[SecurityOffice] BRS WebWeaver Web Server v1.01 Protected File Access Vulnerability

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  • --[ BRS WebWeaver Web Server v1.01 Protected File Access Vulnerability ]--

  • --[ Type

File Disclosure

  • --[ Release Date

October 24, 2002

  • --[ Product / Vendor

BRS WebWeaver is a small, fast HTTP and FTP Server for Win9x/WinNT. I've done a little testing and it is able to sustain over 750 connection per second using only 4MB of memory

Web Server with the following features:

    • HTTP/1.0 compliant Web Server
    • Built in FTP Server
    • Basic ISAPI support (Microsoft Internet Server API)
    • CGI/1.1 support
    • Multi-threaded
    • Basic user authentication
    • IP address based security
    • URL based security (Realms)
    • Alias support
    • SSI Support (Server Side Includes)
    • Remote Administration (Partially Implemented)
    • FREE!


  • --[ Summary

It is possible to construct a web request which is capable of accessing the contents of password protected files/folders on the BRS WebWeaver Web Server v1.01. This vulnerability may only be exploited to access password-protected files in sub-folders of wwwroot.


  • --[ Tested

Windows 2000 Sp3 / BRS WebWeaver Web Server v1.01 Windows 98 SE / BRS WebWeaver Web Server v1.01

  • --[ Vulnerable

BRS WebWeaver Web Server v1.01

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