eStore SQL Injection Vulnerability & Path Disclosure

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1ndonesian Security Team (1st) ============================================================== Security Advisory

Advisory Name: eStore SQL Injection Vulnerability & Path Disclosure Release Date: 07/15/2003 Application: eStore 1.0.1 eStore 1.0.2 eStore 1.0.2b Platform: PHP Severity: High BUG Type: SQL Injection Author: Bosen <> Discover by: Bosen <> Vendor Status: See below. Vendor URL: Reference:

Overview: "eStore is a FREE* e-commerce store programmed using PHP and MySQL!" What features does eStore have? Im not their sales so check out their webpage at

Details: SQL Injection On /admin/login.asp [...] if ($user && $pass) { // If the user has just tried to log in $passwd = md5($pass); $query = "select * from ".$prefix."store_config where user='$user' and pass=('$passwd')"; $result = mysql_query($query); if (mysql_num_rows($result) >0 ) { // if they are in the database register the user for the session $admin = $user; session_register("admin"); } } // Redirect user to request page on successful authentication if (session_is_registered("admin")) { echo "<Script language=\"javascript\">window.location=\"index.php\"</script>"; } // If not display error messages [...]

Path Disclosure Browse http://[target]/admin/

Exploits/POC: http://[target]/admin/login.asp?pass=1st&user<your 0day sql injection code>

Vendor Response: Contacted. Patch/security fix released.

Recommendation: Enable magic_quotes_gpc in php.ini Use addslashes()

Patch: in login.php ----- CODE MODIFIED ----- if ($_POST['user'] && $_POST['pass']) { $user = addslashes($user); $pass = addslashes($pass); ---------------- END--------------- in

----- CODE MODIFIED AT START OF CODE ----- $sql_select = mysql_query( "select * from ".$prefix."store_config"); // fix for path disclosure if(!$sql_select){ $home_url = $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']; echo"<h1>MySQL Connection failed</h1> <p>Why?</p> <p>1. Because you are visiting directly in your browser. Please return to the home URL http://$home_url.</p> <p>2. Because your database settings could be incorrect or there is a problem with the MySQL engine.</p> <p>If you continually see this message contact your hosting company or visit <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a></a></p>"; exit; }

1ndonesian Security Team (1st) Advisory:

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