SRT Security Advisory (SRT2002-06-04-1711): SCO crontab

Type securityvulns
Reporter Securityvulns
Modified 2002-06-05T00:00:00



Strategic Reconnaissance Team Security Advisory (SRT2002-06-04-1611)

Topic : SCO OpenServer crontab format string vulnerability Date : June 04, 2002 Credit : KF dotslash[at] Site :


.: Description:

The SCO OpenServer crontab application is installed setgid cron and can be used to schedule execution of programs and scripts.

This implementation of crontab contains a format string vulnerability which can be used to execute code in order to elevate privileges:

$ crontab %x%x%x%x crontab: cannot open file 8047f08804a5578047cd48047cd4

Due to the nature of crontab it is very likely that ones 'cron' group privileges have been obtained it is possible to get higher privileges

.: Impact:

Local users can elevate their privileges trough this vulnerability.

.: Systems Affected:

SCO/Caldera OpenServer 5.0.6

.: Solution:

The vendor was notified and is diligently working on a fix. Until such a fix has been made available disable crontab or deny access from untrusted sources to the affected systems.