (bsc#1144333). - cifs: Clean up DFS referral cache (bsc#1144333). - cifs: Do not display RDMA transport on reconnect (bsc#1144333). - cifs: Fix lookup of root ses in DFS referral cache (bsc#1144333). - cifs: Fix memory allocation in __smb2_handle_cancelled_cmd() (bsc#1144333). - cifs: Fix memory allocation in __smb2_handle_cancelled_cmd() (bsc#1144333). - cifs: Fix mode output in debugging statements (bsc#1144333). - cifs: Fix mount options set in automount (bsc#1144333). - cifs: Fix mount options set in automount (bsc#1144333). - cifs: Fix potential deadlock when updating vol in cifs_reconnect() (bsc#1144333). - cifs: Fix potential softlockups while refreshing DFS cache (bsc#1144333). - cifs: Fix retrieval of DFS referrals in cifs_mount() (bsc#1144333). - cifs: Fix return value in __update_cache_entry (bsc#1144333). - cifs: Fix use-after-free bug in cifs_reconnect() (bsc#1144333). - cifs: Get rid of kstrdup_const()'d paths (bsc#1144333). - cifs: Introduce helpers for finding TCP connection (bsc#1144333). - cifs: Merge is_path_valid() into get_normalized_path() (bsc#1144333). - cifs: Optimize readdir on reparse points (bsc#1144333). - cifs: Use #define in cifs_dbg (bsc#1144333). - cifs: add SMB2_open() arg to return POSIX data (bsc#1144333). - cifs: add SMB3 change notification support (bsc#1144333). - cifs: add a debug macro that prints \\server\share for errors (bsc#1144333). - cifs: add missing mount option to /proc/mounts (bsc#1144333). - cifs: add new debugging macro cifs_server_dbg (bsc#1144333). - cifs: add passthrough for smb2 setinfo (bsc#1144333). - cifs: add smb2 POSIX info level (bsc#1144333). - cifs: add support for fallocate mode 0 for non-sparse files (bsc#1144333). - cifs: add support for flock (bsc#1144333). - cifs: allow chmod to set mode bits using special sid (bsc#1144333). - cifs: call wake_up(&server->response_q) inside of cifs_reconnect() (bsc#1144333). - cifs: close the shared root handle on tree disconnect (bsc#1144333). - cifs: create a helper function to parse the query-directory response buffer (bsc#1144333). - cifs: do d_move in rename (bsc#1144333). - cifs: do not ignore the SYNC flags in getattr (bsc#1144333). - cifs: do not leak -EAGAIN for stat() during reconnect (bsc#1144333). - cifs: do not use 'pre:' for MODULE_SOFTDEP (bsc#1144333). - cifs: enable change notification for SMB2.1 dialect (bsc#1144333). - cifs: fail i/o on soft mounts if sessionsetup errors out (bsc#1144333). - cifs: fix NULL dereference in match_prepath (bsc#1144333). - cifs: fix a comment for the timeouts when sending echos (bsc#1144333). - cifs: fix dereference on ses before it is null checked (bsc#1144333). - cifs: fix mode bits from dir listing when mounted with modefromsid (bsc#1144333). - cifs: fix mount option display for sec=krb5i (bsc#1161907). - cifs: fix potential mismatch of UNC paths (bsc#1144333). - cifs: fix rename() by ensuring source handle opened with DELETE bit (bsc#1144333). - cifs: fix soft mounts hanging in the reconnect code (bsc#1144333). - cifs: fix soft mounts hanging in the reconnect code (bsc#1144333). - cifs: fix unitialized variable poential problem with network I/O cache lock patch (bsc#1144333). - cifs: get mode bits from special sid on stat (bsc#1144333). - cifs: handle prefix paths in reconnect (bsc#1144333). - cifs: log warning message (once) if out of disk space (bsc#1144333). - cifs: make sure we do not overflow the max EA buffer size (bsc#1144333). - cifs: make use of cap_unix(ses) in cifs_reconnect_tcon() (bsc#1144333). - cifs: modefromsid: make room for 4 ACE (bsc#1144333). - cifs: modefromsid: write mode ACE first (bsc#1144333). - cifs: plumb smb2 POSIX dir enumeration (bsc#1144333). - cifs: potential unintitliazed error code in cifs_getattr() (bsc#1144333). - cifs: prepare SMB2_query_directory to be used with compounding (bsc#1144333). - cifs: print warning once if mounting with vers=1.0 (bsc#1144333). - cifs: remove redundant assignment to pointer pneg_ctxt (bsc#1144333). - cifs: remove redundant assignment to variable rc (bsc#1144333). - cifs: remove set but not used variable 'server' (bsc#1144333). - cifs: remove set but not used variables (bsc#1144333). - cifs: remove unused variable 'sid_user' (bsc#1144333). - cifs: remove unused variable (bsc#1144333). - cifs: rename a variable in SendReceive() (bsc#1144333). - cifs: rename posix create rsp (bsc#1144333). - cifs: replace various strncpy with strscpy and similar (bsc#1144333). - cifs: set correct max-buffer-size for smb2_ioctl_init() (bsc#1144333). - cifs: smbd: Add messages on RDMA session destroy and reconnection (bsc#1144333). - cifs: smbd: Invalidate and deregister memory registration on re-send for direct I/O (bsc#1144333). - cifs: smbd: Only queue work for error recovery on memory registration (bsc#1144333). - cifs: smbd: Return -EAGAIN when transport is reconnecting (bsc#1144333). - cifs: smbd: Return -ECONNABORTED when trasnport is not in connected state (bsc#1144333). - cifs: smbd: Return -EINVAL when the number of iovs exceeds SMBDIRECT_MAX_SGE (bsc#1144333). - cifs: use PTR_ERR_OR_ZERO() to simplify code (bsc#1144333). - cifs: use compounding for open and first query-dir for readdir() (bsc#1144333). - cifs: use mod_delayed_work() for &server->reconnect if already queued (bsc#1144333). - clk: Do not try to enable critical clocks if prepare failed (bsc#1051510). - clk: imx: clk-composite-8m: add lock to gate/mux (git-fixes). - clk: mmp2: Fix the order of timer mux parents (bsc#1051510). - clk: qcom: rcg2: Do not crash if our parent can't be found; return an error (bsc#1051510). - clk: rockchip: fix I2S1 clock gate register for rk3328 (bsc#1051510). - clk: rockchip: fix ID of 8ch clock of I2S1 for rk3328 (bsc#1051510). - clk: rockchip: fix rk3188 sclk_mac_lbtest parameter ordering (bsc#1051510). - clk: rockchip: fix rk3188 sclk_smc gate data (bsc#1051510). - clk: sunxi-ng: add mux and pll notifiers for A64 CPU clock (bsc#1051510). - clk: sunxi: sun9i-mmc: Implement reset callback for reset controls (bsc#1051510). - clk: tegra: Mark fuse clock as critical (bsc#1051510). - clocksource/drivers/bcm2835_timer: Fix memory leak of timer (bsc#1051510). - clocksource: Prevent double add_timer_on() for watchdog_timer (bsc#1051510). - closures: fix a race on wakeup from closure_sync (bsc#1163762). - cls_rsvp: fix rsvp_policy (networking-stable-20_02_05). - configfs_register_group() shouldn't be (and isn't) called in rmdirable parts (bsc#1051510). - copy/pasted "Recommends:" instead of "Provides:", "Obsoletes:" and "Conflicts: - core: Do not skip generic XDP program execution for cloned SKBs (bsc#1109837). - crypto: DRBG - add FIPS 140-2 CTRNG for noise source (bsc#1155334). - crypto: af_alg - Use bh_lock_sock in sk_destruct (bsc#1051510). - crypto: api - Check spawn->alg under lock in crypto_drop_spawn (bsc#1051510). - crypto: api - Fix race condition in crypto_spawn_alg (bsc#1051510). - crypto: atmel-sha - fix error handling when setting hmac key (bsc#1051510). - crypto: caam/qi2 - fix typo in algorithm's driver name (bsc#1111666). - crypto: ccp - fix uninitialized list head (bsc#1051510). - crypto: chelsio - fix writing tfm flags to wrong place (bsc#1051510). - crypto: dh - add public key verification test (bsc#1155331). - crypto: dh - fix calculating encoded key size (bsc#1155331). - crypto: dh - fix memory leak (bsc#1155331). - crypto: dh - update test for public key verification (bsc#1155331). - crypto: ecdh - add public key verification test (bsc#1155331). - crypto: ecdh - fix typo of P-192 b value (bsc#1155331). - crypto: mxc-scc - fix build warnings on ARM64 (bsc#1051510). - crypto: pcrypt - Do not clear MAY_SLEEP flag in original request (bsc#1051510). - crypto: picoxcell - adjust the position of tasklet_init and fix missed tasklet_kill (bsc#1051510). - crypto: reexport crypto_shoot_alg() (bsc#1051510, kABI fix). - cxgb4: request the TX CIDX updates to status page (bsc#1127371). - devlink: report 0 after hitting end in region read (bsc#1109837). - dma-buf: Fix memory leak in sync_file_merge() (git-fixes). - dma-mapping: fix return type of