[bWM#017] Cross-Site-Scripting @ PHPKIT

Type securityvulns
Reporter Securityvulns
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badWebMasters security advisory #017 Cross Site Scripting @ PHP-Kit Discovery date: 2003-09

Original advisory: http://badwebmasters.net/advisory/017/ (text/html)

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Author: ben moeckel (http://distressed.de) mailto: badwebmasters@online.de

Description: PHPKIT is a Nuke-a-like portal written in PHP. The contact-formular is prone to several cross site scripting vulnerabilities.

Exploit: http://phpkit.de/include.php ?path=contact.php&contact_email="><script>alert(123);</script>

Vendor: I posted a notice on the board (http://www.phpkit.de) a while ago.

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