Another ZEUS Server web admin XSS!

Type securityvulns
Reporter Securityvulns
Modified 2003-05-30T00:00:00



another XSS, now on the ZEUS web admin interface.

The tested software is Zeus 4.2r2 (webadmin-4.2r2) on Linux x86

This is not the same issue as bid 6144 (index.fcgi),

now is on "vs_diag.cgi".

Exploit is simple:


I have read this post: (,

regarding "index.fcgi" XSS.Mr, Colin Watson, claims that XSS bug on their

software is not a big risk because: "The Zeus Administration Server uses

cookies to record several items oftransient state: the state of the

folding list of groups of virtualservers, and the list of currently

monitored variables and machines ifreal-time monitoring is in place. It

does not use cookies to store any security-sensitive information (...)"

Who needs cookies? :-) ZEUS uses "Basic Auth" (base 64 encoded) for the

session tracking...but ZEUS does not allow http TRACE method, so we can

not run a XST (Cross Site Tracing) against it :-(

I know litle about client side scripting, but probably there's some way to

send POST requests and... change the admin password?, stop the web

server?... I'm quite sure there's some way to do this.

With the script we show below an attacker can do an HTTP request to the

web admin interface of the ZEUS and redirect the output...

Of course you have to trick the admin...








This is for IE, for other browsers you may modify this code.

Imagination is the best friend of the attacker. Open your minds, XSS does

not only means execution of commands on the client side... succefully

exploited, in some scenarios (like web admin interfaces) those bugs can

lead on execution of commands on the server side...

See you,

Hugo Vбzquez Caramйs & Toni Cortйs Martнnez