[NEWS] PRADO 'page' Parameter Allows Code Execution

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PRADO 'page' Parameter Allows Code Execution


<http://www.xisc.com/> PRADO is "an event-driven and component-based Web programming framework for PHP 5. PRADO rec-onceptualizes Web application development in terms of components, events and properties instead of procedures, URLs and query parameters".

Due to the way PRADO handles user provided data, an attacker can cause the PRADO package to include external files that are located on other servers, and cause PRADRO to execute them.


Vulnerable Systems: * PRADO Framework version 1.5 and prior

One of PRADO framework's parameters, 'page', allows a remote attacker to specify an external file as the source to include. Once the file has been included it will be also executed if it contains PHP code.

Example: The following example uses the phonebook sample provided with the product:


The information has been provided by
<mailto:brereton_paul@btinternet.com> Paul Brereton.


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