Ethereal remote buffer overflow

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                    LSS Security Advisory #LSS-2005-03-04

Title : Ethereal remote buffer overflow Advisory ID : LSS-2005-03-04 Date : 08.03.2005 Advisory URL: : Impact : Stack overflow and possible code execution Risk level : High Vulnerability type : Remote Vendors contacted : Yes

===[ Overview

Ethereal is used by network professionals around the world for troubleshooting, analysis, software and protocol development, and education. It has all of the standard features you would expect in a protocol analyzer, and several features not seen in any other product. Its open source license allows talented experts in the networking community to add enhancements. It runs on all popular computing platforms, including Unix, Linux, and Windows.

===[ Vulnerability

There is remote buffer overflow vulnerability in Ethereal dissector for CDMA2000 A11 packets. Vulnerability is located in dissect_a11_radius() function in packet-3g-a11.c used for RADIUS authentication dissection. Number of bytes that will be copied from packet to buffer in stack is taken from packet itself. 16 bytes are reserved for that buffer, and string length can be up to 256 bytes (unsigned char), so is possible to overflow local variables and return address.


define MAX_STRVAL 16

... dissect_a11_radius( tvbuff_t tvb, int offset, proto_tree tree, int app_len) { ... size_t radius_len; ... guchar str_val[MAX_STRVAL]; ... radius_len = tvb_get_guint8(tvb, offset + 1); ... strncpy(str_val, tvb_get_ptr(tvb,offset+2,radius_len-2), radius_len-2); ... }

A similar vulnerability was also found in same function few lines below where RADIUS attributes are copied to stack.


define MAX_STRVAL 16

... dissect_a11_radius( tvbuff_t tvb, int offset, proto_tree tree, int app_len) { ... guint attribute_len; ... guchar str_val[MAX_STRVAL]; ... attribute_len = tvb_get_guint8(tvb, offset + radius_offset + 1); ... case ATTR_TYPE_STR: strncpy(str_val,tvb_get_ptr(tvb,offset+radius_offset+2,attribute_len - 2), attribute_len - 2);

... }

===[ Affected versions

All versions after 3G-A11 dissector was added to CVS including latest 0.10.9. Vulnerability was tested with latest Ethereal on Linux and Windows.

===[ Fix

It seems that that they have fixed that vulnerability just few days ago, and new version will probably be available soon from

===[ PoC Exploit

Exploit is in attachment, and URL

===[ Credits

Credits for this vulnerability goes to Leon Juranic.

===[ LSS Security Contact

LSS Security Team, <eXposed by LSS>

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