dma_set_max_seg_size() (bsc#1051510). - dmaengine: Fix access to uninitialized dma_slave_caps (bsc#1051510). - dmaengine: coh901318: Fix a double-lock bug (bsc#1051510). - dmaengine: coh901318: Remove unused variable (bsc#1051510). - drivers/base/memory.c: cache blocks in radix tree to accelerate lookup (bsc#1159955 ltc#182993). - drivers/base/memory.c: do not access uninitialized memmaps in soft_offline_page_store() (bsc#1051510). - drivers/base/platform.c: kmemleak ignore a known leak (bsc#1051510). - drivers/regulator: fix a missing check of return value (bsc#1051510). - drm/amd/display: Retrain dongles when SINK_COUNT becomes non-zero (bsc#1111666). - drm/amd/powerplay: remove set but not used variable 'us_mvdd' (bsc#1111666). - drm/amdgpu/{uvd,vcn}: fetch ring's read_ptr after alloc (bsc#1111666). - drm/amdgpu: add function parameter description in 'amdgpu_device_set_cg_state' (bsc#1111666). - drm/amdgpu: add function parameter description in 'amdgpu_gart_bind' (bsc#1051510). - drm/amdgpu: fix bad DMA from INTERRUPT_CNTL2 (bsc#1114279) - drm/amdgpu: fix ring test failure issue during s3 in vce 3.0 (V2) (bsc#1111666). - drm/amdgpu: remove 4 set but not used variable in amdgpu_atombios_get_connector_info_from_object_table (bsc#1051510). - drm/amdgpu: remove always false comparison in 'amdgpu_atombios_i2c_process_i2c_ch' (bsc#1051510). - drm/amdgpu: remove set but not used variable 'amdgpu_connector' (bsc#1051510). - drm/amdgpu: remove set but not used variable 'dig' (bsc#1051510). - drm/amdgpu: remove set but not used variable 'dig_connector' (bsc#1051510). - drm/amdgpu: remove set but not used variable 'invalid' (bsc#1111666). - drm/amdgpu: remove set but not used variable 'mc_shared_chmap' (bsc#1051510). - drm/amdgpu: remove set but not used variable 'mc_shared_chmap' from 'gfx_v6_0.c' and 'gfx_v7_0.c' (bsc#1051510). - drm/amdkfd: fix a use after free race with mmu_notifer unregister (bsc#1114279) - drm/dp_mst: correct the shifting in DP_REMOTE_I2C_READ (bsc#1051510). - drm/etnaviv: fix dumping of iommuv2 (bsc#1114279) - drm/fb-helper: Round up bits_per_pixel if possible (bsc#1051510). - drm/i810: Prevent underflow in ioctl (bsc#1114279) - drm/i915/gvt: Pin vgpu dma address before using (bsc#1112178) - drm/i915/gvt: Separate display reset from ALL_ENGINES reset (bsc#1114279) - drm/i915/gvt: set guest display buffer as readonly (bsc#1112178) - drm/i915/gvt: use vgpu lock for active state setting (bsc#1112178) - drm/i915/perf: add missing delay for OA muxes configuration (bsc#1111666). - drm/i915/userptr: Try to acquire the page lock around (bsc#1114279) - drm/i915/userptr: fix size calculation (bsc#1114279) - drm/i915: Add missing include file <linux/math64.h> (bsc#1051510). - drm/i915: Call dma_set_max_seg_size() in i915_driver_hw_probe() (bsc#1111666). - drm/i915: Fix pid leak with banned clients (bsc#1114279) - drm/i915: Handle vm_mmap error during I915_GEM_MMAP ioctl with WC set (bsc#1111666). - drm/i915: Make sure cdclk is high enough for DP audio on VLV/CHV (bsc#1111666). - drm/i915: Reacquire priolist cache after dropping the engine lock (bsc#1129770) Fixes a const function argument in the patch. - drm/i915: Sanity check mmap length against object size (bsc#1111666). - drm/i915: Wean off drm_pci_alloc/drm_pci_free (bsc#1114279) - drm/mediatek: Add gamma property according to hardware capability (bsc#1114279) - drm/mediatek: disable all the planes in atomic_disable (bsc#1114279) - drm/mipi_dbi: Fix off-by-one bugs in mipi_dbi_blank() (bsc#1114279) - drm/msm: include linux/sched/task.h (bsc#1112178) - drm/mst: Fix MST sideband up-reply failure handling (bsc#1051510). - drm/nouveau/bar/gf100: ensure BAR is mapped (bsc#1111666). - drm/nouveau/bar/nv50: check bar1 vmm return value (bsc#1111666). - drm/nouveau/mmu: qualify vmm during dtor (bsc#1111666). - drm/nouveau/secboot/gm20b: initialize pointer in gm20b_secboot_new() (bsc#1051510). - drm/nouveau: Fix copy-paste error in nouveau_fence_wait_uevent_handler (bsc#1051510). - drm/qxl: Return error if fbdev is not 32 bpp (bsc#1159028) - drm/qxl: Return error if fbdev is not 32 bpp (bsc#1159028) - drm/radeon: fix r1xx/r2xx register checker for POT textures (bsc#1114279) - drm/rect: Avoid division by zero (bsc#1111666). - drm/rect: update kerneldoc for drm_rect_clip_scaled() (bsc#1111666). - drm/rockchip: Round up _before_ giving to the clock framework (bsc#1114279) - drm/rockchip: lvds: Fix indentation of a #define (bsc#1051510). - drm/sun4i: hdmi: Remove duplicate cleanup calls (bsc#1113956) - drm/sun4i: tcon: Set RGB DCLK min. divider based on hardware model (bsc#1111666). - drm/sun4i: tcon: Set min division of TCON0_DCLK to 1 (bsc#1111666). - drm/ttm: ttm_tt_init_fields() can be static (bsc#1111666). - drm/vmwgfx: prevent memory leak in vmw_cmdbuf_res_add (bsc#1051510). - drm: atmel-hlcdc: enable clock before configuring timing engine (bsc#1114279) - drm: bridge: dw-hdmi: constify copied structure (bsc#1051510). - drm: limit to INT_MAX in create_blob ioctl (bsc#1051510). - drm: meson: venc: cvbs: fix CVBS mode matching (bsc#1051510). - drm: msm: mdp4: Adjust indentation in mdp4_dsi_encoder_enable (bsc#1111666). - drm: msm: mdp4: Adjust indentation in mdp4_dsi_encoder_enable (bsc#1114279) - drm: panel-lvds: Potential Oops in probe error handling (bsc#1114279) - drm: rcar-du: Recognize "renesas,vsps" in addition to "vsps" (bsc#1114279) - e1000e: Add support for Comet Lake (bsc#1158533). - e1000e: Add support for Tiger Lake (bsc#1158533). - e1000e: Increase pause and refresh time (bsc#1158533). - e100: Fix passing zero to 'PTR_ERR' warning in e100_load_ucode_wait (bsc#1051510). - enic: prevent waking up stopped tx queues over watchdog reset (bsc#1133147). - ethtool: Factored out similar ethtool link settings for virtual devices to core (bsc#1136157 ltc#177197). - exit: panic before exit_mm() on global init exit (bsc#1161549). - ext2: check err when partial != NULL (bsc#1163859). - ext4, jbd2: ensure panic when aborting with zero errno (bsc#1163853). - ext4: Fix mount failure with quota configured as module (bsc#1164471). - ext4: check for directory entries too close to block end (bsc#1163861). - ext4: fix a bug in ext4_wait_for_tail_page_commit (bsc#1163841). - ext4: fix checksum errors with indexed dirs (bsc#1160979). - ext4: fix deadlock allocating crypto bounce page from mempool (bsc#1163842). - ext4: fix mount failure with quota configured as module (bsc#1164471). - ext4: improve explanation of a mount failure caused by a misconfigured kernel (bsc#1163843). - extcon: max8997: Fix lack of path setting in USB device mode (bsc#1051510). - firestream: fix memory leaks (bsc#1051510). - fix autofs regression caused by follow_managed() changes (bsc#1159271). - fix dget_parent() fastpath race (bsc#1159271). - fix memory leak in large read decrypt offload (bsc#1144333). - fjes: fix missed check in fjes_acpi_add (bsc#1051510). - fs/cifs/cifssmb.c: use true,false for bool variable (bsc#1144333). - fs/cifs/sess.c: Remove set but not used variable 'capabilities' (bsc#1144333). - fs/cifs/smb2ops.c: use true,false for bool variable (bsc#1144333). - fs/cifs/smb2pdu.c: Make SMB2_notify_init static (bsc#1144333). - fs/namei.c: fix missing barriers when checking positivity (bsc#1159271). - fs/namei.c: pull positivity check into follow_managed() (bsc#1159271). - fs/open.c: allow opening only regular files during execve() (bsc#1163845). - fs: cifs: Fix atime update check vs mtime (bsc#1144333). - fs: cifs: Initialize filesystem timestamp ranges (bsc#1144333). - fs: cifs: cifsssmb: remove redundant assignment to variable ret (bsc#1144333). - fs: cifs: mute -Wunused-const-variable message (bsc#1144333). - fscrypt: do not set policy for a dead directory (bsc#1163846). - ftrace: Add comment to why rcu_dereference_sched() is open coded (git-fixes). - ftrace: Avoid potential division by zero in function profiler (bsc#1160784). - ftrace: Protect ftrace_graph_hash with ftrace_sync (git-fixes). - genirq/proc: Return proper error code when irq_set_affinity() fails (bnc#1105392). - genirq: Prevent NULL pointer