[Full-Disclosure] [HV-HIGH] RIM Blackberry buffer overflow, DoS, data loss

Type securityvulns
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RIM Blackberry buffer overflow, DoS, data loss


Level: low-med-[HIGH]-crit ID: HEXVIEW200410121


RIM Blackberry is a Java-based wireless connectivity solution providing phone, e-mail, and other services on a variety of handheld devices.

Affected products:

All tests were performed on a RIM Blackberry 7230 with RIM Blackberry Operating System software version The Blackberry was synchronized with Microsoft Exchange server using Blackberry Enterprise Server for Microsoft Exchange.

Cause and Effect:

Insufficient data validation for incoming calendar data makes possible to cause buffer overflow condition leading to stack corruption. As a result, it is possible to reboot the device (all stored messages will be lost since RAM storage will be reinitialized). It is also possible to execute code embedded by the attacker. It should be mentioned that Blackberry developers tools are freely available.


The issue can easily be reproduced by sending a standard Microsoft Outlook meeting request message with very long string (over 128K) in the "Location:" field. To force immediate user notification, set meeting date/time to the past. The Blackberry reboots when it tries to notify the user. No user action is required. It is possible to render Blackberry device completely useless by queuing a number of such messages into user's mailbox.

Vendor Status:

At the time of release vendor was not aware of the vulnerability. HexView does not notify vendors unless there is a prior agreement to do so. Vendors interested in receiving notifications prior to public disclosure or more detailed analysis may obtain more information by writing to the e-mail address provided at the end of the document.

About HexView:

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Feedback and comments:

Feedback and questions about this disclosure are welcome at vtalk@hexview.com

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