Security update for procps (important)

ID OPENSUSE-SU-2019:2376-1
Type suse
Reporter Suse
Modified 2019-10-26T21:11:18


This update for procps fixes the following issues:

procps was updated to 3.3.15. (bsc#1092100)

Following security issues were fixed:

  • CVE-2018-1122: Prevent local privilege escalation in top. If a user ran top with HOME unset in an attacker-controlled directory, the attacker could have achieved privilege escalation by exploiting one of several vulnerabilities in the config_file() function (bsc#1092100).
  • CVE-2018-1123: Prevent denial of service in ps via mmap buffer overflow. Inbuilt protection in ps maped a guard page at the end of the overflowed buffer, ensuring that the impact of this flaw is limited to a crash (temporary denial of service) (bsc#1092100).
  • CVE-2018-1124: Prevent multiple integer overflows leading to a heap corruption in file2strvec function. This allowed a privilege escalation for a local attacker who can create entries in procfs by starting processes, which could result in crashes or arbitrary code execution in proc utilities run by other users (bsc#1092100).
  • CVE-2018-1125: Prevent stack buffer overflow in pgrep. This vulnerability was mitigated by FORTIFY limiting the impact to a crash (bsc#1092100).
  • CVE-2018-1126: Ensure correct integer size in proc/alloc.* to prevent truncation/integer overflow issues (bsc#1092100).

Also this non-security issue was fixed:

  • Fix CPU summary showing old data. (bsc#1121753)

The update to 3.3.15 contains the following fixes:

  • library: Increment to 8:0:1 No removals, no new functions Changes: slab and pid structures
  • library: Just check for SIGLOST and don't delete it
  • library: Fix integer overflow and LPE in file2strvec CVE-2018-1124
  • library: Use size_t for alloc functions CVE-2018-1126
  • library: Increase comm size to 64
  • pgrep: Fix stack-based buffer overflow CVE-2018-1125
  • pgrep: Remove >15 warning as comm can be longer
  • ps: Fix buffer overflow in output buffer, causing DOS CVE-2018-1123
  • ps: Increase command name selection field to 64
  • top: Don't use cwd for location of config CVE-2018-1122
  • update translations
  • library: build on non-glibc systems
  • free: fix scaling on 32-bit systems
  • Revert "Support running with child namespaces"
  • library: Increment to 7:0:1 No changes, no removals New fuctions: numa_init, numa_max_node, numa_node_of_cpu, numa_uninit, xalloc_err_handler
  • doc: Document I idle state in ps.1 and top.1
  • free: fix some of the SI multiples
  • kill: -l space between name parses correctly
  • library: dont use vm_min_free on non Linux
  • library: don't strip off wchan prefixes (ps & top)
  • pgrep: warn about 15+ char name only if -f not used
  • pgrep/pkill: only match in same namespace by default
  • pidof: specify separator between pids
  • pkill: Return 0 only if we can kill process
  • pmap: fix duplicate output line under '-x' option
  • ps: avoid eip/esp address truncations
  • ps: recognizes SCHED_DEADLINE as valid CPU scheduler
  • ps: display NUMA node under which a thread ran
  • ps: Add seconds display for cputime and time
  • ps: Add LUID field
  • sysctl: Permit empty string for value
  • sysctl: Don't segv when file not available
  • sysctl: Read and write large buffers
  • top: add config file support for XDG specification
  • top: eliminated minor libnuma memory leak
  • top: show fewer memory decimal places (configurable)
  • top: provide command line switch for memory scaling
  • top: provide command line switch for CPU States
  • top: provides more accurate cpu usage at startup
  • top: display NUMA node under which a thread ran
  • top: fix argument parsing quirk resulting in SEGV
  • top: delay interval accepts non-locale radix point
  • top: address a wishlist man page NLS suggestion
  • top: fix potential distortion in 'Mem' graph display
  • top: provide proper multi-byte string handling
  • top: startup defaults are fully customizable
  • watch: define HOST_NAME_MAX where not defined
  • vmstat: Fix alignment for disk partition format
  • watch: Support ANSI 39,49 reset sequences

This update was imported from the SUSE:SLE-15:Update update project.