sos security, bug fix, and enhancement update

ID ELSA-2012-0153
Type oraclelinux
Reporter Oracle
Modified 2012-03-01T00:00:00


[1.7-] - add patch to remove all sysrq echo commands from sysreport.legacy (John Sobecki) [orabug 11061754] - comment out rh-upload-core and README.rh-upload-core in specfile [1.7-9.62] - Always log plugin exceptions that are not raised to the interpreter Resolves: bz717480 - Ensure relative symlink targets are correctly handled when copying Resolves: bz717962 - Correctly handle libxml2 parser exceptions when reading cluster.conf Resolves: bz750573 - Update Red Hat Certificate System plugin for current versions Resolves: bz627416 [1.7-9.61] - Make single threaded operation default and add --multithread to override Resolves: bz708346 - Support multiple possible locations of VRTSexplorer script Resolves: bz565996 - Collect wallaby dump and inventory information in mrggrid plugin Resolves: bz641020 [1.7-9.60] - Add ethtool pause, coalesce and ring (-a, -c, -g) options to network plugin Resolves: bz726421 - Update MRG grid plugin to collect additional logs and configuration Resolves: bz641020 [1.7-9.59] - Fix collection of symlink destinations when copying directory trees Resolves: bz717962 - Allow plugins to specify non-root symlinks for collected command output Resolves: bz716987 - Ensure custom rsyslog destinations are captured and log size limits applied Resolves: bz717167 [1.7-9.58] - Add basic plugin for Veritas products Resolves: bz565996 - Do not collect subscription manager keys in general plugin Resolves: bz750606 - Fix gfs2 plugin use of callExtProg API Resolves: bz667783 [1.7-9.57] - Fix exceptions and file naming in gfs2 plugin Resolves: bz667783 [1.7-9.56] - Fix translation for fr locale Resolves: bz641020 [1.7-9.55] - Add basic Infiniband plugin Resolves: bz673246 - Add plugin for scsi-target-utils iSCSI target Resolves: bz677123 - Fix handling of TMP environment variable Resolves: bz733133 - Correctly determine kernel version in cluster plugin Resolves: bz742567 - Add libvirt plugin Resolves: bz568635 - Add gfs2 plugin to supplement cluster data collection Resolves: bz667783