[Full-Disclosure] MondoSoft - Proxy through MsmHigh.exe

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Topic: MondoSoft - Proxy through MsmHigh.exe Application : MondoSearch versions prior to 5.1b Author: Uffe Nielsen (uni at protego.dk) Advisory URL: http://www.protego.dk/advisories/200401.html Vendor Name: MondoSoft Vendor URL: http://www.mondosoft.com Vendor contacted: 26. Mar. 2004 Public release: 2. Apr. 2004

Problem: MondoSearch is web site search engine made by MondoSoft.

One of the files installed with the MondoSoft search engine can be used as a proxy for web requests.

This means that an attacker can use the webserver, on which MondoSoft is installed, as a proxy and thereby hide his identity, as requests will seem to come from the vulnerable webserver.

Details: The vulnerability occurs when the MsmHigh.exe is called with a specially crafted querystring.

Impact: This may allow an attacker hide his identity and relay requests through the vulnerable webserver, thus making it look like the requests came from the vulnerable server.

Depending on the firewall rules for the zone the vulnerable webserver is in, an attacker may also be able to browse other webservers in the same zone or on the internal LAN segment.

Corrective actions: MondoSoft has released a patch for this issue. http://www.mondosoft.com/security

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