Buffer-overflow in C'Nedra 0.4.0

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Reporter Securityvulns
Modified 2005-05-27T00:00:00


                         Luigi Auriemma

Application: C'Nedra http://www.cnedra.org Versions: <= 0.4.0 Platforms: Windows and Unix Bug: buffer-overflow in READ_TCP_STRING Exploitation: remote, versus server Date: 26 May 2005 Author: Luigi Auriemma e-mail: aluigi@autistici.org web: http://aluigi.altervista.org

1) Introduction 2) Bug 3) The Code 4) Fix

=============== 1) Introduction ===============

C'Nedra is an open source virtual reality framework for the creation of various worlds and applications.

====== 2) Bug ======

The network plugin is affected by a buffer-overflow in the function READ_TCP_STRING() located in game_message_functions.cpp and used to read the text strings received from the network. First it reads the 32 bit number that specifies the size of the text string and then copies it into a local buffer of only 100 bytes allowing an attacker to execute malicious code.

=========== 3) The Code ===========


====== 4) Fix ======

No fix. No reply from the developers.

Luigi Auriemma http://aluigi.altervista.org