FUll Path Disclosure in YABBSE

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              FUll Path Disclosure in YABBSE

Author: y3dips Date: August, 25th 2004 Location: Indonesia, Jakarta Web: http://echo.or.id/adv/adv05-y3dips-2004.txt

Affected software description: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

YaBB SE: Yet another Bulletin Board Splinter Edition inspired by Zef Hemel Software Version: YaBB SE 1.5.1 The YaBB SE Development Team

web : http://www.yabbse.org/

Vulnerabilities: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Full path disclosure:

Script in Sources/Admin.php files are not protected against direct access

A remote user can access the file to cause the system to display an error message that indicates the installation path. The resulting error message will disclose potentially sensitive installation path information to the remote attacker.



Fatal error: Call to undefined function: is_admin() in /var/www/html/yabbse/Sources/Admin.php on line 32

The fix: ~~~~~~~~ Vendor not contacted yet but i ll post it to them later

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