CGI-City's CCLOG Script Injection Vulns

Type securityvulns
Reporter Securityvulns
Modified 2003-03-31T00:00:00


CGI-City's CCGuestBook Script Injection Vulnerabilities Discovered By BrainRawt (

About CCGuestBook:

CC Guestbook is a simple guestbook program that is very easy to configure and install. It features a notification facility which sends an email alert to the guestbook owner whenever new entries are made. It may also be used as a post-it board to allow visitors to a web site to just post messages.

CCGuestBook can be downloaded from the following address.

Vendor Contact:

1-30-03 Emailed

No Response

Vulnerability: neglects filtering user input allowing for script injection to the guestbook via "name" and "webpage title". The injected script will be executed in anyones browser who visits the guestbook.

Exploit (POC):


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