Phenoelit Advisory #0815 ++-+ dp_300 (DLINK)

Type securityvulns
Reporter Securityvulns
Modified 2002-07-29T00:00:00


Phenoelit Advisory <wir-haben-auch-mal-was-gefunden #0815 ++-+>

[ Authors ] FX <> FtR <>

    Phenoelit Group &#40;;

[ Affected Products ] D-Link DP-300+

    D-Link Bug ID:  Not assigned

[ Vendor communication ] 07/07/02 Initial Notification *Note-Initial notification by phenoelit includes a cc to by default 07/19/02 Notification of intent to post public in apx. 7 days.

[ Overview ] The D-Link Ethernet/Fast Ethernet Print Server DP-300+ provides network connectivity for printers.

[ Description ] By sending an oversized POST request to an existing web page such as /Config1.htm, the device web server dies. A process appears to be listening on the port but will no longer answer requests. Additionally, the print server reports an uptime of less then one minute after the attack, indicating that the software dies during this time.

[ Example ] See above

[ Solution ] None known at this time.

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