Important: kernel security update

ID ELSA-2007-0937
Type oraclelinux
Reporter Oracle
Modified 2007-09-28T00:00:00


[2.6.9-] - fix entropy flag in bnx2 driver to generate entropy pool (John Sobecki) [orabug 5931647] - fix for nfs open call taking longer issue (Chuck Lever) orabug 5580407 bz [219412] - fix enomem due to larger mtu size page alloc (Zach Brown) orabug 5486128 - fix per_cpu() api bug_on with rds (Zach Brown) orabug 5760648 - limit nr_requests in cfq io scheduler ( Jens Axboe) bz 234278 orabug 5899829

[2.6.9-55.0.9] - revert: all patches from 2.6.9-55.0.7

[2.6.9-55.0.8] - fix x86_64 (+ xen) syscall vulnerability (Vitaly Mayatskikh) [297851] {CVE-2007-4573}

[2.6.9-55.0.7] - fix autofs problem with symbolic links (Ian Kent) [248126] - fix privilege escalation via PR_SET_PDEATHSIG (Peter Zijlstra) [252306] {CVE-2007-3848} - fix bound check ordering issue in random driver (Vitaly Mayatskikh) [275941] {CVE-2007-3105} - fix memory leak of dma_alloc_coherent() on x86_64 (Prarit Bhargava) [282351] - makes CIFS honour a process' umask (Jeff Layton) [293121] {CVE-2007-3740} - fix signing mount options and error handling for CIFS (Jeff Layton) [293141] {CVE-2007-3843}