dereference in resend_irqs() (bsc#1051510). - genirq: Properly pair kobject_del() with kobject_add() (bsc#1051510). - gpio: Fix error message on out-of-range GPIO in lookup table (bsc#1051510). - gtp: avoid zero size hashtable (networking-stable-20_01_01). - gtp: do not allow adding duplicate tid and ms_addr pdp context (networking-stable-20_01_01). - gtp: fix an use-after-free in ipv4_pdp_find() (networking-stable-20_01_01). - gtp: fix wrong condition in gtp_genl_dump_pdp() (networking-stable-20_01_01). - gtp: make sure only SOCK_DGRAM UDP sockets are accepted (networking-stable-20_01_27). - gtp: use __GFP_NOWARN to avoid memalloc warning (networking-stable-20_02_05). - hidraw: Return EPOLLOUT from hidraw_poll (bsc#1051510). - hotplug/drc-info: Add code to search ibm,drc-info property (bsc#1157480 ltc#181028). - hv_netvsc: Fix memory leak when removing rndis device (networking-stable-20_01_20). - hv_netvsc: Fix offset usage in netvsc_send_table() (bsc#1164598). - hv_netvsc: Fix send_table offset in case of a host bug (bsc#1164598). - hv_netvsc: Fix tx_table init in rndis_set_subchannel() (bsc#1164598). - hv_netvsc: Fix unwanted rx_table reset (bsc#1164598). - hwmon: (adt7475) Make volt2reg return same reg as reg2volt input (bsc#1051510). - hwmon: (core) Do not use device managed functions for memory allocations (bsc#1051510). - hwmon: (k10temp) Add support for AMD family 17h, model 70h CPUs (bsc#1163206). - hwmon: (nct7802) Fix voltage limits to wrong registers (bsc#1051510). - hwmon: (pmbus/ltc2978) Fix PMBus polling of MFR_COMMON definitions (bsc#1051510). - hwrng: stm32 - fix unbalanced pm_runtime_enable (bsc#1051510). - i2c: imx: do not print error message on probe defer (bsc#1051510). - ibmveth: Detect unsupported packets before sending to the hypervisor (bsc#1159484 ltc#182983). - ibmvfc: Fix NULL return compiler warning (bsc#1161951 ltc#183551). - ibmvnic: Bound waits for device queries (bsc#1155689 ltc#182047). - ibmvnic: Fix completion structure initialization (bsc#1155689 ltc#182047). - ibmvnic: Serialize device queries (bsc#1155689 ltc#182047). - ibmvnic: Terminate waiting device threads after loss of service (bsc#1155689 ltc#182047). - ice: fix stack leakage (bsc#1118661). - idr: Fix idr_alloc_u32 on 32-bit systems (bsc#1051510). - iio: adc: max9611: Fix too short conversion time delay (bsc#1051510). - iio: buffer: align the size of scan bytes to size of the largest element (bsc#1051510). - inet: protect against too small mtu values (networking-stable-19_12_16). - iommu/amd: Fix IOMMU perf counter clobbering during init (bsc#1162617). - iommu/arm-smmu-v3: Populate VMID field for CMDQ_OP_TLBI_NH_VA (bsc#1164314). - iommu/io-pgtable-arm: Fix race handling in split_blk_unmap() (bsc#1164115). - iommu/iova: Init the struct iova to fix the possible memleak (bsc#1160469). - iommu/mediatek: Correct the flush_iotlb_all callback (bsc#1160470). - iommu/vt-d: Unlink device if failed to add to group (bsc#1160756). - iommu: Remove device link to group on failure (bsc#1160755). - ipmi: Do not allow device module unload when in use (bsc#1154768). - ipv4: Fix table id reference in fib_sync_down_addr (networking-stable-19_11_10). - ipv4: ensure rcu_read_lock() in cipso_v4_error() (git-fixes). - ipv6: restrict IPV6_ADDRFORM operation (bsc#1109837). - iwlegacy: ensure loop counter addr does not wrap and cause an infinite loop (git-fixes). - iwlwifi: change monitor DMA to be coherent (bsc#1161243). - iwlwifi: clear persistence bit according to device family (bsc#1111666). - iwlwifi: do not throw error when trying to remove IGTK (bsc#1051510). - iwlwifi: mvm: Send non offchannel traffic via AP sta (bsc#1051510). - iwlwifi: mvm: fix NVM check for 3168 devices (bsc#1051510). - iwlwifi: mvm: force TCM re-evaluation on TCM resume (bsc#1111666). - iwlwifi: mvm: synchronize TID queue removal (bsc#1051510). - iwlwifi: pcie: fix erroneous print (bsc#1111666). - iwlwifi: trans: Clear persistence bit when starting the FW (bsc#1111666). - jbd2: Fix possible overflow in jbd2_log_space_left() (bsc#1163860). - jbd2: clear JBD2_ABORT flag before journal_reset to update log tail info when load journal (bsc#1163862). - jbd2: do not clear the BH_Mapped flag when forgetting a metadata buffer (bsc#1163836). - jbd2: make sure ESHUTDOWN to be recorded in the journal superblock (bsc#1163863). - jbd2: move the clearing of b_modified flag to the journal_unmap_buffer() (bsc#1163880). - jbd2: switch to use jbd2_journal_abort() when failed to submit the commit record (bsc#1163852). - kABI fix for "ipmi: Do not allow device module unload when in use" (bsc#1154768). - kABI fixup for alloc_dax_region (bsc#1158071,bsc#1160678). - kABI workaround for can/skb.h inclusion (bsc#1051510). - crypto/dh: Make sure the FIPS pubkey check is only executed in FIPS mode. - kABI: Protest new fields in BPF structs (bsc#1160618). - kABI: add _q suffix to exports that take struct dh (bsc#1155331). - kABI: protect struct sctp_ep_common (kabi). - kabi/severities: Whitelist rpaphp_get_drc_props (bsc#1157480 ltc#181028). - kconfig: fix broken dependency in randconfig-generated .config (bsc#1051510). - kernel-binary.spec.in: do not recommend firmware for kvmsmall and azure flavor (boo#1161360). - kernel/module.c: Only return -EEXIST for modules that have finished loading (bsc#1165488). - kernel/module.c: wakeup processes in module_wq on module unload (bsc#1165488). - kernel/trace: Fix do not unregister tracepoints when register sched_migrate_task fail (bsc#1160787). - kernfs: Fix range checks in kernfs_get_target_path (bsc#1051510). - kexec: bail out upon SIGKILL when allocating memory (git-fixes). - kvm: x86: Host feature SSBD does not imply guest feature SPEC_CTRL_SSBD (bsc#1160476). - l2tp: Allow duplicate session creation with UDP (networking-stable-20_02_05). - lcoking/rwsem: Add missing ACQUIRE to read_slowpath sleep loop (bsc#1050549). - leds: Allow to call led_classdev_unregister() unconditionally (bsc#1161674). - leds: class: ensure workqueue is initialized before setting brightness (bsc#1161674). - lib/scatterlist.c: adjust indentation in __sg_alloc_table (bsc#1051510). - lib/test_kasan.c: fix memory leak in kmalloc_oob_krealloc_more() (bsc#1051510). - lib: crc64: include <linux/crc64.h> for 'crc64_be' (bsc#1163762). - libnvdimm-fix-devm_nsio_enable-kabi.patch: Fixup compiler warning - libnvdimm/namespace: Differentiate between probe mapping and runtime mapping (bsc#1153535). - libnvdimm/pfn: Account for PAGE_SIZE > info-block-size in nd_pfn_init() (bsc#1127682 bsc#1153535 ltc#175033 ltc#181834). - libnvdimm: Fix devm_nsio_enable() kabi (bsc#1153535). - livepatch/samples/selftest: Use klp_shadow_alloc() API correctly (bsc#1071995). - livepatch/selftest: Clean up shadow variable names and type (bsc#1071995). - locking/rwsem: Prevent decrement of reader count before increment (bsc#1050549). - mac80211: Do not send Layer 2 Update frame before authorization (bsc#1051510). - mac80211: Fix TKIP replay protection immediately after key setup (bsc#1051510). - mac80211: fix ieee80211_txq_setup_flows() failure path (bsc#1111666). - mac80211: fix station inactive_time shortly after boot (bsc#1051510). - mac80211: mesh: restrict airtime metric to peered established plinks (bsc#1051510). - macvlan: do not assume mac_header is set in macvlan_broadcast() (bsc#1051510). - macvlan: use skb_reset_mac_header() in macvlan_queue_xmit() (bsc#1051510). - mailbox: mailbox-test: fix null pointer if no mmio (bsc#1051510). - md/raid0: Fix buffer overflow at debug print (bsc#1164051). - media/v4l2-core: set pages dirty upon releasing DMA buffers (bsc#1051510). - media: af9005: uninitialized variable printked (bsc#1051510). - media: cec.h: CEC_OP_REC_FLAG_ values were swapped (bsc#1051510). - media: cec: CEC 2.0-only bcast messages were ignored (git-fixes). - media: cec: report Vendor ID after initialization (bsc#1051510). - media: digitv: do not continue if remote control state can't be read (bsc#1051510). - media: dvb-usb/dvb-usb-urb.c: initialize actlen to 0 (bsc#1051510). - media: exynos4-is: fix wrong mdev and v4l2 dev order