[NT] ignitionServer Server Linking Password Verification Vulnerability

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ignitionServer Server Linking Password Verification Vulnerability


<http://www.ignition-project.com/ignition/server/> ignitionServer is "an Internet Relay Chat Server for the Windows platform".A vulnerability has been discovered in ignitionServer, which can be exploited by malicious people to bypass certain security restrictions. The vulnerability is caused due to missing password verification when linking servers. Successful exploitation requires use of linking, which is currently experimental, and allows the password restriction to be bypassed.


Vulnerable Systems: * ignitionServer version 0.1.2 through version 0.3.1

Immune Systems: * ignitionServer version 0.3.1-P1

Vulnerable code: The problematic code can be found at /codemodules/modConf.bas: If Len(ILine(I).Pass) 0 Then cptr.PassOK = False Else cptr.PassOK = True

Which means that if the password is of 0 length, it is ok and we can continue. This is of course incorrect behavior, it shouldn't be regarded as ok, but rather as if the wrong password was provided.


The information has been provided by Keith Gable, Lead Programmer of the Ignition Project.


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