Identix BioLogon Client security bug

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Aug 3rd, 2001 10:56am

Vendor: Software: BioLogon 2.0 Client see

Security flaw in Indentix BioLogon 2.0 Client for Windows

Identix's BioLogon software is used as the software "glue" to tie together various biometric devices to the Windows operating system. The BioLogon client can be used to have smart cards, fingerprint readers, and other devices interact with Windows.

The security vulnerability exists when the software is installed onto a Windows system that has more than one video card installed and the system is doing "multi-monitor" with the built in virtual desktop software that comes with Windows 98 SE and Windows 2000.

The problem is that the BioLogon client software attempts to harden the screensaver password locking mechanism so that a biometric device is needed to unlock the system. Unfortunately, the software only locks the first screen (screen zero). No access is blocked from any other screen (virtual desktop). Mouse, keyboard, and the screen can be used while screen zero is locked. In fact, unless the mouse is on screen zero, the biometric device will not recognize the fact it should inquire for input (at least with the Cherry keyboard I was testing with)

This was tested on a Windows 98 SE system with four video cards installed. I have not tested the system with Windows 2000.

First contacted the vendor (Identix) June 27th via their phone support line. First, I was told that it was an interrupt problem, then that they did not support third party video drivers. I was then asked to report the problem via they're email tech support. I was contacted a few days after that saying that the problem was noted and replicated but that it was a very low priority for them. When I discussed with them my posting this problem, they seemed to become much more attentive. But, I still have not received any fix for this problem.

Thank you for your attention,

Marc DeBonis

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