CoffeeCup FTP Clients Buffer Overflow Vulnerability

Type securityvulns
Reporter Securityvulns
Modified 2004-11-24T00:00:00


AUTHOR Komrade

DATE 22/11/2004

PRODUCTS CoffeCup Direct FTP - FTP client for Windows. CoffeeCup Free FTP - free FTP client for Windows.

AFFECTED VERSION Versions verified to be vulnerable: CoffeeCup Direct FTP (latest version) CoffeeCup Free FTP (latest version)

Prior version should be vulnerable as well.

DETAILS Each this programs use the ActiveX Control "WeOnlyDo! COM Ftp DELUXE" (WodFtpDLX.ocx) to communicate with FTP servers. I discovered that this ActiveX doesn't correctly handle a very long file name sent from an FTP server, causing the programs to be vulnerable to a remote buffer overflow.

Details on the vulnerabiliy that affect WodFtpDLX ActiveX Control can be found here:

POC EXPLOIT You can find a proof of concept exploit that spawn a shell on port 5555 on the target machine here:

VENDOR STATUS I notified this vulnerability to the vendor on 19/11/2004 and they replied that they would start immediately to work on a fix.

VULNERABILITY TIMELINE 16/11/2004 Vulnerbility found. 19/11/2004 Vendor contacted for the first time. 19/11/2004 Vendor reply. They are working to fix this vulnerability. 22/11/2004 Public disclosure.

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