in error path (git-fixes). - media: gspca: zero usb_buf (bsc#1051510). - media: iguanair: fix endpoint sanity check (bsc#1051510). - media: ov6650: Fix control handler not freed on init error (git-fixes). - media: ov6650: Fix crop rectangle alignment not passed back (git-fixes). - media: ov6650: Fix incorrect use of JPEG colorspace (git-fixes). - media: pulse8-cec: fix lost cec_transmit_attempt_done() call. - media: pulse8-cec: return 0 when invalidating the logical address (bsc#1051510). - media: stkwebcam: Bugfix for wrong return values (bsc#1051510). - media: uvcvideo: Avoid cyclic entity chains due to malformed USB descriptors (bsc#1051510). - media: uvcvideo: Fix error path in control parsing failure (git-fixes). - media: v4l2-ctrl: fix flags for DO_WHITE_BALANCE (bsc#1051510). - media: v4l2-ioctl.c: zero reserved fields for S/TRY_FMT (bsc#1051510). - media: v4l2-rect.h: fix v4l2_rect_map_inside() top/left adjustments (bsc#1051510). - mei: bus: prefix device names on bus with the bus name (bsc#1051510). - mfd: da9062: Fix watchdog compatible string (bsc#1051510). - mfd: dln2: More sanity checking for endpoints (bsc#1051510). - mfd: rn5t618: Mark ADC control register volatile (bsc#1051510). - missing escaping of backslashes in macro expansions (bsc#1143959) - mlxsw: spectrum: Wipe xstats.backlog of down ports (bsc#1112374). - mlxsw: spectrum_qdisc: Ignore grafting of invisible FIFO (bsc#1112374). - mlxsw: spectrum_qdisc: Include MC TCs in Qdisc counters (bsc#1112374). - mlxsw: spectrum_router: Fix determining underlay for a GRE tunnel (bsc#1112374). - mm, memory_hotplug: do not clear numa_node association after hot_remove (bnc#1115026). - mm/page-writeback.c: fix range_cyclic writeback vs writepages deadlock (bsc#1159394). - mm: memory_hotplug: use put_device() if device_register fail (bsc#1159955 ltc#182993). - mmc: mediatek: fix CMD_TA to 2 for MT8173 HS200/HS400 mode (bsc#1051510). - mmc: sdhci-of-esdhc: Revert "mmc: sdhci-of-esdhc: add erratum A-009204 support" (bsc#1051510). - mmc: sdhci-of-esdhc: fix P2020 errata handling (bsc#1051510). - mmc: sdhci: Add a quirk for broken command queuing (git-fixes). - mmc: sdhci: Workaround broken command queuing on Intel GLK (git-fixes). - mmc: sdhci: fix minimum clock rate for v3 controller (bsc#1051510). - mmc: spi: Toggle SPI polarity, do not hardcode it (bsc#1051510). - mmc: tegra: fix SDR50 tuning override (bsc#1051510). - mod_devicetable: fix PHY module format (networking-stable-19_12_28). - moduleparam: fix parameter description mismatch (bsc#1051510). - mqprio: Fix out-of-bounds access in mqprio_dump (bsc#1109837). - mtd: fix mtd_oobavail() incoherent returned value (bsc#1051510). - mwifiex: debugfs: correct histogram spacing, formatting (bsc#1051510). - mwifiex: delete unused mwifiex_get_intf_num() (bsc#1111666). - mwifiex: drop most magic numbers from mwifiex_process_tdls_action_frame() (git-fixes). - mwifiex: fix potential NULL dereference and use after free (bsc#1051510). - mwifiex: update set_mac_address logic (bsc#1111666). - namei: only return -ECHILD from follow_dotdot_rcu() (bsc#1163851). - net, ip6_tunnel: fix namespaces move (networking-stable-20_01_27). - net, ip_tunnel: fix namespaces move (networking-stable-20_01_27). - net, sysctl: Fix compiler warning when only cBPF is present (bsc#1109837). - net-sysfs: Fix reference count leak (networking-stable-20_01_27). - net/ethtool: Introduce link_ksettings API for virtual network devices (bsc#1136157 ltc#177197). - net/ibmvnic: Fix typo in retry check (bsc#1155689 ltc#182047). - net/mlx4_en: Fix wrong limitation for number of TX rings (bsc#1103989). - net/mlx4_en: fix mlx4 ethtool -N insertion (networking-stable-19_11_25). - net/mlx5: Accumulate levels for chains prio namespaces (bsc#1103990). - net/mlx5: Fix lowest FDB pool size (bsc#1103990). - net/mlx5: IPsec, Fix esp modify function attribute (bsc#1103990 ). - net/mlx5: IPsec, fix memory leak at mlx5_fpga_ipsec_delete_sa_ctx (bsc#1103990). - net/mlx5: Update the list of the PCI supported devices (bsc#1127611). - net/mlx5: Update the list of the PCI supported devices (bsc#1127611). - net/mlx5: prevent memory leak in mlx5_fpga_conn_create_cq (bsc#1046303). - net/mlx5e: Fix SFF 8472 eeprom length (git-fixes). - net/mlx5e: Fix set vf link state error flow (networking-stable-19_11_25). - net/mlx5e: Query global pause state before setting prio2buffer (bsc#1103990). - net/mlxfw: Fix out-of-memory error in mfa2 flash burning (bsc#1051858). - net/mlxfw: Verify FSM error code translation does not exceed array size (bsc#1051858). - net/sched: act_pedit: fix WARN() in the traffic path (networking-stable-19_11_25). - net/tls: fix async operation (bsc#1109837). - net/tls: free the record on encryption error (bsc#1109837). - net/tls: take into account that bpf_exec_tx_verdict() may free the record (bsc#1109837). - net/wan/fsl_ucc_hdlc: fix out of bounds write on array utdm_info (networking-stable-20_01_20). - net: Fix Tx hash bound checking (bsc#1109837). - net: add sendmsg_locked and sendpage_locked to af_inet6 (bsc#1144162). - net: bridge: deny dev_set_mac_address() when unregistering (networking-stable-19_12_16). - net: cdc_ncm: Signedness bug in cdc_ncm_set_dgram_size() (git-fixes). - net: cxgb3_main: Add CAP_NET_ADMIN check to CHELSIO_GET_MEM (networking-stable-20_01_27). - net: dsa: mv88e6xxx: Preserve priority when setting CPU port (networking-stable-20_01_11). - net: dsa: tag_qca: fix doubled Tx statistics (networking-stable-20_01_20). - net: dst: Force 4-byte alignment of dst_metrics (networking-stable-19_12_28). - net: ena: fix napi handler misbehavior when the napi budget is zero (networking-stable-20_01_01). - net: ethernet: octeon_mgmt: Account for second possible VLAN header (networking-stable-19_11_10). - net: ethernet: ti: cpsw: fix extra rx interrupt (networking-stable-19_12_16). - net: fix data-race in neigh_event_send() (networking-stable-19_11_10). - net: hisilicon: Fix a BUG trigered by wrong bytes_compl (networking-stable-19_12_28). - net: hns3: fix ETS bandwidth validation bug (bsc#1104353 ). - net: hns3: fix a copying IPv6 address error in hclge_fd_get_flow_tuples() (bsc#1104353). - net: hns: fix soft lockup when there is not enough memory (networking-stable-20_01_20). - net: hsr: fix possible NULL deref in hsr_handle_frame() (networking-stable-20_02_05). - net: ip6_gre: fix moving ip6gre between namespaces (networking-stable-20_01_27). - net: nfc: nci: fix a possible sleep-in-atomic-context bug in nci_uart_tty_receive() (networking-stable-19_12_28). - net: phy: Check against net_device being NULL (bsc#1051510). - net: phy: Fix not to call phy_resume() if PHY is not attached (bsc#1051510). - net: phy: Fix the register offsets in Broadcom iProc mdio mux driver (bsc#1051510). - net: phy: at803x: Change error to EINVAL for invalid MAC (bsc#1051510). - net: phy: broadcom: Use strlcpy() for ethtool::get_strings (bsc#1051510). - net: phy: dp83867: Set up RGMII TX delay (bsc#1051510). - net: phy: fixed_phy: Fix fixed_phy not checking GPIO (bsc#1051510). - net: phy: marvell: Use strlcpy() for ethtool::get_strings (bsc#1051510). - net: phy: marvell: clear wol event before setting it (bsc#1051510). - net: phy: meson-gxl: check phy_write return value (bsc#1051510). - net: phy: micrel: Use strlcpy() for ethtool::get_strings (bsc#1051510). - net: phy: mscc: read 'vsc8531, edge-slowdown' as an u32 (bsc#1051510). - net: phy: mscc: read 'vsc8531,vddmac' as an u32 (bsc#1051510). - net: phy: xgene: disable clk on error paths (bsc#1051510). - net: phy: xgmiitorgmii: Check phy_driver ready before accessing (bsc#1051510). - net: phy: xgmiitorgmii: Check read_status results (bsc#1051510). - net: phy: xgmiitorgmii: Support generic PHY status read (bsc#1051510). - net: psample: fix skb_over_panic (networking-stable-19_12_03). - net: qlogic: Fix error paths in ql_alloc_large_buffers() (networking-stable-19_12_28). - net: rtnetlink: prevent underflows in do_setvfinfo() (networking-stable-19_11_25). - net: rtnetlink: validate IFLA_MTU attribute in rtnl_create_link() (networking-stable-20_01_27). - net: