(RHSA-2007:0327) Important: tomcat security update

ID RHSA-2007:0327
Type redhat
Reporter RedHat
Modified 2017-09-08T12:17:21


Tomcat is a servlet container for Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages technologies.

Tomcat was found to accept multiple content-length headers in a request. This could allow attackers to poison a web-cache, bypass web application firewall protection, or conduct cross-site scripting attacks. (CVE-2005-2090)

Tomcat permitted various characters as path delimiters. If Tomcat was used behind certain proxies and configured to only proxy some contexts, an attacker could construct an HTTP request to work around the context restriction and potentially access non-proxied content. (CVE-2007-0450)

The implict-objects.jsp file distributed in the examples webapp displayed a number of unfiltered header values. If the JSP examples were accessible, this flaw could allow a remote attacker to perform cross-site scripting attacks. (CVE-2006-7195)

Users should upgrade to these erratum packages which contain an update to Tomcat that resolves these issues. Updated jakarta-commons-modeler packages are also included which correct a bug when used with Tomcat 5.5.23.