ZoneAlarm Pro's MailSafe

Type securityvulns
Reporter Securityvulns
Modified 2001-07-19T00:00:00



MailSafe is a feature on ZoneAlarm Pro ( that identifies in e-mail attachments potentially harmful files (ex: .exe, .com, .reg, .vbs or others that can be added in this feature configuration), and renames their extension to .zl; at the same time it can show an alarm box to inform about this.

The problem with this feature is that it do not work with long file names, like:

<<zonetestzonetestzonetestzonetestzonetestzonetestzonetestzonetestzonetestzo netestzonetestzonetestzonetestzonetestzonetestzonetestzonetestzonetestzonete stzonetestzonetestzonetestzonetestzonetestzonetestzonetestzonetestzonetestzo>> (the same goes for other file types as .exe .reg or .vbs)

All versions of ZoneAlarm have this problem.

ZoneLabs is informed of this since 1 February 2001, and until now (version 2.6.84) the problem remains the same.

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