sch_prio: When ungrafting, replace with FIFO (networking-stable-20_01_11). - net: sched: correct flower port blocking (git-fixes). - net: sched: ensure opts_len <= IP_TUNNEL_OPTS_MAX in act_tunnel_key (bsc#1109837). - net: sched: fix `tc -s class show` no bstats on class with nolock subqueues (networking-stable-19_12_03). - net: sched: fix dump qlen for sch_mq/sch_mqprio with NOLOCK subqueues (bsc#1109837). - net: stmmac: Delete txtimer in suspend() (networking-stable-20_02_05). - net: stmmac: dwmac-sunxi: Allow all RGMII modes (networking-stable-20_01_11). - net: usb: lan78xx: Add .ndo_features_check (networking-stable-20_01_27). - net: usb: lan78xx: Fix suspend/resume PHY register access error (networking-stable-19_12_28). - net: usb: lan78xx: fix possible skb leak (networking-stable-20_01_11). - net: usb: lan78xx: limit size of local TSO packets (bsc#1051510). - net: usb: qmi_wwan: add support for DW5821e with eSIM support (networking-stable-19_11_10). - net: usb: qmi_wwan: add support for Foxconn T77W968 LTE modules (networking-stable-19_11_18). - net_sched: ematch: reject invalid TCF_EM_SIMPLE (networking-stable-20_01_30). - net_sched: fix an OOB access in cls_tcindex (networking-stable-20_02_05). - net_sched: fix datalen for ematch (networking-stable-20_01_27). - netfilter: nf_queue: enqueue skbs with NULL dst (git-fixes). - new helper: lookup_positive_unlocked() (bsc#1159271). - nvme: fix the parameter order for nvme_get_log in nvme_get_fw_slot_info (bsc#1163774). - openvswitch: drop unneeded BUG_ON() in ovs_flow_cmd_build_info() (networking-stable-19_12_03). - openvswitch: remove another BUG_ON() (networking-stable-19_12_03). - openvswitch: support asymmetric conntrack (networking-stable-19_12_16). - orinoco_usb: fix interface sanity check (git-fixes). - percpu: Separate decrypted varaibles anytime encryption can be enabled (bsc#1114279). - perf/x86/intel: Fix inaccurate period in context switch for auto-reload (bsc#1164315). - phy: qualcomm: Adjust indentation in read_poll_timeout (bsc#1051510). - pinctrl: cherryview: Fix irq_valid_mask calculation (bsc#1111666). - pinctrl: qcom: ssbi-gpio: fix gpio-hog related boot issues (bsc#1051510). - pinctrl: sh-pfc: r8a7778: Fix duplicate SDSELF_B and SD1_CLK_B (bsc#1051510). - pinctrl: xway: fix gpio-hog related boot issues (bsc#1051510). - pkt_sched: fq: do not accept silly TCA_FQ_QUANTUM (networking-stable-20_01_11). - pktcdvd: remove warning on attempting to register non-passthrough dev (bsc#1051510). - platform/mellanox: fix potential deadlock in the tmfifo driver (bsc#1136333 jsc#SLE-4994). - platform/x86: asus-wmi: Fix keyboard brightness cannot be set to 0 (bsc#1051510). - platform/x86: hp-wmi: Fix ACPI errors caused by passing 0 as input size (bsc#1051510). - platform/x86: hp-wmi: Fix ACPI errors caused by too small buffer (bsc#1051510). - platform/x86: hp-wmi: Make buffer for HPWMI_FEATURE2_QUERY 128 bytes (bsc#1051510). - platform/x86: pmc_atom: Add Siemens CONNECT X300 to critclk_systems DMI table (bsc#1051510). - power: supply: ltc2941-battery-gauge: fix use-after-free (bsc#1051510). - powerpc/archrandom: fix arch_get_random_seed_int() (bsc#1065729). - powerpc/irq: fix stack overflow verification (bsc#1065729). - powerpc/mm: Remove kvm radix prefetch workaround for Power9 DD2.2 (bsc#1061840). - powerpc/mm: drop #ifdef CONFIG_MMU in is_ioremap_addr() (bsc#1065729). - powerpc/papr_scm: Do not enable direct map for a region by default (bsc#1129551). - powerpc/papr_scm: Fix leaking 'bus_desc.provider_name' in some paths (bsc#1142685 ltc#179509). - powerpc/pkeys: remove unused pkey_allows_readwrite (bsc#1065729). - powerpc/powernv: Disable native PCIe port management (bsc#1065729). - powerpc/pseries/hotplug-memory: Change rc variable to bool (bsc#1065729). - powerpc/pseries/lparcfg: Fix display of Maximum Memory (bsc#1162028 ltc#181740). - powerpc/pseries/memory-hotplug: Only update DT once per memory DLPAR request (bsc#1165404 ltc#183498). - powerpc/pseries/mobility: notify network peers after migration (bsc#1152631 ltc#181798). - powerpc/pseries/vio: Fix iommu_table use-after-free refcount warning (bsc#1065729). - powerpc/pseries: Add cpu DLPAR support for drc-info property (bsc#1157480 ltc#181028). - powerpc/pseries: Advance pfn if section is not present in lmb_is_removable() (bsc#1065729). - powerpc/pseries: Allow not having ibm, hypertas-functions::hcall-multi-tce for DDW (bsc#1065729). - powerpc/pseries: Avoid NULL pointer dereference when drmem is unavailable (bsc#1160659). - powerpc/pseries: Drop pointless static qualifier in vpa_debugfs_init() (git-fixes). - powerpc/pseries: Enable support for ibm,drc-info property (bsc#1157480 ltc#181028). - powerpc/pseries: Fix bad drc_index_start value parsing of drc-info entry (bsc#1157480 ltc#181028). - powerpc/pseries: Fix drc-info mappings of logical cpus to drc-index (bsc#1157480 ltc#181028). - powerpc/pseries: Fix vector5 in ibm architecture vector table (bsc#1157480 ltc#181028). - powerpc/pseries: Revert support for ibm,drc-info devtree property (bsc#1157480 ltc#181028). - powerpc/pseries: group lmb operation and memblock's (bsc#1165404 ltc#183498). - powerpc/pseries: update device tree before ejecting hotplug uevents (bsc#1165404 ltc#183498). - powerpc/security: Fix debugfs data leak on 32-bit (bsc#1065729). - powerpc/smp: Use nid as fallback for package_id (bsc#1165813 ltc#184091). - powerpc/tm: Fix clearing MSR[TS] in current when reclaiming on signal delivery (bsc#1118338 ltc#173734). - powerpc/tools: Do not quote $objdump in scripts (bsc#1065729). - powerpc/xive: Discard ESB load value when interrupt is invalid (bsc#1085030). - powerpc/xive: Skip ioremap() of ESB pages for LSI interrupts (bsc#1085030). - powerpc/xmon: do not access ASDR in VMs (bsc#1065729). - powerpc: Allow 64bit VDSO __kernel_sync_dicache to work across ranges >4GB (bnc#1151927 5.3.17). - powerpc: Allow flush_icache_range to work across ranges >4GB (bnc#1151927 5.3.17). - powerpc: Enable support for ibm,drc-info devtree property (bsc#1157480 ltc#181028). - powerpc: Fix vDSO clock_getres() (bsc#1065729). - powerpc: avoid adjusting memory_limit for capture kernel memory reservation (bsc#1140025 ltc#176086). - powerpc: reserve memory for capture kernel after hugepages init (bsc#1140025 ltc#176086). - ppp: Adjust indentation into ppp_async_input (git-fixes). - prevent active file list thrashing due to refault detection (VM Performance, bsc#1156286). - pseries/drc-info: Search DRC properties for CPU indexes (bsc#1157480 ltc#181028). - pstore/ram: Write new dumps to start of recycled zones (bsc#1051510). - ptr_ring: add include of linux/mm.h (bsc#1109837). - pwm: Clear chip_data in pwm_put() (bsc#1051510). - pwm: Remove set but not set variable 'pwm' (git-fixes). - pwm: clps711x: Fix period calculation (bsc#1051510). - pwm: omap-dmtimer: Remove PWM chip in .remove before making it unfunctional (git-fixes). - pxa168fb: Fix the function used to release some memory in an error (bsc#1114279) - qede: Disable hardware gro when xdp prog is installed (bsc#1086314 bsc#1086313 bsc#1086301 ). - qede: Fix multicast mac configuration (networking-stable-19_12_28). - qede: fix NULL pointer deref in __qede_remove() (networking-stable-19_11_10). - qmi_wwan: Add support for Quectel RM500Q (bsc#1051510). - quota: Check that quota is not dirty before release (bsc#1163858). - quota: fix livelock in dquot_writeback_dquots (bsc#1163857). - r8152: add missing endpoint sanity check (bsc#1051510). - r8152: get default setting of WOL before initializing (bsc#1051510). - random: move FIPS continuous test to output functions (bsc#1155334). - regulator: Fix return value of _set_load() stub (bsc#1051510). - regulator: rk808: Lower log level on optional GPIOs being not available (bsc#1051510). - regulator: rn5t618: fix module aliases (bsc#1051510). - regulator: tps65910: fix a missing check of return value (bsc#1051510). - reiserfs: Fix memory leak of journal device string (bsc#1163867). - reiserfs: Fix spurious unlock in reiserfs_fill_super() error handling (bsc#1163869). - reset: fix