sos security, bug fix, and enhancement update

ID ELSA-2011-1536
Type oraclelinux
Reporter Oracle
Modified 2011-12-14T00:00:00


[2.2-17.0.1.el6] - Direct traceroute to (John Haxby) [orabug 11713272] - Allow '-' in ticket (SR) numbers (John Haxby) - Disable --upload option as it will not work with Oracle support - Check oraclelinux-release instead of redhat-release to get OS version (John Haxby) [bug 11681869] - Remove RH ftp URL and support email - add sos-oracle-enterprise.patch [2.2-17] - Do not collect subscription manager keys in general plugin Resolves: bz750607 [2.2-16] - Fix execution of RHN from hardware plugin Resolves: bz736718 - Fix hardware plugin to support new lsusb path Resolves: bz691477 [2.2-15] - Fix brctl collection when a bridge contains no interfaces Resolves: bz697899 - Fix up2dateclient path in hardware plugin Resolves: bz736718 [2.2-14] - Collect brctl show and showstp output Resolves: bz697899 - Collect nslcd.conf in ldap plugin Resolves: bz682124 [2.2-11] - Truncate files that exceed specified size limit Resolves: bz683219 - Add support for collecting Red Hat Subscrition Manager configuration Resolves: bz714293 - Collect /etc/init on systems using upstart Resolves: bz694813 - Don't strip whitespace from output of external programs Resolves: bz713449 - Collect ipv6 neighbour table in network module Resolves: bz721163 - Collect basic cgroups configuration data Resolves: bz729455 [2.2-10] - Fix collection of data from LVM2 reporting tools in devicemapper plugin Resolves: bz704383 - Add /proc/vmmemctl collection to vmware plugin Resolves: bz709491 [2.2-9] - Collect yum repository list by default Resolves: bz600813 - Add basic Infiniband plugin Resolves: bz673244 - Add plugin for scsi-target-utils iSCSI target Resolves: bz677124 - Fix autofs plugin LC_ALL usage Resolves: bz683404 - Fix collection of lsusb and add collection of -t and -v outputs Resolves: bz691477 - Extend data collection by qpidd plugin Resolves: bz726360 - Add ethtool pause, coalesce and ring (-a, -c, -g) options to network plugin Resolves: bz726427