Norton Personal Firewall 2002 vulnerable to SYN/FIN scan

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I looked briefly in bugtraq archives and I didn't find any reference to this issue. Please accept my apologies, if it's a known problem.

Norton Personal Firewall 2002 on Windows 2000 is vulnerable to SYN/FIN scan (SYN/FIN/URG, SYN/FIN/PUSH, SYN/FIN/URG/PUSH are not detected as well) also if you activate "detect portscan".

The windows machine answers the same way with or without NPF. open TCP port answer (hping output): len=46 ip=a.b.c.d sport=135 flags=SA DF seq=5 ttl=128 id=112 win=16616 rtt=0.8 ms close TCP port answer (hping output): len=46 ip=a.b.c.d sport=136 flags=RA seq=6 ttl=128 id=113 win=0 rtt=0.6 ms

This way, you can check which ports are listening and you don't get blacklisted. When NPF detects a port scan, it filters all packets from the source IP for the next 30 mins. By the way, I tried to understand this feature: after some tests, I got the idea that NPF stops ONLY SYN packets FROM the blacklisted IP. This means that you can STILL perform a SYN/FIN scan while blacklisted and also that you can go on with an established connection from a blacklisted IP. You just can't start a new connection FROM the blacklisted machine (but you can start it from the "protected" PC). I guess this way to implement a blacklist is mainly for performances. Any comment?

Moreover, since you can't change the 30 mins default blacklist time, this can help a lot in fingerprinting Norton Personal Firewall making your IP blacklisted and then trying to send again SYN packets on an open port after 30 mins.

In my probe test, I also tried to check the claim "block fragmented IP Packets" in advanced options, attacking the windows box with the old jolt2 (MS00-029 May 2000). Of course, the windows 2000 has NO patch or SP which would prevent the attack to success. You might say a computer should always be uptodate with patches, but this was a proof-of-concept of a future undiscovered fragmented IP bug againts a claim of being able to block fragments. NPF is NOT able to protect my Windows 2000 against jolt2.

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