reset_control_ops kerneldoc comment (bsc#1051510). - resource: fix locking in find_next_iomem_res() (bsc#1114279). - rpm/kabi.pl: support new (>=5.4) Module.symvers format (new symbol namespace field) - rpm/kernel-binary.spec.in: Conflict with too old powerpc-utils (jsc#ECO-920, jsc#SLE-11054, jsc#SLE-11322). - rpm/kernel-subpackage-spec: Exclude kernel-firmware recommends (bsc#1143959) For reducing the dependency on kernel-firmware in sub packages - rpm/kernel-subpackage-spec: Fix empty Recommends tag (bsc#1143959) - rpm/modules.fips: update module list (bsc#1157853) - rsi_91x_usb: fix interface sanity check (git-fixes). - rtc: cmos: Stop using shared IRQ (bsc#1051510). - rtc: dt-binding: abx80x: fix resistance scale (bsc#1051510). - rtc: hym8563: Return -EINVAL if the time is known to be invalid (bsc#1051510). - rtc: max8997: Fix the returned value in case of error in 'max8997_rtc_read_alarm()' (bsc#1051510). - rtc: msm6242: Fix reading of 10-hour digit (bsc#1051510). - rtc: pcf8523: set xtal load capacitance from DT (bsc#1051510). - rtc: s35390a: Change buf's type to u8 in s35390a_init (bsc#1051510). - rtl818x: fix potential use after free (bsc#1051510). - rtl8xxxu: fix interface sanity check (git-fixes). - rtlwifi: Fix MAX MPDU of VHT capability (git-fixes). - rtlwifi: Remove redundant semicolon in wifi.h (git-fixes). - rtlwifi: rtl8192de: Fix missing callback that tests for hw release of buffer (bsc#1111666). - rxrpc: Fix insufficient receive notification generation (networking-stable-20_02_05). - s390/qeth: clean up page frag creation (git-fixes). - s390/qeth: consolidate skb allocation (git-fixes). - s390/qeth: ensure linear access to packet headers (git-fixes). - s390/qeth: guard against runt packets (git-fixes). - sched/fair: Add tmp_alone_branch assertion (bnc#1156462). - sched/fair: Fix O(nr_cgroups) in the load balancing path (bnc#1156462). - sched/fair: Fix insertion in rq->leaf_cfs_rq_list (bnc#1156462). - sched/fair: Optimize update_blocked_averages() (bnc#1156462). - sched/fair: WARN() and refuse to set buddy when !se->on_rq (bsc#1158132). - scsi-qla2xxx-Fix-qla2x00_request_irqs-for-MSI.patch - scsi-qla2xxx-fix-rports-not-being-mark-as-lost-in-sy.patch - scsi-qla2xxx-unregister-ports-after-GPN_FT-failure.patch - scsi: fnic: do not queue commands during fwreset (bsc#1146539). - scsi: ibmvfc: Add failed PRLI to cmd_status lookup array (bsc#1161951 ltc#183551). - scsi: ibmvfc: Avoid loss of all paths during SVC node reboot (bsc#1161951 ltc#183551). - scsi: ibmvfc: Byte swap status and error codes when logging (bsc#1161951 ltc#183551). - scsi: ibmvfc: Clean up transport events (bsc#1161951 ltc#183551). - scsi: ibmvfc: Do not call fc_block_scsi_eh() on host reset (bsc#1161951 ltc#183551). - scsi: ibmvfc: Mark expected switch fall-throughs (bsc#1161951 ltc#183551). - scsi: ibmvfc: Remove "failed" from logged errors (bsc#1161951 ltc#183551). - scsi: ibmvfc: Remove unneeded semicolons (bsc#1161951 ltc#183551). - scsi: ibmvfc: constify dev_pm_ops structures (bsc#1161951 ltc#183551). - scsi: ibmvfc: ibmvscsi: ibmvscsi_tgt: constify vio_device_id (bsc#1161951 ltc#183551). - scsi: ibmvscsi: Do not use rc uninitialized in ibmvscsi_do_work (bsc#1161951 ltc#183551). - scsi: ibmvscsi: Improve strings handling (bsc#1161951 ltc#183551). - scsi: ibmvscsi: Wire up host_reset() in the driver's scsi_host_template (bsc#1161951 ltc#183551). - scsi: ibmvscsi: change strncpy+truncation to strlcpy (bsc#1161951 ltc#183551). - scsi: ibmvscsi: constify dev_pm_ops structures (bsc#1161951 ltc#183551). - scsi: ibmvscsi: fix tripping of blk_mq_run_hw_queue WARN_ON (bsc#1161951 ltc#183551). - scsi: ibmvscsi: redo driver work thread to use enum action states (bsc#1161951 ltc#183551). - scsi: lpfc: fix build failure with DEBUGFS disabled (bsc#1154601). - scsi: qla2xxx: Add 16.0GT for PCI String (bsc#1157424). - scsi: qla2xxx: Add D-Port Diagnostic reason explanation logs (bsc#1158013). - scsi: qla2xxx: Add a shadow variable to hold disc_state history of fcport (bsc#1158013). - scsi: qla2xxx: Add beacon LED config sysfs interface (bsc#1157424). - scsi: qla2xxx: Add changes in preparation for vendor extended FDMI/RDP (bsc#1157424). - scsi: qla2xxx: Add deferred queue for processing ABTS and RDP (bsc#1157424). - scsi: qla2xxx: Add endianizer macro calls to fc host stats (bsc#1157424). - scsi: qla2xxx: Add fixes for mailbox command (bsc#1157424). - scsi: qla2xxx: Add ql2xrdpenable module parameter for RDP (bsc#1157424). - scsi: qla2xxx: Add sysfs node for D-Port Diagnostics AEN data (bsc#1157424). - scsi: qla2xxx: Add vendor extended FDMI commands (bsc#1157424). - scsi: qla2xxx: Add vendor extended RDP additions and amendments (bsc#1157424). - scsi: qla2xxx: Added support for MPI and PEP regions for ISP28XX (bsc#1157424, bsc#1157908, bsc#1157169, bsc#1151548). - scsi: qla2xxx: Avoid setting firmware options twice in 24xx_update_fw_options (bsc#1157424). - scsi: qla2xxx: Check locking assumptions at runtime in qla2x00_abort_srb() (bsc#1157424). - scsi: qla2xxx: Cleanup ELS/PUREX iocb fields (bsc#1157424). - scsi: qla2xxx: Cleanup unused async_logout_done (bsc#1158013). - scsi: qla2xxx: Consolidate fabric scan (bsc#1158013). - scsi: qla2xxx: Convert MAKE_HANDLE() from a define into an inline function (bsc#1157424). - scsi: qla2xxx: Correct fcport flags handling (bsc#1158013). - scsi: qla2xxx: Correction to selection of loopback/echo test (bsc#1157424). - scsi: qla2xxx: Correctly retrieve and interpret active flash region (bsc#1157424, bsc#1157908, bsc#1157169, bsc#1151548). - scsi: qla2xxx: Display message for FCE enabled (bsc#1157424). - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix FCP-SCSI FC4 flag passing error (bsc#1157424). - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix NPIV instantiation after FW dump (bsc#1157424). - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix RDP respond data format (bsc#1157424). - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix RDP response size (bsc#1157424). - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix RIDA Format-2 (bsc#1158013). - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix a NULL pointer dereference in an error path (bsc#1157966 bsc#1158013 bsc#1157424). - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix control flags for login/logout IOCB (bsc#1157424). - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix fabric scan hang (bsc#1158013). - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix incorrect SFUB length used for Secure Flash Update MB Cmd (bsc#1157424, bsc#1157908, bsc#1157169, bsc#1151548). - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix mtcp dump collection failure (bsc#1158013). - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix qla2x00_echo_test() based on ISP type (bsc#1157424). - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix sparse warning reported by kbuild bot (bsc#1157424). - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix sparse warnings triggered by the PCI state checking code (bsc#1157424). - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix stuck login session using prli_pend_timer (bsc#1158013). - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix stuck session in GNL (bsc#1158013). - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix the endianness of the qla82xx_get_fw_size() return type (bsc#1158013). - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix unbound NVME response length (bsc#1157966 bsc#1158013 bsc#1157424). - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix update_fcport for current_topology (bsc#1158013). - scsi: qla2xxx: Force semaphore on flash validation failure (bsc#1157424). - scsi: qla2xxx: Handle NVME status iocb correctly (bsc#1157424). - scsi: qla2xxx: Handle cases for limiting RDP response payload length (bsc#1157424). - scsi: qla2xxx: Improve readability of the code that handles qla_flt_header (bsc#1158013). - scsi: qla2xxx: Improved secure flash support messages (bsc#1157424). - scsi: qla2xxx: Move free of fcport out of interrupt context (bsc#1157424). - scsi: