Hewlett Packard AdvanceStack Switch Managment Authentication Bypass Vulnerability

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Hewlett Packard AdvanceStack Switch Managment Authentication Bypass Vulnerability

Type: Access Validation Error

Release Date: February 8, 2002

Product / Vendor: HP AdvanceStack 10Base-T Switching Hubs combine economical 10Base-T functionality with the performance of switching. Each switching hub starts out as a simple, single-segment, shared 10Base-T hub.


Summary: A problem with the HP switch allows some users to change configuration of the switch. A bug introduced in the HP AdvanceStack J3210A that could allow users full access on the switch. Upon taking advantage of this vulnerability, the user could change the configuration of the switch and could change admin password.

Therefore, it is possible for a superuser password changing with unprivileged access on the switch to gain elevated privileges, and potentially change configuration of the switch.

Exploit: An attacker can get unauthorized access to the switch read/write password change page this page http://host/security/web_access.html and change superuser password. Connect superuser privileged via Web or Telnet.

Tested: HP J3210A AdvanceStack

Vulnerable: HP J3210A AdvanceStack

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