[Full-Disclosure] Freeze in Pigeon Server 3.02.0143

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                         Luigi Auriemma

Application: Pigeon Server http://www.tech-noel.com Versions: <= 3.02.0143 Platforms: Windows Bug: freeze Risk: medium Exploitation: remote, versus server Date: 16 September 2004 Author: Luigi Auriemma e-mail: aluigi@altervista.org web: http://aluigi.altervista.org

1) Introduction 2) Bug 3) The Code 4) Fix

=============== 1) Introduction ===============

Pigeon is a communication system for LANs and uses a clients-server architecture.

====== 2) Bug ======

A login field longer than 8180 chars sent to the port 3103 causes the immediate freeze of the Pigeon server that enters in an infinite loop, so CPU raises at 100% and is impossible to login and to send/receive messages.

=========== 3) The Code ===========


====== 4) Fix ======

Version 3.03.146:


Luigi Auriemma http://aluigi.altervista.org

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