qla2xxx: Print portname for logging in qla24xx_logio_entry() (bsc#1157424). - scsi: qla2xxx: Remove defer flag to indicate immeadiate port loss (bsc#1158013). - scsi: qla2xxx: Remove restriction of FC T10-PI and FC-NVMe (bsc#1157424). - scsi: qla2xxx: Return appropriate failure through BSG Interface (bsc#1157424). - scsi: qla2xxx: Save rscn_gen for new fcport (bsc#1157424). - scsi: qla2xxx: Serialize fc_port alloc in N2N (bsc#1157424). - scsi: qla2xxx: Set Nport ID for N2N (bsc#1157424). - scsi: qla2xxx: Show correct port speed capabilities for RDP command (bsc#1157424). - scsi: qla2xxx: Simplify the code for aborting SCSI commands (bsc#1157424). - scsi: qla2xxx: Suppress endianness complaints in qla2x00_configure_local_loop() (bsc#1157424). - scsi: qla2xxx: Update BPM enablement semantics (bsc#1157424). - scsi: qla2xxx: Update driver version to (bsc#1158013). - scsi: qla2xxx: Update driver version to (bsc#1157424). - scsi: qla2xxx: Update driver version to (bsc#1157424). - scsi: qla2xxx: Use FC generic update firmware options routine for ISP27xx (bsc#1157424). - scsi: qla2xxx: Use QLA_FW_STOPPED macro to propagate flag (bsc#1157424). - scsi: qla2xxx: Use a dedicated interrupt handler for 'handshake-required' ISPs (bsc#1157424). - scsi: qla2xxx: Use common routine to free fcport struct (bsc#1158013). - scsi: qla2xxx: Use correct ISP28xx active FW region (bsc#1157424). - scsi: qla2xxx: Use endian macros to assign static fields in fwdump header (bsc#1157424). - scsi: qla2xxx: Use get_unaligned_*() instead of open-coding these functions (bsc#1158013). - scsi: qla2xxx: add more FW debug information (bsc#1157424). - scsi: qla2xxx: fix FW resource count values (bsc#1157424). - scsi: tcm_qla2xxx: Make qlt_alloc_qfull_cmd() set cmd->se_cmd.map_tag (bsc#1157424). - scsi: zfcp: trace channel log even for FCP command responses (git-fixes). - sctp: cache netns in sctp_ep_common (networking-stable-19_12_03). - sctp: free cmd->obj.chunk for the unprocessed SCTP_CMD_REPLY (networking-stable-20_01_11). - sctp: fully initialize v4 addr in some functions (networking-stable-19_12_28). - serial: 8250_bcm2835aux: Fix line mismatch on driver unbind (bsc#1051510). - serial: ifx6x60: add missed pm_runtime_disable (bsc#1051510). - serial: max310x: Fix tx_empty() callback (bsc#1051510). - serial: pl011: Fix DMA ->flush_buffer() (bsc#1051510). - serial: serial_core: Perform NULL checks for break_ctl ops (bsc#1051510). - serial: stm32: fix transmit_chars when tx is stopped (bsc#1051510). - sfc: Only cancel the PPS workqueue if it exists (networking-stable-19_11_25). - sfc: Remove 'PCIE error reporting unavailable' (bsc#1161472). - sh_eth: TSU_QTAG0/1 registers the same as TSU_QTAGM0/1 (bsc#1051510). - sh_eth: check sh_eth_cpu_data::dual_port when dumping registers (bsc#1051510). - sh_eth: fix TSU init on SH7734/R8A7740 (bsc#1051510). - sh_eth: fix TXALCR1 offsets (bsc#1051510). - sh_eth: fix dumping ARSTR (bsc#1051510). - sh_eth: fix invalid context bug while calling auto-negotiation by ethtool (bsc#1051510). - sh_eth: fix invalid context bug while changing link options by ethtool (bsc#1051510). - smb3: Add defines for new information level, FileIdInformation (bsc#1144333). - smb3: Add missing reparse tags (bsc#1144333). - smb3: Fix regression in time handling (bsc#1144333). - smb3: add debug messages for closing unmatched open (bsc#1144333). - smb3: add dynamic tracepoints for flush and close (bsc#1144333). - smb3: add missing flag definitions (bsc#1144333). - smb3: add missing worker function for SMB3 change notify (bsc#1144333). - smb3: add mount option to allow RW caching of share accessed by only 1 client (bsc#1144333). - smb3: add mount option to allow forced caching of read only share (bsc#1144333). - smb3: add one more dynamic tracepoint missing from strict fsync path (bsc#1144333). - smb3: add some more descriptive messages about share when mounting cache=ro (bsc#1144333). - smb3: allow decryption keys to be dumped by admin for debugging (bsc#1144333). - smb3: allow disabling requesting leases (bsc#1144333). - smb3: allow parallelizing decryption of reads (bsc#1144333). - smb3: allow skipping signature verification for perf sensitive configurations (bsc#1144333). - smb3: cleanup some recent endian errors spotted by updated sparse (bsc#1144333). - smb3: display max smb3 requests in flight at any one time (bsc#1144333). - smb3: dump in_send and num_waiters stats counters by default (bsc#1144333). - smb3: enable offload of decryption of large reads via mount option (bsc#1144333). - smb3: fix default permissions on new files when mounting with modefromsid (bsc#1144333). - smb3: fix mode passed in on create for modetosid mount option (bsc#1144333). - smb3: fix performance regression with setting mtime (bsc#1144333). - smb3: fix potential null dereference in decrypt offload (bsc#1144333). - smb3: fix problem with null cifs super block with previous patch (bsc#1144333). - smb3: fix refcount underflow warning on unmount when no directory leases (bsc#1144333). - smb3: improve check for when we send the security descriptor context on create (bsc#1144333). - smb3: log warning if CSC policy conflicts with cache mount option (bsc#1144333). - smb3: missing ACL related flags (bsc#1144333). - smb3: only offload decryption of read responses if multiple requests (bsc#1144333). - smb3: pass mode bits into create calls (bsc#1144333). - smb3: query attributes on file close (bsc#1144333). - smb3: remove confusing dmesg when mounting with encryption ("seal") (bsc#1144333). - smb3: remove noisy debug message and minor cleanup (bsc#1144333). - smb3: remove unused flag passed into close functions (bsc#1144333). - soc/tegra: fuse: Correct straps' address for older Tegra124 device trees (bsc#1051510). - soc: renesas: rcar-sysc: Add goto to of_node_put() before return (bsc#1051510). - soc: ti: wkup_m3_ipc: Fix race condition with rproc_boot (bsc#1051510). - spi: omap2-mcspi: Fix DMA and FIFO event trigger size mismatch (bsc#1051510). - spi: omap2-mcspi: Set FIFO DMA trigger level to word length (bsc#1051510). - spi: tegra114: clear packed bit for unpacked mode (bsc#1051510). - spi: tegra114: configure dma burst size to fifo trig level (bsc#1051510). - spi: tegra114: fix for unpacked mode transfers (bsc#1051510). - spi: tegra114: flush fifos (bsc#1051510). - spi: tegra114: terminate dma and reset on transfer timeout (bsc#1051510). - sr_vendor: support Beurer GL50 evo CD-on-a-chip devices (boo#1164632). - staging: comedi: adv_pci1710: fix AI channels 16-31 for PCI-1713 (bsc#1051510). - staging: rtl8188eu: fix interface sanity check (bsc#1051510). - staging: rtl8192e: fix potential use after free (bsc#1051510). - staging: rtl8723bs: Add 024c:0525 to the list of SDIO device-ids (bsc#1051510). - staging: rtl8723bs: Drop ACPI device ids (bsc#1051510). - staging: vt6656: Fix false Tx excessive retries reporting (bsc#1051510). - staging: vt6656: correct packet types for CTS protect, mode (bsc#1051510). - staging: vt6656: use NULLFUCTION stack on mac80211 (bsc#1051510). - staging: wlan-ng: ensure error return is actually returned (bsc#1051510). - stm class: Fix a double free of stm_source_device (bsc#1051510). - stop_machine, sched: Fix migrate_swap() vs. active_balance() deadlock (bsc#1088810, bsc#1161702). - stop_machine: Atomically queue and wake stopper threads (bsc#1088810, bsc#1161702). - stop_machine: Disable preemption after queueing stopper threads (bsc#1088810, bsc#1161702). - stop_machine: Disable preemption when waking two stopper threads (bsc#1088810, bsc#1161702). - tcp: clear tp->data_segs{in|out} in tcp_disconnect() (networking-stable-20_02_05). - tcp: clear tp->delivered in tcp_disconnect() (networking-stable-20_02_05). - tcp: clear tp->packets_out when purging write queue (bsc#1160560). - tcp: clear tp->segs_{in|out} in tcp_disconnect() (networking-stable-20_02_05). - tcp: clear tp->total_retrans in tcp_disconnect() (networking-stable-20_02_05). - tcp: do not send empty skb from tcp_write_xmit() (networking-stable-20_01_01). - tcp: exit if nothing to retransmit on RTO timeout (bsc#1160560, stable 4.14.159). - tcp: fix "old stuff" D-SACK causing SACK to be treated as D-SACK (networking-stable-20_01_11). - tcp: fix marked lost packets not being retransmitted (networking-stable-20_01_20). - tcp: md5: fix potential overestimation of TCP option space (networking-stable-19_12_16). - tcp_bbr: improve arithmetic division in bbr_update_bw() (networking-stable-20_01_27). - thermal: Fix deadlock in thermal thermal_zone_device_check (bsc#1051510). - thunderbolt: Prevent crash if non-active NVMem file is read (git-fixes). - tipc: fix a missing check of genlmsg_put (bsc#1051510). - tipc: fix link name length check (bsc#1051510). - tipc: fix memory leak in tipc_nl_compat_publ_dump (bsc#1051510). - tipc: fix skb may be leaky in tipc_link_input (bsc#1051510). - tools lib traceevent: Do not free tep->cmdlines in add_new_comm() on failure (git-fixes). - tracing: Annotate ftrace_graph_hash pointer with __rcu (git-fixes). - tracing: Annotate ftrace_graph_notrace_hash pointer with __rcu (git-fixes). - tracing: Fix tracing_stat return values in error handling paths (git-fixes). - tracing: Fix very unlikely race of registering two stat tracers (git-fixes). - tracing: Have the histogram compare functions convert to u64 first (bsc#1160210). - tracing: xen: Ordered comparison of function pointers (git-fixes). - tty/serial: atmel: Add is_half_duplex helper (bsc#1051510). - tty: n_hdlc: fix build on SPARC (bsc#1051510). - tty: serial: msm_serial: Fix lockup for sysrq and oops (bsc#1051510). - tty: vt: keyboard: reject invalid keycodes (bsc#1051510). - ttyprintk: fix a potential deadlock in interrupt context issue (git-fixes). - tun: add mutex_unlock() call and napi.skb clearing in tun_get_user() (bsc#1109837). - uaccess: Add non-pagefault user-space write function (bsc#1083647). - ubifs: Fix FS_IOC_SETFLAGS unexpectedly clearing encrypt flag (bsc#1163855). - ubifs: Fix deadlock in concurrent bulk-read and writepage (bsc#1163856). - ubifs: Reject unsupported ioctl flags explicitly (bsc#1163844). - ubifs: do not trigger assertion on invalid no-key filename (bsc#1163850). - udp: fix integer overflow while computing available space in sk_rcvbuf (networking-stable-20_01_01). - usb-storage: Disable UAS on JMicron SATA enclosure (bsc#1051510). - usb: Allow USB device to be warm reset in suspended state (bsc#1051510). - usb: chipidea: host: Disable port power only if previously enabled (bsc#1051510). - usb: core: hub: Improved device recognition on remote wakeup (bsc#1051510). - usb: core: urb: fix URB structure initialization function (bsc#1051510). - usb: dwc3: debugfs: Properly print/set link state for HS (bsc#1051510). - usb: dwc3: do not log probe deferrals; but do log other error codes (bsc#1051510). - usb: dwc3: ep0: Clear started flag on completion (bsc#1051510). - usb: dwc3: turn off VBUS when leaving host mode (bsc#1051510). - usb: gadget: Zero ffs_io_data (bsc#1051510). - usb: gadget: f_ecm: Use atomic_t to track in-flight request (bsc#1051510). - usb: gadget: f_ncm: Use atomic_t to track in-flight request (bsc#1051510). - usb: gadget: legacy: set max_speed to super-speed (bsc#1051510). - usb: gadget: pch_udc: fix use after free (bsc#1051510). - usb: gadget: u_serial: add missing port entry locking (bsc#1051510). - usb: host: xhci-hub: fix extra endianness conversion (bsc#1051510). - usb: mon: Fix a deadlock in usbmon between mmap and read (bsc#1051510). - usb: mtu3: fix dbginfo in qmu_tx_zlp_error_handler (bsc#1051510). - usb: musb: dma: Correct parameter passed to IRQ handler (bsc#1051510). - usb: musb: fix idling for suspend after disconnect interrupt (bsc#1051510). - usb: roles: fix a potential use after free (git-fixes). - usb: typec: tcpci: mask event interrupts when remove driver (bsc#1051510). - usb: xhci: Fix build warning seen with CONFIG_PM=n (bsc#1051510). - usb: xhci: only set D3hot for pci device (bsc#1051510). - usbip: Fix error path of vhci_recv_ret_submit() (git-fixes). - usbip: Fix receive error in vhci-hcd when using scatter-gather (bsc#1051510). - usbip: Fix uninitialized symbol 'nents' in stub_recv_cmd_submit() (git-fixes). - vfs: fix preadv64v2 and pwritev64v2 compat syscalls with offset == -1 (bsc#1051510). - vhost/vsock: accept only packets with the right dst_cid (networking-stable-20_01_01). - video: backlight: Add devres versions of of_find_backlight (bsc#1090888) Taken for 6010831dde5. - video: backlight: Add of_find_backlight helper in backlight.c (bsc#1090888) Taken for 6010831dde5. - vlan: fix memory leak in vlan_dev_set_egress_priority (networking-stable-20_01_11). - vlan: vlan_changelink() should propagate errors (networking-stable-20_01_11). - vxlan: fix tos value before xmit (networking-stable-20_01_11). - watchdog: max77620_wdt: fix potential build errors (bsc#1051510). - watchdog: rn5t618_wdt: fix module aliases (bsc#1051510). - watchdog: sama5d4: fix WDD value to be always set to max (bsc#1051510). - watchdog: wdat_wdt: fix get_timeleft call for wdat_wdt (bsc#1162557). - wireless: fix enabling channel 12 for custom regulatory domain (bsc#1051510). - wireless: wext: avoid gcc -O3 warning (bsc#1051510). - workqueue: Fix pwq ref leak in rescuer_thread() (bsc#1160211). - x86/MCE/AMD: Allow Reserved types to be overwritten in smca_banks (bsc#1114279). - x86/MCE/AMD: Do not use rdmsr_safe_on_cpu() in smca_configure() (bsc#1114279). - x86/amd_nb: Add PCI device IDs for family 17h, model 70h (bsc#1163206). - x86/cpu: Update cached HLE state on write to TSX_CTRL_CPUID_CLEAR (bsc#1162619). - x86/intel_rdt: Split resource group removal in two (bsc#1112178). - x86/intel_rdt: Split resource group removal in two (bsc#1112178). - x86/kgbd: Use NMI_VECTOR not APIC_DM_NMI (bsc#1114279). - x86/mce/AMD: Allow any CPU to initialize the smca_banks array (bsc#1114279). - x86/mce: Fix possibly incorrect severity calculation on AMD (bsc#1114279). - x86/resctrl: Check monitoring static key in the MBM overflow handler (bsc#1114279). - x86/resctrl: Fix a deadlock due to inaccurate reference (bsc#1112178). - x86/resctrl: Fix a deadlock due to inaccurate reference (bsc#1112178). - x86/resctrl: Fix an imbalance in domain_remove_cpu() (bsc#1114279). - x86/resctrl: Fix potential memory leak (bsc#1114279). - x86/resctrl: Fix use-after-free due to inaccurate refcount of rdtgroup (bsc#1112178). - x86/resctrl: Fix use-after-free due to inaccurate refcount of rdtgroup (bsc#1112178). - x86/resctrl: Fix use-after-free when deleting resource groups (bsc#1114279). - x86/speculation: Fix incorrect MDS/TAA mitigation status (bsc#1114279). - x86/speculation: Fix redundant MDS mitigation message (bsc#1114279). - xen-blkfront: switch kcalloc to kvcalloc for large array allocation (bsc#1160917). - xen/balloon: Support xend-based toolstack take two (bsc#1065600). - xen/blkback: Avoid unmapping unmapped grant pages (bsc#1065600). - xen/blkfront: Adjust indentation in xlvbd_alloc_gendisk (bsc#1065600). - xen: Enable interrupts when calling _cond_resched() (bsc#1065600). - xfrm: Fix transport mode skb control buffer usage (bsc#1161552). - xfs: Fix tail rounding in xfs_alloc_file_space() (bsc#1161087, bsc#1153917). - xhci: Fix memory leak in xhci_add_in_port() (bsc#1051510). - xhci: Increase STS_HALT timeout in xhci_suspend() (bsc#1051510). - xhci: fix USB3 device initiated resume race with roothub autosuspend (bsc#1051510). - xhci: handle some XHCI_TRUST_TX_LENGTH quirks cases as default behaviour (bsc#1051510). - xhci: make sure interrupts are restored to correct state (bsc#1051510). - zd1211rw: fix storage endpoint lookup (git-fixes). Special Instructions and Notes: Please reboot the system after installing this update. Patch Instructions: To install this openSUSE Security Update use the SUSE recommended installation methods like YaST online_update or "zypper patch". Alternatively you can run the command listed for your product: - openSUSE Leap 15.1: zypper in -t patch openSUSE-2020-336=1

Affected Package

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openSUSE Leap 15.1 - openSUSE Leap 15.1 (noarch):
openSUSE Leap 15.1 - openSUSE Leap 15.1 (x86_64):