Unsafe handling of user-specified cookies in treq


### Impact Treq's request methods (`treq.get`, `treq.post`, `HTTPClient.request`, `HTTPClient.get`, etc.) accept cookies as a dictionary, for example: ```py treq.get('https://example.com/', cookies={'session': '1234'}) ``` Such cookies are not bound to a single domain, and are therefore sent to *every* domain ("supercookies"). This can potentially cause sensitive information to leak upon an HTTP redirect to a different domain., e.g. should `https://example.com` redirect to `http://cloudstorageprovider.com` the latter will receive the cookie `session`. ### Patches Treq 2021.1.0 and later bind cookies given to request methods (`treq.request`, `treq.get`, `HTTPClient.request`, `HTTPClient.get`, etc.) to the origin of the *url* parameter. ### Workarounds Instead of passing a dictionary as the *cookies* argument, pass a `http.cookiejar.CookieJar` instance with properly domain- and scheme-scoped cookies in it: ```py from http.cookiejar import CookieJar from requests.cookies import create_cookie jar = CookieJar() jar.add_cookie( create_cookie( name='session', value='1234', domain='example.com', secure=True, ), ) client = HTTPClient(cookies=jar) client.get('https://example.com/') ``` ### References * Originally reported at [huntr.dev](https://huntr.dev/bounties/3c9204fc-a3d1-4441-8599-924c5f57e7ae/?token=06d930e37046c914bcb037e85cc227dc7b510b475989fc69837566562ba899277d46b0fb4b1e21cdcb6ddc1b7d9b1ded632cf3a3551ecb89afca16a63b34641284b50479d5195bba2ac09b116f3dd4fad27f54404c2de922c05c8c8b744aec27bb4d4d198cb8b3abf479af0c2d5fbaa10412da7922594ac3eb39) * A related issue in the handling of HTTP basic authentication was addressed in Twisted 22.1 ([GHSA-92x2-jw7w-xvvx](https://github.com/twisted/twisted/security/advisories/GHSA-92x2-jw7w-xvvx), CVE-2022-21712).

Affected Software

CPE Name Name Version
treq 0.1.0
treq 0.2.0
treq 0.2.1
treq 15.0.0
treq 15.1.0
treq 16.12.0
treq 17.3.0
treq 17.3.1
treq 17.7.0
treq 17.8.0
treq 18.6.0
treq 20.3.0
treq 20.3.0rc1
treq 20.4.1
treq 20.9.0
treq 20.9.0rc1
treq 21.1.0
treq 21.5.0