(RHSA-2016:1481) Moderate: mariadb55-mariadb security update

ID RHSA-2016:1481
Type redhat
Reporter RedHat
Modified 2018-06-13T01:28:17


MariaDB is a multi-user, multi-threaded SQL database server. For all practical purposes, MariaDB is binary-compatible with MySQL.

The following packages have been upgraded to a newer upstream version: mariadb55-mariadb (5.5.49).

Security Fix(es):

  • It was found that the MariaDB client library did not properly check host names against server identities noted in the X.509 certificates when establishing secure connections using TLS/SSL. A man-in-the-middle attacker could possibly use this flaw to impersonate a server to a client. (CVE-2016-2047)

  • This update fixes several vulnerabilities in the MariaDB database server. Information about these flaws can be found on the Oracle Critical Patch Update Advisory pages, listed in the References section. (CVE-2015-4792, CVE-2015-4802, CVE-2015-4815, CVE-2015-4816, CVE-2015-4819, CVE-2015-4826, CVE-2015-4830, CVE-2015-4836, CVE-2015-4858, CVE-2015-4861, CVE-2015-4870, CVE-2015-4879, CVE-2015-4913, CVE-2016-0505, CVE-2016-0546, CVE-2016-0596, CVE-2016-0597, CVE-2016-0598, CVE-2016-0600, CVE-2016-0606, CVE-2016-0608, CVE-2016-0609, CVE-2016-0616, CVE-2016-0640, CVE-2016-0641, CVE-2016-0642, CVE-2016-0643, CVE-2016-0644, CVE-2016-0646, CVE-2016-0647, CVE-2016-0648, CVE-2016-0649, CVE-2016-0650, CVE-2016-0651, CVE-2016-0666, CVE-2016-3452, CVE-2016-3471, CVE-2016-5444)